Fringie of the Week: 3.07 The Abducted

Fringie of the Week gives Fringe fans the chance to vote for their favorite character performance from the most recent episode – 3.07 “The Abducted”.

Peter won the majority vote for “6955kHz” with 39%, Astrid came second with 21% – getting her first points this season. Nina came third with 16% of your votes, also her first points on the scoreboard.

The official standings after the first six episodes of the season (remember, the weekly winner is awarded 3pts, second place receives 2pts, third place receives 1pt):

  1. Peter – 12 pts
  2. Olivia – 9pts
  3. Newton – 4pts
  4. Altlivia – 3pts
  5. Henry and Astrid – 2pts each
  6. Lincoln, Charlnate, Walternate and Nina – 1pt each

Who gets your vote for the most recent episode “The Abducted”? Feel free to make your choice using the poll below:

FOTW: 3.07 "The Abducted"

  • Olivia (50%, 353 Votes)
  • Peter (18%, 124 Votes)
  • Broylnate (16%, 111 Votes)
  • Christopher Broyles (7%, 47 Votes)
  • Gift Shop Lady (4%, 27 Votes)
  • Walternate (3%, 23 Votes)
  • Lincoln Lee (1%, 5 Votes)
  • Henry (1%, 5 Votes)
  • Altlivia (0%, 3 Votes)
  • The Observer (0%, 3 Votes)
  • Altstrid (0%, 2 Votes)
  • Charlnate (0%, 1 Votes)
  • Reverend Marcus (Candy Man Prime) (0%, 1 Votes)
  • Wyatt Toomy (Candy Man) (0%, 1 Votes)
  • Diane Broyles (0%, 1 Votes)
  • Max Clayton (0%, 0 Votes)
  • Emily Clayton (0%, 0 Votes)

Total Voters: 707

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This poll closes 8PM EST, November 26th, 2010. Winner to be officially announced during the 3.08 FOTW.


  1. LMH says

    Olivia! Gift shop lady option made me laugh though. She definitely gets some props for making one very awkward phone call.

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  2. AnOlive says

    peter got votes for the ten seconds in episode 3 and the 3 scenes in five as Head peter, so they should be removed, besides that he should have had NO points for that all, that is what you get if you complain and whine like Jackson does, his pomits have nothing to do with the character, all with his complaining, just see againg the recent tv guide, it is Olivia who is central, but who gets all the attention and the photo;s? jackson, sick.
    He should not even have had points for the episodes over here Alt-livia, Walter, Astrid had more right.

    This episode OLIVIA all te way, great Anna Torv.

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      • Laura says

        Just for the record.
        I’m a female, and I voted for Altbroyes. He questioned his loyalties, and in the end he chose to stand for the one who saved his family. Good stuff our of him.

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    • annon says

      Riiiiiiiight. I’m speechless. Anna Torv is the star of the show. She gets the most airtime out of anybody and is the face of Fringe. She has won an award for her performance, she promotes the show on talk shows, radio and does countless interviews. She’s everywhere, and your complaining about a poll. We get it.

      I could go on and on about the injustice of John Noble not getting the recognition that he deserves, but I won’t.

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      • AnOlive says

        I don’t care about this poll, and Jackson is getting far more attention in the press, a couple of weeks ago with the return of Fringe thet managed to ignore Anna in the Fox interviews and just focused on Jackson. How many interviews with Anna did you vount in the media this year?
        Jackson has been in the media since the summer complaining.
        Anna Torv has only recently been getting some recognition.
        The first 2 seasons it was all Noble, even now every critic keeps going on about him, much Overrated in my view, his character got all the great lines, the gadgets, the lab . As walternate he falls flat IMO.
        Olivia had no backstory, and no gadgets what so ever, this season was suppose to be around her.
        In both season 1 and 2 the episodes centre around Olivia were by far the best.

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        • Aimee says

          Chill, Olivia is awesome and many people do appreciate her character. I have grown to really like Anna Torv. She has come a long way since Season 1.

          Besides, Josh can complain a little. I mean, Peter has been fairly useless this season. Projection Peter was a stretch.

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        • annon says

          Gosh you really need to chill. For someone who says that they don’t care about the poll, clearly that is not the case.

          I don’t know what show you are watching, but Olivia has been front and centre since the beginning and she still is and will continue to be. As I have said before she has been in the media constantly this season. Anna is the one everybody is talking about, going on tv shows to promote the show. She is everywhere.

          So, what if Josh and the others have done interviews. They all have. I guess you missed the ones with Lance, Jasika, John and Blair. There are others in the show other than Anna. I know you would only like it to be Anna but that’s not the case. Peter and Walter are part of the puzzle of Fringe, so of course they are going to concentrate on them as well. Since Peter has been part of the Bolivia storyline this season, so far, of course they are going to be asking Josh about that and what sort of fallout his character is going to have from that. I don’t know where you get this idea from that they have ignored Anna, because that is definitely not the case.

          John Noble’s portrayal of Walter is one of the reasons why Fringe is still on the air. It’s a shame that he is not getting the recognition that he deserves. Again, Anna won an award at the Scifi Awards for best female actor, so you saying that she is not getting any recognition, just doesn’t fly. That was for season 1 and 2. John Noble hasn’t even got that.

          This season has been about her, constantly. Anna has got to play two characters which have been extremely prominent in every episode we have had this season, so far, and that won’t stop. Even Josh has said that, this is the season of the Olivias. So, honestly, you have no reason to be complaining.

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  3. runpaceyrun says

    It could only go to one person… my opinion. It was just so fantastic to have Olivia back. Its a testament to this show, the writers and producers that ….at the end of the episode i burst into tears. I wasnt sad…..i think they were tears of absolute joy. I am just so excited that our Olivia is back. My fav will always be Peter….but my votes went to Olivia. She is awesome….and Anna has been absolutely BRILLIANT this season…..EMMY worthy if you ask me.

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  4. Karo says

    “Olivia – 9pts each”

    Each? Yeah, I know there’s many to choose from…. the clever one, the badass one, the caring one, the brave one … :p

    Joking :)

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  5. first person says

    Candy Man freaked me out. I was epically baked and Wyatt was chillin me to the bone before we knew his whole story. He spooked me good.

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  6. Becca says

    I voted Olivia. She’s back and she’s the only one!

    I agree that Peter and Head/Peter are different characters, we even had a poll to decide which one is best (Peter for me), and so it’s unfair that Peter is getting all the points as Peter while the other characters have two different versions of them on the poll. As they should.

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  7. Lila says

    As much as I love the fact OurLiv is back, i gotta vote for chris (he’s a kid and already acts like that! =O)

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  8. number six says

    I think that John Noble stole the show once again with just that look of pure disgust and hatred. Simply amazing, I bow to his acting superpowers, because I’ve never been so scared during the whole series. However, he was underused as usual and he had very little to do, so my vote goes to alternate Broyles, who was great and for whom I rooting to help Olivia escape.

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  9. Anita says

    Hahahaha, GIft Shop Lady!! XD

    I’ve been voting for Olivia for almost every episode (except for Newton in DSDOES) because she has been KILLING it this season. Fierce and flawless. <3

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  10. Alex says

    Little Christopher was the heart of the case for me – what a beautiful little character and talented young actor.

    He has my vote this week

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  11. mlj102 says

    I understand that everyone has their own individual opinion, and I respect that, but I just can’t figure out how Peter has made it into second place here. We only saw him briefly at the end, and all he did was pick up the phone and react to having the truth of Olivia finally revealed to him. He didn’t even figure it out on his own — he had to have someone tell him. He didn’t DO anything. I’m not trying to cause problems, but I would appreciate it if some of those who voted for Peter would explain why they felt he earned their vote, because I just can’t figure out why anyone would vote for him over Olivia, alternate Broyles, Christopher, or even the gift store lady.

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    • number six says

      I guess it’s the same reason why Olivia got into the 4th position last week, when the only thing she did was get out of the shower. Altlivia got fewer votes, when she deserved more. I’ll have to check the comments to see if someone asked to have those votes justified.

      There is also the fact that the scene with Peter and Altlivia at the end is the most watched (from this episode) on Youtube and probably the most talked about, too.

      These polls are serious business, it seems.

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