FringeCaps: Reciprocity

Welcome to FringeCaps. The new weekly screencap contest from your universal Fringe Bloggers.

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How’s it work?: Each week one of our Rocobots will randomly select an interesting picture from the most recent Fringe episode. Your task, should you choose to accept it, is to conjure up a smart, funny, poignant or interesting caption to go with the above picture from “Reciprocity”.

Rules: Post your entries in the comments, you can post as many as you want. No spoilers. Keep them clean – no swear words (etc), although we have nothing against naughtiness of a reasonable nature.

Deadline: The next episode, that’ll be February 4th, 9/8c.

Prize: The winning caption (word or sentence) will be added to the above picture and posted in all its glory next week. Maybe we’ll create a little page featuring all of the winning entries. But let’s see how it goes.


  1. Rich says

    (calling a phonesex line)

    In a Walteresque speech pattern:

    “oh oh yes…and I have the whipped cream right here….and what would you like me to do next.”

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  2. fringeobsessed says

    “Don’t worry my bald, eyebrowless friend. I’ve hidden it where no one will find it…and it tastes great too!”

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  3. says

    Waler picks up the phone and listens : “Operator … Walter Bishop, you have a collect call from Larry Jacoby. Will you accept the charge ?”

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  4. janenutshell says

    Didn’t he actually say: “Oh, I was just thinking about you?” I think that’s the best…what exactly were you “thinking” about Nina???

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    • vlada_vvv says

      agree. The initial phrase fits the best. It was so weird and cool to see our Walter flirting with that naughty smile that I can’t think of anything else that could complete this screencap that much.

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  5. says

    “Nonono!! Do nót call for another hour or so. I’m making whipcream dissolvant. I may be highly explosive too, so call back in one hour. If i don’t pick up the phone, please call Peter for me”.

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  6. Mtm says

    Walter: “Hello Gene, I just wanted to call and thank you for this wonderful whipped cream. We have to do this again.”
    Peter in the background: “Walter, have you been medicating yourself again?!”

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  7. pacey bishop says

    “Oh, hello, Mr Broyles! I’m having a Discovery Channel party tonight, would you like to join me???”

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  8. Lily Head says

    Better now… Hello? September is that you? This is Walter Bishop, I’m calling to let you know that you can take Peter as long as you get me another can of this stuff…

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  9. Sid says

    Hello..US Patent Office? you wouldn’t believe what I just invented – “Brain in a Can” – it’s sweet and mousse-y so it can be eaten (and it’s so yummy, just like that one time Belly and I inhaled…oh never mind). Hello??

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  10. Jenn Hoff says

    Yes, yes, I have my snack right here. It’s delicious. I can’t wait to see if Sawyer and Kate end up together!

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  11. Mtt says

    Oh, hey September! Did I tell you the plan for this Saturday? You, me, beers, buzzed. Wings, shots, drunk. Waitresses, hot. Football Harvard/Yale, slaughter. Then a quick nap at my place, and we hit the tiz-own.

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