Fringie of the Week: 3.09 Marionette

Fringie of the Week gives Fringe fans the chance to vote for their favorite character performance from the most recent episode – 3.09 Marionette.

Olivia narrowly won the majority vote for “Entrada” with 34%. Broylnate came second with 32%. While Peter came third with 29% of your votes.

The official standings after the first eight episodes of the season (remember, the weekly winner is awarded 3pts, second place receives 2pts, third place receives 1pt):

  1. Olivia and Peter – 15 pts each
  2. Newton – 4pts
  3. Altlivia and Broylnate – 3pts each
  4. Henry and Astrid – 2pts each
  5. Lincoln, Charlnate, Walternate and Nina – 1pt each

Who gets your vote for the most recent episode Marionette? Feel free to make your choice using the poll below:

FOTW: 3.09 "Marionette"

  • Olivia (59%, 458 Votes)
  • Peter (30%, 228 Votes)
  • Astrid (4%, 30 Votes)
  • The Observer (2%, 15 Votes)
  • Walter (2%, 14 Votes)
  • Roland Barrett (2%, 13 Votes)
  • Amanda Walsh (1%, 7 Votes)
  • Broyles (1%, 5 Votes)

Total Voters: 770

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This poll closes 8PM EST, December 16th, 2010. The winner will be officially announced during the 3.10 FOTW.


  1. janenutshell says

    Peter and Olivia both broke my heart in this episode. Peter’s best scene was at the end – the “I’m sorry” line. BUT, the way the smile faded off Olivia’s face in the hospital cafeteria as Peter told her the truth…and then she flinched when Peter went to touch her at the end….truly heartbreakingly emotional stuff.

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  2. number six says

    Peter for sheer honesty and all his great scenes. Then Olivia :( The my love: Astrid. I would have given my vote for the marionette set if it had been a character.

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  3. says

    I wonder if/when the episode focus’ change to other characters in the second half of the season if anyone else will be “Fringie of the week”? I think Olivia is great, but Broylesnate really should have been Fringie last week (IMHO). I did cast my vote for Olivia this week.

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    • physicsgirl says

      I’m waiting for Walter to take home some points. Since the story hasn’t been focused on him or his work, he hasn’t really been able to compete yet.

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      • AnOlive says

        It was all about walter and peter for season 1 and 2, high time Olivia
        took centre stage in her own series.

        Much more Olivia, Much more Anna Torv, the most fascinating female character and most fascinating actress.

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        • GeigerCounter says

          agree, though I expected some more Wlater stuff now that he owns Massive Dynamic

          and I still feel like they rosolved the Peter/Walter relationship too quickly

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          • annon says

            They did didn’t they GeigerCounter.

            I don’t feel that the writers have really looked at the whole relationship of Peter/Walter much this season so far. I think we got one scene where Walter is trying to explain things from his side and Peter just says he didn’t want to talk about it. Now, there seems like there is no conflict at all. I’m not saying we have to have alot of stuff go down between them, but it would of been nice if they had continued to chip away at it in the background of the episodes.

            Hope we get more Walter just so we get to see more Massive Dynamics. I miss that place and Nina fiercely. Looking forward to seeing John Noble in the second part of this season. He has been sorely missed.

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  4. runpaceyrun says

    Olivia was awesome as always…..but i chose Peter. He owned up…didnt back away from what happened. They both made me cry and broke my heart. I cannot watch this episode again.

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  5. Feinge4life says

    While I understand why Olivia is pissed at Peter, what did she think Bolivia was doing while impersonating her? I mean Bolivia did not head to the other universe to remain anonymous, but to impersonate Olivia to get the pieces of the machine, and to do that, she needed to live in her apartment, scamm her man (which was not that hard) and insinuate herself in Olivia’s job. Was this somehow a mystery to Olivia??? I know she was drugged, but she had to expect that Bolivia would do these things, and use poor Peter in that process. Thus for her to be so floored over what happened does not quite ring right to me.

    Also, in Peter’s defense, other than the kiss “over there” he and Olivia had not been together intimatley, such that it would be reasonable to exepect him to see the difference. I mean she (nor anyone else) could not even see the difference when poor charlie was a shapeshifter, so why woud Peter. Also, let’s remember that Peter has has some fairly significant traume of late that has put him in a tailspin (his father is not his father, Walter’s lies, his mother on the other side had been suffering because of his absence, his real father was only using him, his sense of familiy that rooted in him in Boston was gone, and that Olivia knew he was from the other side and did not tell him). This is enough to make anyone drink, and all Peter wanted was to belong to someone. Hence, he was easy prey for the vagenda of Bolivia. Poor sap.

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    • real1 says

      So many excuses can be made for Peter , but i can’t buy one for him ! , he was blinded , he was in love but not with the right woman , Olivia has the right to be angry at him and to tell him how he couldn’t see that she wasn’t her , why ? , Peter already known Olivia , already seen her at the mission , all the cases which he worked with Alt-Olivia he was the one who can resolve it , why didn’t he question himself what’s wrong with Olivia ? why she couldn’t see the right way to resolve this ? … but it was the opposite , he was liking the idea of him who is resolving every thing even if it was taking a time .

      With Olivia , they are wining the time , because Olivia is quicker to think than any one else , add to that William Bell said it clear that Olivia the one he told her your are the strongest Olivia you are the one he didn’t mention Peter he mentioned Olivia , which mean Olivia the one who will stop the war not Peter .

      Back to Peter and his resolving the cases , in the past episode , he was arguing with Olivia that she is specialist in the profile and why she is taking off what he was saying .. give me a break Peter ! you are a civilian consultant not a FBI agent well trained as how Olivia is , add to that he did prove that he is wrong and Olivia the one who can drive the team not him . I think Peter’s character need a redeeming in many ways so far , and yes am totally with Olivia , that he should be more smart more opening his eyes than he did . So let him face the consequences and let him see what he is missing . IMO .

      This show is amazing , and I think we all knowing the role for each character , Olivia is the main character of the show , Walter is the second and then Peter .

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        • runpaceyrun says

          Im with you Amy. Although i will say Fringe does offer opportunities for all 3 characters (and actors) to shine. Thats why i love it.

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        • real1 says

          😉 , I would love to believe he is the heart of it but I can’t ! , after his stupidity of not knowing his woman from the fake one and how he was thinking its ok we’re good … he needs to be redeemed badly ! to prove he is the heart . :)

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    • fringefan2009 says

      Olivia wasn’t in love with Charlie. I think that was her realization at the end. If he really loved her, he would have known that she had been replaced. If the tables were turned, I think that Olivia would have suspected, especially when they are fully aware of the existence of doubles and shapeshifters.

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  6. Sid says

    Definitely Olivia. Anna Torv has been absolutely fantastic this season. Over the second half of season 2 and this season, she has been amazing.

    Also, I want see more of Nina – she’s such an enigmatic character – it’s fun to see her plot and scheme.

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  7. Peter Bishop must die. says

    After everything that’s happened, Olivia deserves to win Fringie of the week. Every week. For the rest of the show.

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  8. Laura says

    Olivia, definitely.
    Special mention Roland Barrett,this character was amazing, creepy and fitting with the whole Olivia (bad) situation.

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    • Isa says

      Keep sending the drama! Let’s begin next episode with Olivia totally messed up at her home and a big whiskey bottle.

      Poor Liv…

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      • cortexifan says

        I was wondering how they are going to open this next episode, with Peter at the icecream place or Olivia with the bottle. I’m surprised we haven’t seen her in the last episode with it.

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  9. FlashWriter says

    OK, this may sound really off-the-trail, but I voted for Anja Sovcic as Amanda Walsh. I think everyone will agree that there was just something horrible in the marionette scene. It made my skin crawl. It was like walking in on Norman Bates when he was talking to his mother. It wasn’t really what you saw, it was like opening a basement door that hasn’t been open in years, only now something has begun to stink down there. The door creeks open and you look into an inky blackness. Quietly, a black widow–a really big one–oozes out and slinks her way across the floor.

    Doing these scenes must be unbelievably hard in that Anja really had no lines, it was all facial expression and body language and I just wanted to recognize her for some really good work here. That scene where she actually became alive, her eyes searching in a way you knew made no connections, searching around hovering between panic and insanity, there was no doubt that the person she used to be just wasn’t in there anymore. Again, no lines, just pure projection through her face. Just makes you think of the line “There are no small parts, only small actors.”

    Anja Sovcic took that part and ran with it, enhancing the story, and getting a reaction from me that I never expected. I haven’t had my skin crawl for a long time. There has been some discussion about Mark Ivanir as Roland (the Gentlemen), and he certainly did one fantastic job. But on the other end of the teeter-toter was Anja. Qudos to both. Wow, this was a great episode!

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  10. cortexifan says

    Had to vote for Olivia.
    Just saw the nominations for Golden Globe and there was nothing Fringe in there from what I could see. So sad.

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  11. Anita says

    Olivia. She was back and hit the ground runnning. Jeez, the girl is dedicated and FIERCE. Not to mention she dealt with the whole Peter/Altlivia situation in a way I don’t think she would have in first season, so I was surprised and impressed at the character development.

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  12. says

    I knew Olivia would win, was without a question one her key episodes. But I went with Astrid for her comment on the genuine nature of Peters feelings towards Olivia. I’d like to see more of Astrids involvement with the other characters not just sat in the lab with Walter.

    Side mention for the actor playing Roland, who like so many of Fringe’s villains played the role fantastically, great when they give the bad guy more than just an evil side.

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  13. fringefan2009 says

    I am constantly impressed by Anna Torvs acting. She hit those emotions spot on. I had high expectations already, but the performance still exceeded them.

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  14. Ann-YUL_and_Formerly-just-Ann says

    Between the surveys to keep us going through the Lowatus,

    and in wait of the review and observations on the Marionette episode…
    I motion that “I had a lot of laundry to go through” is a quotable quote.

    Happy holidays.

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  15. Marina says

    Bf, qué rabia la gente que odia a Peter!
    Si bien es verdad que la jodió no sabiendo que la mujer con la que estaba no era Olivia, tampoco es completamente su culpa. ÉL vuelve del otro lado sin nada, totalmente jodido. Imaginaros cómo debe ser saber que no perteneces a ninguno de los dos mundos, que quien has creído tu familia en realidad no lo era, ver a tu madre real de nuevo y saber que la gente en quien confías te ha fallado. AL final, lo único que le queda es Olivia, que es por lo que vuelve. Claro que no lo ve, porque quizá no lo quiere ver, porque la necesita demasiado. Parece que con el lío del cambio de Olivias se nos haya olvidado por lo que está pasando Peter también. A todo esto debo añadir también que entiendo la postura de Olivia y cómo le recrimina a él que no hubiera sabido que la otra no era ella…. En fin, es una situación demasiado complicada. Sólo espero que ella se dé cuenta que él la quiere y que todos sus sentimentos eran hacía nuestra Olivia.
    En fin, sólo me queda añadir lo tremendamente buena actriz que es Anna Torv!
    Y perdonar ya a Peter, hombre….!

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