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Balancing Hormones for Weight Loss

Making the decision to lose weight is a wonderful way to not only work on one’s self but to embrace health and wellness. But for a great number of us hoping to shed a few pounds, it can be a struggle – even when we are doing everything correctly. We have all heard the almost mathematical-sounding statement that to lose weight, you must exercise more and eat less. If that is what we are doing, what is the issue?

The problem is that this only works for those who are already well balanced when it comes to hormone balancing. For some of us, we need to get our hormones straightened out in order to see the results we are hoping for. In this article, we will discuss a few of these hormones and how we can practice balancing hormones for weight loss.

High Cortisol and Your Weight

Take a look at your body and where you typically hold onto weight. Do you have a stubborn amount of belly fat that you can’t seem to lose? You may have too much cortisol.And because it is an “alpha” hormone, it can throw off other hormones that aid in weight-loss , as well. So how can you balance high levels of cortisol?

The first step is taking control over how you handle stress. Stress is a factor in everyone’s life. But it is important to punch the pause button, so-to-speak. Make sure that you are taking care of yourself and relaxing from time to time. Ways that you can do this is by practicing yoga, deep breathing, meditation, or anything that helps you unwind and slow down. Fish oil is also a great addition to your vitamin regimen to help you balance your hormones.

Low Estrogen Hormones

This hormone is one that mainly affects the ladies hoping to shed a few pounds. When estrogen levels become low, the appetite is actually stimulated. And when this happens, it can be difficult to control one’s self properly to lose weight. Ladies hoping to lose weight should exercise anyway, but knowing that exercise stimulates estrogen production may help you get motivated to break a sweat. Other things that can help balance your estrogen include sexual activity, acupuncture, and adding flax seeds to your diet.

Low Testosterone Hormones

As low estrogen can impair a woman’s ability to lose weight, low testosterone can make it difficult to shed pounds for men. Not only this, but it can actually cause fat to cling to the midsection of the male body as well as slow down the metabolism. The best thing to do? Limit sugar intake! And one sneaky way that sugar enters the body is through alcohol. Men are recommended to limit alcoholic drinks to no more than two when enjoying a night out. Regular strength training can also help your body to build muscle, which in turn burns stubborn fat and raises levels of testosterone.

Has your weigh- loss progress slowed? It could be due to an imbalanced hormone. Use the tips in this guide to balance hormones for weight loss and see the results you crave.


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