FRINGECAPS: 4.06 And Those We’ve Left Behind


Welcome to FringeCaps. The (sometimes) weekly screencap contest from your time-looping Fringe Bloggers.

So, we’re running a bit behind on the FringeCaps, but fear not! The latest results will be posted as soon as Peter finds the remote for his brand new tellybox. In the meantime, let’s proceed with a box-fresh FringeCaps..

How’s it work?: Each week one of our RocoBots will randomly select an interesting picture from the most recent Fringe episode. Your task is to conjure up a funny or interesting caption to go with the above picture from “And Those We’ve Left Behind”.

Rules: Post your entries in the comments below (you can post as many as your fingers desire). No spoilers. Keep ‘em clean – no swear words (etc), although we have nothing against naughtiness of a reasonable nature. *giggles*.

Deadline: Fri, Nov 18, 9/8c.

Prize: The winning caption will be added to the above picture and posted in all its glory next time out, as well as featuring in our FringeCaps Winners’ SectionGood luck!


  1. Recaminator says

    Walter: WHAT IS THAT SMELL???!!!
    Olivia: I am not amused.
    Peter: I knew I should not have eaten those Fish Tacos from that guy’s trunk.

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  2. Hatch says

    “Walter, how many times have you used that neuralyzer on him? You’re gonna give him brain cancer or something.”

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  3. Red Balloon says

    Peter to Walter:
    Are you sure this is working?, I think Olivia still doesn’t remember me…look at her face!

    Walter to Peter:
    Your mother used to say that you had ants in your pants…give her a minute and stay still!!!

    Olivia to Walter:
    Umm, Walter….I don’t think it is working either….Who is baby Henry?, that doesn’t make sense right?…

    Walter to Peter:
    Do you want me to erase HER memory instead?

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  4. Red Balloon says

    Lets see once and for all who’s smarter grrr….

    Come on Walter, how many times have I told…we had a case just like this one in the other time line!

    Olivia!, you pick!

    Oh well….I’m going to pick Raymond or Kate if you keep this up… ugh Boys!

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  5. FernwoodGirl says

    Olivia: *Sigh* I thought Nina would stop screening my dates once I graduated from the Academy. Now she has Walter doing her dirty work!

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  6. WaySeeker says

    Walter: “Drat! This new iPhoneIX from the AltU is supposed to be putting out holograms of The One for you to date, Olivia, but it keeps showing THIS sad sack of a specimen.”

    Peter: “But I’m a real boy!”

    Olivia: “Meh!”

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  7. Hatch says

    Subject is displaying high levels of well-kempt stubble. Subject will commit to neither beard nor clean-shaven look. Subject is untrustworthy.

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  8. Jessica says

    are we voting for Fringe for Peoples Choice Award as often as possible guys!! Cmon lets blow all those other shows out of the water and give Fringe a second win and 5th season!!!

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  9. Jennifer says

    Walter: “Oh, no! I feel I have a bowel movement coming on & I don’t think it can wait!”
    Olivia: Thinking in her head….”He is different that I expected him to be. A sincerity behind his eyes, a deep seeded goodness. Its hard not to get caught up in it. Its hard not to get caught up in him. I wish I was the Olivia he wanted to be with.”

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  10. Gabriel says

    Walter: “Say ‘cheese’… this one is going to my facebook page”.
    Oliviam Bell: “Well, careful with that, Wally, this body is giving some weird responses to these photos…”

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  11. Rick Terry says

    Walter: She’s looking at my @$$ again isn’t she…?

    Peter: Yep.

    Walter: When will the sexual harassment stop!!? For the tenth time Agent Dunham, I didn’t mean anything by that going to get a root beer float thing!

    Agent Lee (off screen): Tell me about it…

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  12. Corteximan-Andy says

    Walter: Subject has a contorted facial expression when I shine light in its eyes.

    Peter: You don’t look so hot, either.

    Walter: Subject can kiss my ass.

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  13. M says

    Walter: “Ha! If you were really MY SON this ultraviolet light would have blinded you!”
    Peter: “That’s a black-light, Walter.”
    Olivia [thinking]: I hope he doesn’t turn around. Oh wait, wrong season.

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  14. Kira says

    • Olivia: uh-oh I’m having again THAT dream…
    Walter: Again, Olivia is dreaming that my fillings fall off.
    Peter: I must be dreaming, there’s the Light, again.

    • Olivia: I see dead people…
    Walter: (trying not to laugh) dead…there’s no signal
    Peter: Not funny, guys.

    • Peter: We are done yet?, it has been 4 minutes.
    Olivia: Make a close up of the eyes.
    Walter: …erasing the hair, adding party hat…

    • Walter: I’ll send the picture to Walternate and say that I discovered the Fountain of Youth!!.
    Olivia: And I’ll tell HER that he’s my new…something.
    Peter: People, I’m listening, I’m right here.

    • Olivia: Finally, this place could use some cleaning, what’s wrong Walter?.
    Walter: Don’t know, battery is charged, signal is ready but it doesn’t move.
    Peter: *SIGH*

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  15. g33k says

    Peter thought bubble: “Why’s Olivia so uncomfortable around me?”

    Olivia thought bubble: “They were just dreams… there is no such thing as naked Tuesday… I DON’T know what Walter’s tush looks like…… I hope.”

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  16. says

    Walter: “Peter, the only way that you will return to your universe will be police car, ambulance, or Hertz…
    Now look into the Blue light.”

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