FringeCaps: Concentrate And Ask Again

Welcome to FringeCaps. The new weekly screencap contest from your multiversal Fringe Bloggers.

Head past the jump to play.

How’s it work?: Each week one of our Rocobots will randomly select an interesting picture from the most recent Fringe episode. Your task, should you choose to accept it, is to conjure up a smart, funny, poignant or interesting caption to go with the above picture from “Concentrate and Ask Again”.

Rules: Post your entries in the comments, you can post as many as you want. No spoilers. Keep them clean – no swear words (etc), although we have nothing against naughtiness of a reasonable nature.

Deadline: The next episode, that’ll be February 11th, 9/8c.

Prize: The winning caption (word or sentence) will be added to the above picture and posted in all its glory next week. Maybe we’ll create a little page featuring all of the winning entries. But let’s see how it goes.


  1. real1 says

    Actually Roco .. i can’t think of any sentence for that pic .

    Olivia : I will concentrate and ask again .

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  2. mlj102 says

    The letter reads:

    Dear Ms. Dunham:

    We regret to inform you that your entry into the weekly Fringebloggers Caption Contest did not win first prize. Please feel free to submit an entry in next week’s contest.



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  3. physicsgirl says

    “If you forward this letter to 25 people in the next 3 minutes, something special will happen to you. Trust me, this really works!”

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  4. Inter-dimensional Dave says

    Whaaat? This script says I get to wear a dress. Ha! Who’s a girlie girl now Petah? In your face!

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  5. JC says

    “Olivia Dunham, this is your early retirement notice. Peter Bishop will be responsible for the fate of the universes from now on.”

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  6. giorgio - Greece says

    “He still has feelings for her”

    Who has feelings for who?

    Oh man, “na ine kalytero anthropo apo ton patera tou” was so much easier to get.

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  7. fringed says

    He’s glad you don’t know what she did to him in that dress the last time she wore it or Walter would have no problem reactivating your fire abilities. FLAME ON!!!

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