FRINGECAPS: 4.02 One Night In October — RESULTS


Winner: Hatch

Altliv: “Look at me, I’m Blue Olivia, I’m so serious, I have trust issues, waaaah!

Olivia: “Hey Linc, did I ever tell you I can set things on fire with my mind?

Second – Charlie from Bama:

“I wonder if she knows I am wearing her underwear too…”

Third – M:

“It took half a season and a cataclysmic inter-dimensional event, but Altlivia finally gets the vagenda joke.”

Congratz to Hatch! The winning entry will be added to the FringeCaps Roll of Honor Page here. Hatch also wins the first of our Fringe Science book challenges (full results list to follow). You can view all of the entries for this contest here. Well played to all who took part.


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