FRINGIE OF THE WEEK: 3.22 The Day We Died – Season 3 Results

22 episodes, tens of thousands of votes, hundreds of comments, passionate debates, character dissection, scratched eyeballs, narrow victories, crushing defeats. That was Fringie Of The Week – Season 3.

And from all that, emerged one victor. Who? I hear you cry. Peter Bishop, I whisper. Who?

Peter came top of the “The Day We Died” poll by a devastating margin, receiving 67% of your votes. Olivia came second with 15%. While Walter came in third with 13%.

This result means that after 22 fiercely fought episodes, Peter wins the collective Fringe Of The Week contest to become Fringie Of The Season. Olivia claims second position. Altlivia shares third spot with Walter.

Here are final standings for the season:

  1. Peter – 44pts
  2. Olivia – 41pts
  3. Altlivia and Walter – 8pts
  4. Lincolnate – 6pts
  5. Newton – 4pts
  6. BroylnateAstrid, TSO William Bell and Henry 3pts each
  7. Nina – 2pts
  8. Charlnate, Walternate, Simon, Frank, Elizabeth, Broyles and Sam Weiss– 1pt each

Fringie of The Season Rankings:

SEASON 1: Olivia & Walter (shared victory)
SEASON 2: Olivia
SEASON 3: Peter

And so ends another chapter..


  1. Red licorice says

    Well deserved victory, after all…MAYBE this was his last chance to win!! Now he REALLY has served his purpose…!! 😉

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  2. freakadeek says

    Before everyone goes crazy over peter winning this year, Olivia won last year despite the whole season revolving around Walter and peter.

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  3. Anita says

    If this was the first half of the season I would be SHOCKED at Peter winning, but the second half gave him a lot of scope that he never really got before, so it makes sense…

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      • Fringeee says

        wait! 😮 you’re an Observer! tell me why he does not exist? If I find out you have anything to do with Peter’s disappearance you will die!! a slow…painful death you bold man 😀

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  4. Real1 says

    People were voting like a crazy for Peter in some episodes even when he was parley in it , so … i will cut for him at least 4 points .. which will make him at 40 . 😀

    I swear that i can hear some posts now lol …. :)

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  5. Dylan says

    Surprise, surprise.

    Perhaps next season we should vote for only supporting characters, and leave the lead three out of it.

    At least then it might make it more interesting.

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    • g33k says

      Actually I think that’s a great idea! Do a separate lead three and a separate guest and supporting characters vote. Otherwise I don’t think we’ll ever see the genius Gene get a point! moo!

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  6. The old man says

    Oh!! I am so happy since I love the character and he gets no respect from some peopole but As far as Im concerned he’s the closest perspn to reality in fringe,acts like a normal guy with issues, makes mistakes,…
    He deserved to win!

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    • Roneo says

      And I so happy for that!
      Walter is just one of the biggest creations on TV history; my heart belongs to Olivia for ever and ever. Both of them, and in some way, their alt versions, are the base of a triangle in what Peter’s seemed, sometimes, the weakest vertex (in my opinion, for the plot good, most of times). In spite of this, and although I think there is still for him working to do, I’m really very fond of him, always have been. And as neither Olivia nor Walter have to prove their enormous importance, I am glad of Peter’s growing relevance.

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  7. Jenn says

    I think he deserves it. First of all, Josh is the only actor who only gets to play ONE character (Anna’s at 3). I also saw an interview with him at the beginning of Season 3, wherein he said he was disappointed he’d only be in every other episode (when Olivia was trapped in the Red Universe), but it was good for the storyline. Now I am assuming he won’t be in the first handful of episodes from Season 4! At least this vote is a good way to pay homage to actor who keeps getting some tougher breaks than the others.

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  8. FinChase says

    It never really seemed right that Peter got points for Projection Peter. That was really Olivia anyway.

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    • William Bishop says

      Come on! Give him some credit, I agree with other comments saying that Peter as a character and Joshua Jackson as an actor deserve it and I don’t know about you , but I finally see the three main characters on the same level even with Peter having less time on this season.
      Besides I’m really glad that this post didn’t become the ring for: Peter X Olivia Round XX (there was an episode post, I think Subject 13, in which a war started).

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    • Schwakamole says

      I love Walter but he had one too many fart jokes this year. And even though he had some awesome moments, very few times did he ever shine for the entire episode. But I hope that will change next year. Without Peter in his life, what does Walter have to live for? That will be interesting to see where they go with that.

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  9. Grandpa Bishoff says

    Peter? What Peter? I don’t recall having a grandson…Oh my, Walter, what have you done this time?

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