JJ. Abrams on why Fringe is so much Sexier in Season 2

Hi, I'm JJ. You might have seen some of my shows...

JJ. Abrams is a busy man. Not only is he set to produce the next Mission Impossible movie, but he has a new Spy series in the works and a Superman movie has been rumoured. In fact there must be more than one JJ. Abrams, that’s the only logical explanation for how he seems to get so much done! Speaking of twos, JJ. Abrams talks exclusively to Tribune Interactive about the alternate reality storyline that has helped make Fringe “sexier” and more “confident” in season 2. Whilst I have a few problems with the ‘standalone’ element of the show it’s difficult to argue with JJ.’s assessment.

Check out the interview after the jump.

Thanks to Tribune Interactive for the video.


  1. Pedro says

    The stand alone episodes ruin the sexiness for me. The standalones are like having a huge pimple on your genitals.

    Try to be sexy with that going on.

    Like: Thumb up 0

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