Lowatus: 2.09 Sneak Peek, Jasika Nicole FOX Photoshoot, More

Fringe Round-up

After the marketing storm that was “Observer Week”, it seems a bit quiet of late. Still, we’re looking forward to tomorrow’s episode, and to take us there we have the latest Fringe bits tucked away below the jump.

If you can’t wait for tomorrow night’s brand new episode of Fringe, check out this “Snakehead” sneak peek:

Jasika Nicole appears in the FOX Winter Photoshoot:

Remember Walter’s Lab Notes from last season? I’m not sure why they stopped. Anyway, we received this in our inbox the other day – Alter-Walter’s Lab Notes? (click to enlarge).

2.08 Lab Notes

Credit: QuickBrownFox

Vote Fringe in TV.com‘s best of 2009, here.


  1. merlin says

    snakehead, cut off the doubters, word of mouth should be on rise, dont underestimate advertising campaigns, be wary of viral advertisements, having the sneak peak was odd about this episode, as if i had seen it before, lol.

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