FRINGIE OF THE WEEK: 4.16 Nothing As It Seems


Fringie of the Week gives you the chance to vote for your favorite character performance from 4.16 — “Nothing As It Seems”.

Olivia came top of the “A Short Story About Love” poll with 45% of your votes. Peter came second with 31%. While Nina came third with 14%.

Here are the current season 4 standings:

  1. Peter — 29pts
  2. Olivia – 26pts
  3. Walter — 13pts
  4. September — 4pts
  5. Eliznate, Altstrid & Nina – 3pts
  6. Walternate, David Robert Jones, Astrid, John McClennan & Aaron – 2pts
  7. Emily Mallum — 1pt

But who gets your vote for..

FOTW: 4.16 Nothing As It Seems

  • Walter (33%, 162 Votes)
  • Peter (30%, 144 Votes)
  • Olivia (20%, 99 Votes)
  • Lincoln (13%, 64 Votes)
  • Edward Markham (1%, 7 Votes)
  • Nina (1%, 5 Votes)
  • Marshall Bowman (1%, 3 Votes)
  • Broyles (0%, 2 Votes)
  • Doctor Anderson (0%, 0 Votes)
  • Melinda Bowman (0%, 0 Votes)
  • Kate Hicks (0%, 0 Votes)
  • Astrid (0%, 0 Votes)
  • Daniel Hicks (0%, 0 Votes)

Total Voters: 488

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Closes Friday, April 6 at 9PM


  1. Ben says

    Going to vote for Lincoln, if only because his character performance was so vastly improved from his previous appearances he deserves some recognition.

    Well-loved. Like: Thumb up 18

    • Ben says

      Agreed. He’s handling his situation with grace and class. Entirely different from the pissy jerk he seemed to be in “The End of All Things.”

      Well-loved. Like: Thumb up 17

      • Ben says

        Well said, sir. Also it was good to see that he can actually handle himself in a scrap!

        Well-loved. Like: Thumb up 13

  2. says

    hahaha thank you for adding Lincoln, whoever did that XD
    so yeah, he had an understatement of a bad day, and ended the episode at the hospital checking in on Kate Hicks (who contributed to the aforementioned bad day). My vote goes to Lincoln, Haters can hate XD

    Well-loved. Like: Thumb up 16

      • says

        yes! I loved that this past ep, he was becoming a little more like his alt self. A nice lead up to this week’s ep! 😀

        Well-loved. Like: Thumb up 15

        • Ben says

          Definitely! It’s so good to finally have some characterisation for the poor guy, and after being beaten up by a giant porcupine I think the least he deserves is an award 😀

          Well-loved. Like: Thumb up 16

        • shidey17 says

          No, they wouldn’t, but I had to wonder if it was intentional…..I remember someone commenting on the photos thread that one of the TSA guys looked like him.

          Like: Thumb up 1

      • Cortexiphan Kid says

        Well, they made it quite clear in 4.01, that John Scott is dead in this timeline too.
        But on the other way, it is Fringe, so you never know…

        Like: Thumb up 2

  3. J.P. says

    My vote’s going to Lincoln, without a doubt. His sacrifices, his leadership, and his selflessness in the episode stole the show, and my heart. TGFL!!!!

    Well-loved. Like: Thumb up 18

  4. Katie says

    Voting for Lincoln, he deserves to take this. Great episode and you just know there’s more to come from him….

    Well-loved. Like: Thumb up 19

  5. Robert Ariadne says

    Tough call. Peter, Olivia, even Lincoln, all chipped in to this one. I give it to Walter, because he hasn’t had much to do lately; and the thing with the birthday presents was funny and sad at the same time.

    Like: Thumb up 2

    • Cortexiphan Kid says

      He definetly wasn’t boring in this episode!
      I mean c’mon!
      The girl he likes lost all memories of him, he had to watch P/O couple, got attacked by a giant porcupine man, felt like he REALY doesn’t belong in this ”Fringe extended family”, almost became a giant flying porcupine, had to drink a grose green drink, got attacked by a giant flying porcupine man AGAIN, got attacked by giant flying porcupine man’s girlfriend, and was saved by a guy, that stole his love.

      I think it’s clear at this point, that I gave my vote to Lincoln.

      Well-loved. Like: Thumb up 24

    • Red Balloon says

      That, and because she rocked the shrink’s exam! … she was like 60% right, more than I got in design and structural calculus class
      (yep, that bad for me…lol)

      Well-loved. Like: Thumb up 21

  6. qbanarik says

    LOL, what’s going through their heads…

    W: Nice (hairy) a$$…
    A: OMG, I have a feeling he’s going to make me smell this when it’s taken to the lab!

    …oh wait… This isn’t FringeCaps?

    Like: Thumb up 1

  7. RKron says

    I vote for Lincoln. He was just unintentionally hilarious in this episode and did quite a lot. Plus, he created the best shipping ever: Bacoln.

    Well-loved. Like: Thumb up 18

  8. Sofia says

    Where are the ‘everybody hates Lincoln” complainers? See, he has people who are crazy. I mean, crazy about him. He still can win this poll, be happy!

    Like: Thumb up 5

  9. scully8 says

    I didn’t think Lincoln was awesome. I thought the stuff that was done to him was horrible and he survived it. I give him props, but not my vote. Sorry . . .

    I voted for Olivia because she just rocks almost every scene she’s in.

    Well-loved. Like: Thumb up 23

  10. Cortexiphan Kid says

    Why do I feel, that some people vote for Olivia (or Peter by the way) regardless of the concept?

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 9

  11. cortexifan says

    How come it says I voted for Peter on my pc when I haven’t even been on fringebloggers for a few days?

    Like: Thumb up 4

  12. Darth Kate says

    ‘Kay, at this point I predict that Peter will win or come in an extremely close second purely through fangirl majority, even though he didn’t do jack. And there I was yesterday thinking that the polls might actually reflect the episode for once. Nice to know that this community remains ever thoughtful and objective.

    Like: Thumb up 6

    • Polivia says

      Peter didn’t win this poll, and Last week it was Olivia, this week it’s Walter, then there is Peter, then Olivia.. Which is how I also predicted it would be. And from the results of the poll, I assume many people thought the same (I still haven’t voted yet BTW). Walter just rocked the episode, Peter’s hug was the sweetest thing ever, that scene between them is memorable and gonna rank above any other Bishops scene from the past seasons, then comes Olivia because she deserves it too, and I just loved her “Weird is a matter of degrees” line. If there was a fourth place I would have loved to see Broyles take it, then Nina. Lincoln? Not for me. I think they’ve tried to make the audience love him or sympathize with him (aka feel horrible for him) by putting him in bad situations, yeah, his day was horrible, but (Walter/Olivia/Peter)’s entire lives were crappier and their storylines are hell more interesting to tell, so it didn’t work for me. Neither I think it did for any of the above 300 voters.
      Yes, I agree that there are some people who’d vote for Olivia or Peter no matter what episode it is, because they confuse Fringie of the week with favorite character which they confuse with favorite actor. those are the same people who watch Fringe to have their Josh or Anna daily fix. But it doesn’t mean all the voters represent these people. Actually, I think it’s just a small amount of posters that want to make themselves visible by creating a mess and make it look like they’re many people.
      I think overall, this week’s FOTW was a hard choice, because the episode kinda gave us a bit of everything. That said, I think we got back our beloved Walter, who was too funny and too fun to watch. So my vote definitely goes for him.

      Like: Thumb up 6

    • Polivia says

      “And there I was yesterday thinking that the polls might actually reflect the episode for once. Nice to know that this community remains ever thoughtful and objective.”
      Oh, and @Kate it’s weird seeing you moving from criticizing Fringe to criticizing the fans, and claiming there are no remaining thoughtful fans out there anymore. makes sense. To whom you gave your vote BTW??

      Like: Thumb up 1

      • Darth Kate says

        I never said that there were no more thoughtful fans. This site is not the entire fandom. It is just a very small isolated portion of it with very clear biases.

        Like: Thumb up 3

        • Darth Kate says

          And I tend not to vote on these things because the end results are always the same. Peter will almost always come in first or second regardless of the context, so why bother.

          Like: Thumb up 3

          • Cortexiphan Kid says

            ‘Cause if you don’t bother Peter gets even more chance of becoming Fringie of the week.

            And here’s to you ‘Peter voters’;
            I mean yes, he’s great, but does it realy have to be HIM almost EVERY week?!

            Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 9

  13. Ariana says

    Can I vote for the entire sort-of-reunited original Fringe team?
    And give the Most Improved award to Lincoln?

    Like: Thumb up 3

  14. Kaz says

    I voted for Walter cuz he was awesome. I DO NOT like Lincoln though,not a fan of Seth G. There is something about that dudes face that I just CAN’T STAND!!!

    Like: Thumb up 2

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