FRINGECaps 3.18 Bloodline

Welcome to FringeCaps. The weekly screencap contest from your universal Fringe Bloggers.

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How’s it work?: Each week one of our RocoBots will randomly select an interesting picture from the most recent Fringe episode. Your task is to conjure up a funny or interesting caption to go with the above picture from “Bloodline”.

Rules: Post your entries in the comments below (you can post as many as your fingers desire). No spoilers. Keep ’em clean – no swear words (etc), although we have nothing against naughtiness of a reasonable nature.

Deadline: The next episode, that’ll be April 15th, 9/8c.

Prize: The winning caption will be added to the above picture and posted in all its glory next time out, as well as featuring in our new FringeCaps Winners SectionGood luck!


  1. BRIANNA says

    Kids, this is why you shouldn’t have sex with someone from another universe because some whacko with authority told you to!

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  2. kidentropia says

    “how´s peter gonna pay alimony? we will have to keep a permanently open portal! how many times will he be able to crossover to visit the baby without the universe collapsing?”

    [yeah, she thought of all of that in a nanosecond. cause she´s olivia. and she thinks real fast. even without cortexiphan.]

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  3. rima says

    What? People still hate me? Who cares about how bitch I am! I’m gonna have a cute baby, people should love me!

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  4. Dylan says

    *screaming in agony, speaking to the marketplace crowd* “Why are you all just staring at me!?”

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