Lowatus: 2.11 Promo, Title Change, Observer Simplified, Wonderland, Torv

Fringe Round-up

Welcome to the first Lowatus round-up of the new year. To be honest there’s really not much going on in Fringe-terms – but that hasn’t stopped us from digging deep and finding a few mentionables. To the jump..

Here’s a low-quality version of next Thursday’s episode of Fringe, “Johari Window” (AKA “Edina City Limits”) [via]:

This promo scares the living daylights out of me. It seems to resemble one of my least desirable episodes so far. Hopefully the bar wont be lowered again after the fantastic Grey Matters! Let’s wait and see.

As I touched on above, the powers that be have apparently changed the episode title for next Thursday’s episode. It’s rather late in the day to make such a change but hopefully it will be a better fit for the episode. We shall see.

Congrats to Walter Bishop for winning our 2.10 “Grey Matters” Fringie of the Week. It seems the good doctor has had enough with watching Olivia and Peter scrap it out and has put himself back in contention for the season 2 title.

Here’s the Observer, simplified [via]:

You can find all Observer sightings over on our Observer Files page.

It’s becoming more and more obvious that Fringe is just a TV version of Alice In Wonderland – okay, I’m kidding, but there’s no doubt that the show has a penchant for the Wonderland themes. Kiala Kazebee, writing for io9.com, has also been tracking Olivia through Wonderland and asks why JJ. Abrams has an ‘obsession with the Lewis Carroll tales?’:

We know Abrams has a penchant for pretty female characters cast adrift in dangerous waters. Sydney Bristow, Kate Austen (who was originally slated to lead the Losties, not Jack) and Abrams’ current muse Agent Olivia Dunham all embody the Alice character: fearless young women with unhappy home lives and an insatiable amount of curiosity.

Think about it – Olivia has no qualms about stepping into Walter’s LSD box time and time again, essentially mimicking the “Drink Me” scene in Alice’s Adventures and eventually finds herself at the end of Season one on the other side of the looking glass talking to William Bell in a parallel reality.

Read more here.

For the me, the best Alice allusion so far came during Olivia’s meeting with William Bell – if that wasn’t a shout out to the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party then my name is Alice.

Anna Torv recently appeared on the Rachel Ray Show. It’s not the greatest quality video in the world, but here you go: [via]

They’re also running  a contest to win Fringe Complete First Season DVD.


  1. Blue Sunflower says

    If you’re going to put up the Observer Explained clip from a month ago, you should also put up the Peter Explained clip that goes along with it. Both are at Fox’s Fringe website.

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  2. FlashWriter says

    Ummm, Roco…am I not seeing something? I can’t make heads or tales out of the ep they’re previewing, certainly not enough to make any judgements about if it’s going to be a good or bad ep. I think I’m going to paraphrase some of the other comments and urge you to wait before making any comments either positive or not about the upcoming show. I just can’t see anything that would lead me to think one way or the other…??

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  3. says

    You’re right – we don’t know what the episode will bring until we see it. But in fairness I did say “let’s wait and see”.

    I’m not making a judgement on the episode – I’m just giving my opinion on the promo, which reminds me of a certain episode from earlier in the season. No harm in that.

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  4. mlj102 says

    I agree that this isn’t the greatest promo. And I agree that it does have certain aspects that resemble another episode from this season. And if you’re also saying that this looks like just another stand alone episode (which we all know aren’t your favorite) then you’re probably right. But like FlashWriter, and like you also said, none of that is a guarantee that the episode will be a waste or a disappointment. Isn’t this the episode that supposedly has to do with being in a town where things aren’t exactly what they appear to be? I remember reading about that awhile back, and the concept sounds extremely interesting, and I think there’s a lot of potential there. I can’t wait!

    (on another note, I really, really wish FOX would do SOMETHING to promote Unearthed… but I haven’t found anything, which is a real shame.)

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  5. February says

    Though it does look standalone-y, it could have a pay off. At one point a car goes underwater with Peter and Olivia (I think) in, so this could trigger Peter’s memories of the frozen lake.

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  6. Lauren says

    Hey – This has nothing whatsoever to do with the show but I found it interesting. Lately I’ve been chronologically DVRing old episodes of the kids show “Strange Days at Blake Holsey High” (don’t laugh – they’re surprisingly good for a kid’s sci-fi show and the guy who plays Professor Z is ridiculously good looking). Anyway, the show’s quite similar to Fringe in that the school is host to a black hole that causes all these weird events (the Pattern) that can usually be traced back to local corporation Pearadyne Industries (Massive Dynamic) run by creepy boss Victor Pearson (Nina Sharp). They even have their own Observer – the Janitor (no lie – they actually called him the Observer). Taken from the show’s Wikipedia page: “The observers are a people to guard and maintain the time stream against those who would manipulate time travel and alter history for their own ends. …he is from a much more distant point in the future and acts as the observer of the other observers.”

    Just found it interesting, is all. And you should check out the series… it airs nightly at 9:30 on Discovery Kids.

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  7. Elaine says

    Ah, you guys didn’t like ‘Night of Desirable Objects’? Huh, I actually really liked that episode. The title is quite lovely. We’re introduced to Yoda, I mean Sam Weiss, and the writers deal with the near deadly (for Peter) consequences of Olivia’s visit to the other side. That and it’s shot quite beautifually. Just me? Eh, okay. Well, this new episode does appear to be a stand alone, but with most, if not all Fringe episodes, there is a personal tie-in to our characters, and the greater mythology of the show. We can only wait and see before judging it as a “bad” (because it’s not pattern, alternate universe related) episode. As far as Monday’s episode, I was hoping to see more promotion for it and the return of ‘House’, too, but nothing going.

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