Joshua Jackson Speculates Peter’s Divided Loyalties

I have a feeling that when Peter finds out that he’s from the alternate universe – and that his ‘family’ have been keeping this a secret from him, he’s gonna flip his lid, and we might even see some tears. Yes, real man-tears. In an interview with FOX Source, Joshua Jackson provides his own speculation as to how Peter will react, and what the consequences might be from finding out that he’s not from our side. Continue below the break to watch the embedded video.

Note: I don’t consider the following video to contain ‘spoilers’ as such, more Joshua Jackson speculating on commonly held ideas, but watch at your own discretion.

Jackson mentions the idea that Peter may have an “inkling” as to his origins – I’m really fascinated by this possibility because it’s plausible and will bring into question whether Peter has been in denial for most of his life. We’ve already seen how repressed memories have shaped the Walter and Olivia back-stories, so it would be interesting to find out whether, deep down, Peter has always felt that something was not quite right, perhaps choosing to ignore it because subconsciously he knew that opening such a gate would only lead to pain – or because he wants to protect his dad from feeling guilty. A lot has been said about what the truth will do to the way people see Walter – it may be just as compelling to see what it will do to the way Peter sees himself. Will Boy Wonder see himself as a product of evil – the device that sparked a ‘war of worlds’?

We’ve spoken quite a bit about whether or not Olivia should tell Peter the truth about his origins – I don’t think we’ve ever had a poll so finely divided. At the time of writing, there’s only 1% difference between those who want Olivia to tell Peter and those who don’t – clearly fans are split down the middle as to how they want Olivia to deal with her new found information, which will make the outcome very interesting indeed.


  1. Elaine says

    Interesting. I hadn’t given much thought to any guilt that Peter may have on discovering the truth about his origins, but I suppose the threat of war between universes in connection to his abduction from one to another being the catalyst would almost supercede his inevitable anger towards everyone once he finds out the truth. What a massive burden. And here I thought Olivia being told she was the gatekeeper of two worlds who is responsible for keeping an impending war at bay was heavy…geez!

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  2. Inter-Dimensional Dave says

    Wow, that is a lot to chew on. I’ve always thought that in the end Peter will choose to return to the other side. But, it is in order to spare or protect the people he loves on this side. One of the hard choices that Broyles spoke of earlier.

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  3. Fringefan1991 says

    I am of the opinion that if Peter does go over to the other side it will only be temporary. After all he has to recreate bonds with his father that he has had missing for twenty years and all of his friends on this side may not necessarily be his friends on his birth side. The writers will probably push the love conquers all mantra because we already saw it with Walter when his love for his dead son caused him to conquer some of the Universes greatest secrets.

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  4. charliefan19 says

    I’m hoping we do get to see “Evil Peter” but I think after a while I would want our old Peter back. Evil Peter and Alter-Charlie team, maybe??? ๐Ÿ˜€ And let’s throw in some Sam Weiss, too – maybe he was from Over There. (and maybe he went BACK after three episodes Here, since we haven’t seen him since Dream Logic!!!) ๐Ÿ˜›

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  5. LizW65 says

    I’m afraid I don’t really “get” the assumption that everyone from Over There must necessarily be evil, (and I’m defining “evil” here as sociopathic and lacking in empathy, just for clarity’s sake) since logically, a universe in which everyone was evil wouldn’t last very long.
    However, I can certainly envision a universe in which the different choices that Bell referred to would result in a more paranoid and xenophobic culture, one that is concerned primarily with its own survival at the expense of everything else.
    Whether Peter ultimately chooses that universe or ours remains to be seen, but IMO one of the show’s principal themes so far has been that of belonging, i.e. learning to find one’s place in the world, and I’m with Fringefan1991 in that I suspect that people will eventually supercede places in his consciousness.

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    • charliefan19 says

      poor word usage by me, since I don’t think the people from Over There are “evil” either. :( I’ve just heard him referred to that way before.

      I think the inhabitants on either Side would consider each other “evil.” This Side doesn’t want the Other Side to invade – thus invoking “global destruction.” On the other hand, the Other Side is probably trying to survive, and has nothing to lose. and OUR Walter most likely caused the problems over there, as well as Bell.

      It would be cool if Peter would take up the cause for the Other Side if this was indeed the case. Thus becoming “Evil Peter” to This Side. I can’t think about this too much, I get confused. Lol. ๐Ÿ˜›

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      • mlj102 says

        I don’t think the average inhabitants of the other side are evil, but I do consider whoever is leading the attack against our side to be evil. Someone over there is taking the initiative to lead this “war” and try to open a door between the two realities, which would lead to the complete destruction of our side, so that seems pretty evil to me.

        Of course, it really makes me wonder about this whole war between realities and what caused it. Why are people from over there so determined to destroy our side? I mean, we’re acting under the impression that this whole war started because Walter took Peter from over there, right? As wrong as Walter’s actions were, and as bad as it is to kidnap a child, I don’t think that’s a big enough reason to want to destroy everyone in the other reality. It just seems a little excessive and extreme to me. So that would suggest that when Walter took Peter, those actions must have caused something much worse to happen, right? But even if, for example, taking Peter somehow caused the Blight on the other side, they still don’t seem to be suffering too much. So why do some people over there hate our side so much? Why are they so determined to destroy us? Unless taking Peter somehow initiated a gradual destruction of their side — in which case, destroying our side might actually be a matter of survival for them. I think I like that idea.

        And, since I’m already rambling, I just thought of something else. In the promo for the next episode, the woman — I believe it’s Carla — says something like “For the sake of one life, you will destroy the world.” That makes it sound like Walter was fully aware of the consequences his actions would bring. That’s something new to me because, while I believed that Walter knew his choice was wrong and that it would have negative consequences, I always figured he didn’t know just how bad and far-reaching the consequences would be. Yet that comment would imply that he knew exactly what would happen if he took Peter. Yet he still did it. In my opinion, that places a lot more responsibility on him than if he had been ignorant to what he was doing and what would happen as a result. It also makes me wonder how he knew that taking Peter would one day lead to the destruction of the world…

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        • Jay says

          I think there are only a handful of people in the Alt. reality who are aware of another reality just like in this one. One aspect of Fringe that I really like is the Bishops achieving the (alleged) good through the means of injustice. Such as Peter getting the cure by abusing the perp (Pilot), Walter’s questionable testings (on Olivia, students, and other children), W’s killing of the Nazi for the survival of others. Who’s to say that the people on the other side aren’t making the same choices, which would perceive them to be evil.

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  6. FlashWriter says

    Again, I’m a “love is where you find it” kind of a guy. One BIG question is what is alter-Olivia like? The same? So far there hasn’t been a whole lot of similarities in alter-personalities. Which kinda opens the door about A-O (who I don’t think we’ve actually seen). Peter is falling in love with our Olivia in our universe. I think love (and not just romantic love) will ultimately bond our team together. Yeah, there’ll be some bumps along the way but I would like to see that, ultimately, “love will keep us together”.

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    • mlj102 says

      I agree, FlashWriter. One of the themes that has been in Fringe since the very beginning is love – the power of love, the things you do for love, etc.

      We saw that in the way Olivia literally did everything possible to save the man she loved.

      We also see that in the way Walter brought Peter over here — he did that because he loved his son and couldn’t bear to live without him. There’s a scene in “The Arrival” that has always stood out to me. It’s when Walter meets up with the Observer, and he finally gets his root beer float. He comments to the Observer that he hasn’t had a root beer float in 17 years. The Observer later comments that 17 years is a long time to go without something that you love and Walter responds by saying how there is so much to make up for now. I get the impression that they’re no longer talking about root beer floats and other such things, but that they’re talking about Peter. Walter clearly loves his son and, for 17 years he didn’t have him in his life. Now that he has Peter back, there’s so much to make up for. There can certainly be no question regarding how much Walter loves his son.

      Another example was in Midnight with the way Nicholas Boone was literally willing to give up his life in order to save his wife. I still think his question to Walter, “How far would you go for someone you love?” could easily be describing the whole theme of the series.

      And I could go on and on with examples from this season — August, Grey Matters, What Lies Below, Johari Window, Jacksonville… So, while I wouldn’t be surprised if Peter turned “evil” for a short time or if he went over there for awhile, I fully expect that his love for the people over here — for Olivia and even Walter and Astrid and others — would ultimately prevail over his anger from when he learns the truth.

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      • Stefan says

        I think it is very ironic that a show such as Fringe – which is clearly not appealling to the most watchers of typical the teendrama-shows, but rather to people who like to get the crap scared out of them – has a main theme to be love. But the irony in Fringe is one of the reasons I love this show so much (and hopefully you too ๐Ÿ˜‰ ).

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      • Stefan says

        I think it’s very ironic that a show such as Fringe – which is not very appealling to the bigger part of the viewers of typical the teendrama-shows, but rather to people who like to get the crap scared out of them – has a main theme to be love. But the irony in Fringe is one of the reasons why I love this show so much.

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      • FlashWriter says

        “How far would you go for someone you love?” You know, I completely forgot about that line and your observation about that being the theme of the series strikes me as being so correct that I’m still blinking faster than my cursor is flashing. That comment deserves a cup of java and a toast to you (and to all our friends in the alt-universe). The observation is just so right… :)

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    • LizW65 says

      I think it could get interesting if John Scott turns out to be alive in the parallel universe; that might be a motivation for Olivia to consider switching sides.

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  7. Elaine says

    And, since Iโ€™m already rambling, I just thought of something else. In the promo for the next episode, the woman โ€” I believe itโ€™s Carla โ€” says something like โ€œFor the sake of one life, you will destroy the world.โ€ That makes it sound like Walter was fully aware of the consequences his actions would bring.

    Huh. Wouldn’t it be interesting if that comment is directed to alt/world Walter rather than than our Walter?

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    • mlj102 says

      Good point. I hadn’t thought of it that way, but that could certainly turn out to be the case… With this show, literally anything is possible!

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  8. FringeFan2009 says

    Hmmm, that’s tough. How violent will Peter’s reaction be when he finds out about his origins? Regardless of where he is from, who he is, is still defined by what has happened to him on this side. Also, I don’t think he can get to the other side, since only a hand full of people have actually survived that transport. What is more interesting to me would be, what happens if Olivia finds out who she is on the other side and realize that it is actually a better life, and she starts fighting for the other team.

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  9. says

    I think the whole bad guy whose behind “the army of soldiers” who are coming from there over to here– is the alt. universe’s “BAD WALTER”.

    I mean William Bell told ‘Olive’ that she needed Peter, and he would be of crucial help.

    Also, the “ZFT” manual that Walter found, plus the missing “chapter”; in which Walter explains they had theorized and then come up with a “mission” telling anyone who reads it how to fight this army.

    Besides, who (as an actor) could play a “bad guy” and be totally believable as that “bad guy”? John Noble could, and he has very effectively done so in “The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers”; as the “Steward of Gondor”. I mean can you get a bigger stage than working on that type of movie?

    We saw that Walter had a brief memory of William Bell “taking” out three parts of his brain.

    We also saw when Walter went back into St. Claire’s Mental Institute he, in fact, did not belong there.

    Yep, I’ll bet there is a “BAD WALTER” on the other side, leading the charge because his son, Peter, got taken away. That’s not to say that him leading the group of soldiers is THE thing; it probably wasn’t. But it provided for something to happen to explain how the “leader” of the soldiers became their leader.

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