FRINGECAPS: 4.07 Wallflower


Welcome to FringeCaps. The (sometimes) weekly screencap contest from your visible Fringe Bloggers.

How’s it work?: Each week one of our RocoBots will randomly select an interesting picture from the most recent Fringe episode. Your task is to conjure up a funny or interesting caption to go with the above picture from “Wallflower”.

Rules: Post your entries in the comments below (you can post as many as your fingers desire). No spoilers. Keep ‘em clean – no swear words (etc), although we have nothing against naughtiness of a reasonable nature. *giggles*

Deadline: Fri, Dec 2, 9/8c.

Prize: The winning caption will be added to the above picture and posted in all its glory next time out, as well as featuring in our FringeCaps Winners’ SectionGood luck!


  1. Roneo says

    So….don’t you think I should change my glasses? I mean…to better appreciate the wonders that I do with eyebrows.

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  2. Schwakamole says

    A sentient fungus, okay. A man whose a chamelion, I get it. But getting over a migraine in 5 minutes? C’mon!

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  3. FringeCharacter says

    We’ve secretly replaced the fine coffee they usually serve with one from a parallel universe. Let’s see if they’ll notice the difference.

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  4. williamreturns says

    Lincoln: “So the other Lincoln…. he’s like, way cooler than me huh?”

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 9

  5. EE says

    Lincoln: *after he offered Olivia the cup of tea* What do you mean you don’t drink tea ever since the “soul magnets incident”?

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  6. WaySeeker says

    Lincoln thinking to himself: I think she’s onto me, she knows I watched “Weird Science” and then created her, then infiltrated the FRINGE team to see how she was doing.

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  7. WaySeeker says

    BelLincoln: “Hello Olivia, I’m William Bell. In a secret panel in my office, you will find my Shapeshifter Decoder Ring. Please don’t drop this plot thread like Peter did, thanks.”

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    • WaySeeker says

      BelLincoln: “Bell … Ring … get it?” *laugh with snort* “Oh, that bad joke was from Lincoln not ME.”
      Olivia: “And I suppose you’ll say that laugh-snort was also from him not you.” BelLincoln: *coughs* “Look out! The Molebaby is creeping up behind you!” *run away … run away*

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  8. WaySeeker says

    Lincoln (to himself): This is the greatest FRINGE event of all … a prettiful girl is actually talking to me! Just don’t ruin it by telling her you have a molebaby as a cousin.

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  9. WaySeeker says

    Lincoln: “Did you watch Terra Nova last night? That is the best show!”
    RocOlivia: “Really? That ridiculous show? The only way it works is if the Shannons are robots.”
    Lincoln: “Um … check please!”
    RocOlivia: (thinking) “Phew, nipped that in the bud! Now to take over Jeff Pinkner!”

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  10. williamreturns says

    Lincoln, thinking to himself: “Come on Lincoln, pull yourself together. The hot chick asked you a question. Focus, no not there, look at her eyes, good, now concentrate, maybe she’ll ask again.”

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    • williamreturns says

      *It’s more of what I was going for if I include the “and”*

      Lincoln, thinking to himself: “Come on Lincoln, pull yourself together. The hot chick asked you a question. Focus, no not there, look at her eyes, good, now concentrate, and maybe she’ll ask again.”

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    • williamreturns says

      That’s good! I think it really looks like he’s saying that, and I think we all (most of us?) feel that way!

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  11. Recaminator says

    Lincoln: What do you mean you can put the sole magnets in the coffee now?

    Nina (off screen): We don’t police technology, we only create it.

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  12. Fringe_Benefits says

    Lincoln: Sure Olivia, I’d love to hear about your problems.
    Thought Bubble: Where is the waitress with that check I asked for?

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  13. Kira says

    • Lincoln: So, You think a milk moustache is cute uh?.

    • Lincoln: Really! I had a scar in the shape of a lightning bolt!.

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  14. Niomi Lianne says

    Olivia: “So you came to ask me something?”
    Lincoln: “Yeah, what the hell is a vagenda?”

    Well-loved. Like: Thumb up 13

  15. g33k says

    Lincoln: “I picked a song from the mini-jukebox…”

    Olivia: “Is it ‘Feelings’?”

    Lincoln: “No.”

    cue music in background “…memories… of the waaay we wereeee…”

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  16. ObservetteMARCH says

    Lincoln: Look, the reason I’m freaked out is because I think I’m falling for the guy we refer to as a “Fringe Event”.

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  17. Red Balloon says

    Kennedy thinking: “It’s gonna be ok, just don’t ruin it with some lame conversation, better go deep”

    So tell me about your father…

    Olivia: I killed him

    Kennedy: … G U L P …

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  18. Chadwick says

    Okay. Let me get this straight. I can call you Liv. Livvie. Olive. But, whatever I do I should never, ever call you “Han”. (under his breath) Freak show!

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