Welcome to the Fringe Bloggers FringeCaps Roll Of Honor Page – the home to the winners of our episodic Fringe Screencap Contests. Enjoy with your eyes!

4.14 The End Of All Things


Do Observers dream of shaved sheep?

4.07 Wallflower


“I don’t want to scare you, but I think we’re in a standalone episode”

4.06 And Those We Left Behind


“Subject is displaying high levels of well-kempt stubble. Subject will commit to neither beard nor clean-shaven look. Subject is untrustworthy.”

4.04 Subject 9


Olivia: “Walter, you didn’t put any soul magnets in here, did you?”

4.02 One Night In October


Altliv: “Look at me, I’m Blue Olivia, I’m so serious, I have trust issues, waaaah!

Olivia: “Hey Linc, did I ever tell you I can set things on fire with my mind?

4.01 Neither Here Nor There

Page 48: “Why, Agent Dunham, it’s not a bra OR panties tank!”

Olivia On The Interwebs

Kyle: “Today, some lunatic used my inter-universal baby’s blood to set off a doomsday machine. FML.”

CCTA Special

Hannah: “2 plates, 2 chairs, 2 CCTA nominees. It’s like I don’t even exist. Oh. wait.

3.22 The Day We Died

Winner – M: “It’s going to take both Walters to make sense of the Fringe season finale.”

3.21 The Last Sam Weiss

WinnerEE: “Sam: You know they have SHOW ME over there,well I’ve got a TRUST ME!”

3.19 Lysergic Acid Diethylamide

WinnerPage 48: “Dr. Bishop, it’s time for your tweetment.”

3.18 Bloodline

Winner – Lloyd Webber: [Baby PBie] “You can’t get rid of me that easily”

3.17 Stowaway

Winner – Hatch: “You’ll never guess what I like doing now that I’m in Olivia…”

3.16 Os

Winner PottyFringieGleek: “Belly?” / “No Walter, I’m still a Cola…” (results) (entries)

3.15 Subject 13

Winner – FringeCharacter: “Mom, What’s a Vagenda?” (results) (entries).

3.14 6B

Winner – Cerulean: [Unknown to Peter and Olivia, Walter had taken to smearing the insides of all the shot glasses with a powerful aphrodisiac, in the hopes of Peter getting lucky.] (results) (entries).

3.13 Immortality

Winner – Bischof: “‘Pregnant’ is some kind of medical slang, right? RIGHT???” (results) (entries).

3.12 Concentrate And Ask Again

WinnerFringeFriday – “You are a character [on] a TV show”. (results) (entries)

3.11 Reciprocity

WinnerPage 48: ”Long time listener, first time caller.” (results) (entries).

3.10 The Firefly

WinnerAlt-Lex: “Mh… is it right that the top keeps on….spinning?” (results) (entries).