Lowatus: 2.08 Ratings, Cast Interviews, Jackson’s UFO

Fringe Round-up

The Lowatus returns – sooner than I had hoped, as Fringe goes on a two week break for Thanksgiving (returns Dec 3rd with episode 2.09). All these breaks can’t help the show, but I guess other Thursday productions are in the same position. We’ll just have to make the best of it with all that’s post-worthy from the world of Fringe (below the jump).

Fringe 2.08 “August” received around  million 5.9 million viewers, and a 2.0 demo rating. Down on the previous week – surprisingly, but the show is in one of the toughest time-slots on the map. I still think there’s more that can be done to help improve Fringe ratings – even on a Thursday, but that’s another topic for another time. Credit has to go to FOX for “Observer Week” – hopefully the DVR figures will justify the effort.

Zap2it spoke to John Noble about what’s to come for Walter on Fringe:

Zap2it also grabbed a word with Anna Torv on what’s up with Olivia:

FOX All Access sat down with Lance Reddick to talk about Phillip Broyles’ expanded role in the second season of Fringe:

According to Variety, Joshua Jackson is to star in the upcoming movie, UFO:

“Fringe” star Joshua Jackson will topline “UFO,” the feature film version of the British TV series that will be directed by visual effects wiz Matthew Gratzner.

Jackson will star as Paul Foster, a test pilot who joins S.H.A.D.O. (Supreme Headquarters Alien Defense Organization), a covert org built under a Hollywood studio that defends Earth against a race of aliens who have been abducting humans and using the body parts. The series was a cult hit in the ’70s.

“Character development is the most critical part of ‘UFO,’ and Joshua’s terrific talent and range is exactly what I need to convey the inner conflict of the character of Paul Foster,” Gratzner said.

Congratulations to Peter Bishop and Joshua Jackson for winning the 2.07 “Of Human Action” Fringie of the Week with 38% of the total vote. The season 2 standings are now as follows:

  1. Olivia (4 wins)
  2. Peter (2 wins)
  3. Phillip (1 win)


  1. Pedro says

    If they take enough breaks, maybe everyone else will forget about the shape-shifters, Charlie’s death and the impending war. Seems like the pathetic writers have already forgotten.

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