Inside The FRINGE IMAGINARIUM: Making Of Lysergic Acid Diethylamide

Fox has released a ‘Making Of’ video for Lysergic Acid Diethylamide.

Head past the jump to see how the episode was realized.



  1. YourPique says

    Very cool. It’s also cool that they filmed the actors actually portraying the animated scenes.

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  2. says

    Again, it was great fun to watch and seeing our favorite characters in animated action. Massive credits to ZOIC studios and two thumbs up for the ‘Two-Headed Monster’ for creating this episode. It really pushed the boundaries of television.

    I wonder who the stand-in character for Mr. Nimoy is. Maybe they can offer him a cameopart in a future episode. :)

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  3. Sasha says

    It’s cool taht they did 3D and then composited over that!
    It makes a lot of sense though, since once the model and rig is in place, it’s easier to manipulate a characters movements.
    This is really cool. I’m glad we could see the process behind it.

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  4. g33k says

    One of my favorite episodes ever! Congrats and thank you to ZOIC studios, I loved the animation. If ever Pinkner and Wyman hire you again I’d be curious to see what you can do when they give you the usual amount of time needed to complete an animated sequence! I bet it’d be even more amazing!

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  5. LMH says

    WOW! That was fascinating, and so impressive what they pulled off. Kudos to the combined teams. Let’s just hope members of the two fringe teams can work as effectively to prevent doomsday lol.

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  6. Alex says

    Waltz With Bashir was a brilliant film! When i first watched the ep i thought it was a similar style but I’m so glad to hear they actually were inspired by the movie!

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