FringeCaps: 6B

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How’s it work?: Each week one of our RocoBots will randomly select an interesting picture from the most recent Fringe episode. Your task, should you choose to accept it, is to conjure up a smart, funny, poignant or interesting caption to go with the above picture from “6B”.

Rules: Post your entries in the comments, you can post as many as you want. No spoilers. Keep them clean – no swear words (etc), although we have nothing against naughtiness of a reasonable nature.

Deadline: The next episode, that’ll be February 25th, 9/8c.

Prize: The winning caption (word or sentence) will be added to the above picture and posted in all its glory next week. Maybe we’ll create a little page featuring all of the winning entries. We’ll see how it goes.


  1. real1 says

    Peter : Who could imagine that I will sleep with all Olivias in all the worlds ?

    Olivia : you don’t know what you are swallowing aren’t you ?

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  2. Skyler says

    After the third drink ….

    Peter: Let’s see if you run away now …
    Olivia: It seems that the Walter´s miraculous droplets work …

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  3. Solis says

    OLIVIA: I hope walter was here to see what we’re doing
    PETER: I hope we were there to see how he’s doing it with nina

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  4. Cataphractus says

    Peter: “So it took us 3 1/2 seasons to finally go out for drinks? Seriously?”
    Olivia: “Blame the writers.”

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  5. Wikiaddicted723 says

    Peter: “why are you laughing?”
    Olivia:” Oh, nothing…just remembered I left my whip in the car.”

    Peter dies of a heart attack.

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  6. William Bishop says

    Olivia thinking: “Oh yeah! He’s going to see what happens with ANYone who sleeps with my double thinking it’s me.”

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  7. dana says

    1st thought:
    Peter: Man I look good in tight long sleeve sweaters…
    Olivia: Do I look better with red hair?

    2nd thought:
    Olivia: Man he looks good in tight long sleeve sweaters!
    Peter: I like her better with red hair…

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  8. Dessy says

    Olivia: Oh who cares you’ve knocked Fauxlivia up, and you’ve been lying to me since I came back. There’s always Alcohol! Now, let’s do it!
    Peter: Cheers!

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  9. Skyler says

    Peter: A couple more of drinks and you´re ready…Mmmmm
    Olivia: As with coffee, have you forgotten that I resist more than one bottle?

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  10. hal says

    “Let’s only drink half of our shots and forget about the rest of the booze just to annoy people who really need a drink after watching this.”

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  11. CH says

    Olivia: you know this is about the hundredth time i’ve pour myself a drink?
    Peter: well let’s hope we’ll both be able to drink them…

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  12. Pierce says

    Olivia thinking: ‘I wonder if he has any idea I poisoned his drink?’

    Peter thinking: ‘I wonder if this drink is poisoned?’

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  13. JoA says

    Peter: Feelings…
    Faux, all my life I’ll feel this.
    I’d wish I’d never met you, girl.
    You’ll never come again…*sob*

    Olivia: *sob*

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  14. ASRAELE says

    Peter: “Gosh! I’m out of condoms! Hope she’s takin’ the pill.”
    Olivia: “Holy truck! I’ve stopped the pill since I where over there… hope he’s got condoms.”

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  15. Jamesab says

    Peter: “Here’s to universal warfare and wool socks”.
    Olivia: “And don’t forget the Daytona 500, Sunday at 12:00 PM ET”.

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  16. Darth Kate says

    Liv: “Gee Peter, I hope our newly rekindled relationship doesn’t spontaneously shatter because of an unexpected inter-dimensional pregnancy.”

    Peter: “You worry too much. Cheers!”


    Liv: “You do have condoms, right?”

    Peter: “We didn’t use one last ti… oh wait..”

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  17. NinFringie says

    Peter: Admit it, the glimmer makes me more irresistible.
    Olivia: Who says i came here to talk about that? 😉

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  18. M says

    Wyman: Okay, so we spent an entire season destroying the prospects of a relationship between these two. Now, how do we get them to sleep together?
    Pinker: Alcohol!

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  19. NinFringie says

    Olivia: It’s me. I’m the one stopping us, Peter.
    Peter: One sip and i promise, we won’t ever gonna stop. 😉

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  20. matt says

    Olivia to herself responding subconsciously to Peter’s thoughts which she just overheard thanks to her magic pal:

    haha, burrito

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  21. Jenn Hoff says

    Peter: Why did you come back?
    Olivia: Well, I was reading Twilight and thought, “Edward sparkles? So what?! Peter glimmers!”

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  22. Lívia Costa says

    Folks, I’m sorry but my English is terrible:
    “And now I’m gonna hold your hand and we gonna rise those stairs to make what our fans are expecting for… and who knows then I’ll be expecting for kinda 9 months too…”

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  23. Inter-dimensional Dave says

    Olivia – “I know what you’re thinking. Did she drink one shot or two? Well in all this excitement I kind of lost track myself. But this being the most powerful scotch on my shelf, and would blow your clothes clean off, you’ve got to ask yourself one question. Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya, Pete?”

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  24. Cerulean says

    Unknown to Peter and Olivia, Walter had taken to smearing the insides of all the shot glasses with a powerful aphrodisiac, in the hopes of Peter getting lucky.

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  25. says

    I’ve been really tryin’, baby
    Tryin’ to hold back this feelin’ for so long
    And if you feel like I feel, baby
    Then come on, oh, come on
    Whoo, let’s get it on
    Ah, babe, let’s get it on
    Let’s love, baby
    Let’s get it on, sugar
    Let’s get it on

    The B-Side !

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  26. Strangeness says

    Peter: So how do you like your eggs in the morning? I know a great frittata recipe.
    Olivia: As long as they aren’t fertilized.

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  27. Lindsay says

    Olivia: For once in my life I won’t let sorrow hurt me,
    Not like it’s hurt me before

    Peter: For once I’ve got someone I know won’t desert me,
    ‘Cause I’m not alone anymore

    Audience *If only they knew – sigh*

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  28. Chesnutsy says

    Olivia: i cant do this sober, one more glass.. *smiles*
    Peter: she’s smiling.. good sign.. good.. No.. it’s a prelude to disaster… omg omg, what did i do wrong now.. did the pour the booze it incorrectly? how did she like hers before? how did fox-livia like it? no wait, im holding my glass a little differently, was this how i held my glass before? and she’ll bite my head off in.. 3…2…1

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  29. Chesnutsy says

    peter: olivia “over there” was way hotter.
    olivia: this is so not gonna work. i need to find Frank “over here”. wonder if he can do a killer massage. *smiles*

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  30. Jimi says

    Olivia: Did you know that urin also has a different color on the other side?
    Peter: Really?
    Olivia: Yeah, it’s actually red! Cheers!

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  31. kira says

    Olivia -Liked you more when you ‘sounded like a pain in the as-‘
    Peter -Liked you more when you were a ‘bossy sweetheart’

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  32. Fabian says

    Olivia: “It smells funny.”
    Peter: “That’s because it’s from Walter’s cow. He did find a way to turn milk into wine.”

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  33. Fabian says

    Peter: “Don’t look behind you, but there is an observer shaking his head in disapproval.”
    Olivia: “Perhaps this means that your liver staying healthy is integral to the survival of both universes?”

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  34. Fabian says

    Peter: “Don’t get me wrong, I realize that history differs significantly on the other side, so that things that happened in our universe may not have happened over there at all. Also, tasting food from over there is quite intriguing. But still, I feel quite uncomfortable drinking wine out of a bottle labeled ‘Chernobyl 1986’…”

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  35. Fabian says

    Olivia: “Drinking alcohol at work? What if Broyles catches us red-handed?”
    Peter: “We remind him that he also tolerates a guy who has a cow in his lab and eats while examining corpses.”

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  36. Fabian says

    Olivia: “What if we drink so much that we get lost while trying to find the way home?”
    Peter: “Simple. We look up into the sky, and the big floating letters will tell us where we are.”

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