FringeCaps: Immortality

Welcome to FringeCaps. The new weekly screencap contest from your universal Fringe Bloggers.

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How’s it work?: Each week one of our Rocobots will randomly select an interesting picture from the most recent Fringe episode. Your task, should you choose to accept it, is to conjure up a smart, funny, poignant or interesting caption to go with the above picture from “Immortality”.

Rules: Post your entries in the comments, you can post as many as you want. No spoilers. Keep them clean – no swear words (etc), although we have nothing against naughtiness of a reasonable nature.

Deadline: The next episode, that’ll be February 18th, 9/8c.

Prize: The winning caption (word or sentence) will be added to the above picture and posted in all its glory next week. Maybe we’ll create a little page featuring all of the winning entries. We’re still seeing how it goes.


  1. Skyler says

    what do you mean by what this insect has two legs, two eyes and two hands and it will take eight months to go out?

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  2. M says

    The bugs are attacking your baby. I’m afraid the only way to save it is to inject it with scorpion and mole-rat DNA.

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  3. Hatch says

    Sorry, this thing takes a minute to load up…Ron over there figured out how to access porn sites on it last week, been running slow ever since.

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  4. FringeFriday says

    “Over there they use C-O-N-D-O-M-S the prevent pregnancy, they are not as advanced as our technology!”


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  5. FringeFriday says

    I see you forgot your sperm extinction laser at home… you should have used a condom. a CONDOM…. it’s a technical device over there to prevent pregnancy… yeah I know we are so much more advanced on that field…. but you are still pregnant.

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  6. Sid says

    Congratulations! You’re our 100th customer and win an appearance on Maury’s “Who’s your baby daddy?” and a free DNA test.

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  7. Michael says

    Here’s a couple:

    Paramedic: I can see the bug moving inside you and its a boy, congratulations!

    Paramedic: I can see here, you’re pregnant and the father is from another universe.
    Altliva: Shit, how am i going to get child support now?

    Paramedic: Yippi, I finally found some use for my US$500 ipad.

    Altlivia: Can you untie me or scratch me behind my ear? My wig is itchy.

    Altlivia: Help me! help me! Some scientist just made me drink some bug eggs.
    Frank: Ok, let me just use this echograph there to see if some of the bugs bypassed you stomach and have headed straight to your uterus. You never know.
    Altlivia: What?
    Frank: Oh god, you’re pregnant!

    Brandonate (holding the pad): If you don’t want the baby, I can certainly used it to make some scandalous experiment on him. Possibly involving pain and me eating the baby afterward.

    Lincoln (holding the pad): Sorry to bother you at this moment liv, but do you remember if Silva is spelled with a “i” or a “y”?

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  8. Michael says

    Altlivia: Somebody just made me drink water with bug eggs inside.
    Paramedic: That’s what you get for drinking city water!

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    • matt says

      no seriously, the one about FRINGE being canceled is pretty much what I was thinking so I got nothing. I really really really really hope not, but I really hope there is a good explanation for this… I trust the writers so this might be awesome, but right now I’m confused, what happened to blue lights and fringe science?

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      • Bischof says

        It certainly was underwhelming, but we can only hope that the point behind this is putting all three sides of the triangle in a moral dilemma, more than a romance. Will Peter abandon his child, or cross over there? Will Olivia understand Peter’s decission on this or will she fight it? Will Altlivia let Walternate use her and her child? The latest producers’ video indicates this is the way things are going, and I think it can make a good story.

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  9. Laura says

    Guys you’re sooooooooooooooooooooooo funny !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I think I quote matt…..the car insurance business is getting more and more serious…serious as the BBM …..

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  10. Peter Bishop Must Die says

    Frank: “The writers just tweeted me. You’re pregnant.”

    Alternate: Frank: “Hold on honey, I’m reading Roco’s review of this episode. Heh, yeah, I hated this part too.”

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  11. veronica says

    Altlivia thinking: Rachel died during childbirth. Rachel died during childbirth. Rachel died during childbirth.

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