FringeBloggers & Friends Roundtable – “Midnight”

FringeBloggers & Friends Weekly Roundtable!

Each week FringeBloggers invite some of the most interesting personalities from the Fringe community into FB Towers, to review aspects from the most recent episode in our Fringe Roundtable! Joining the panel this week to review Midnight are Joe Bua from, KeeTee and yvaine!

What did you think of the opening for this episode?

Joe Bua: I have to say they threw me this week. I was pretty sure after Olivia’s childhood friend’s story last week this week was either setting up a copycat or some other malicious male. He may or may not be malicious (or just a cad) but I was thinking either Craigslist killer or Cortexiphanian. And I was wrong on both counts. Biologically engineered syphlitic vampire 1, Joe 0.

KeeTee: I loved it. The music really added to the creepy vibe.

yvaine: It sure was an exciting opening, which, personally, was reminiscent of Bad Dreams for me.  It was a good buildup to the final scene before the title card.  What can I say, it’s my kind of opening scene.  :p

The Observer. Did you spot him this week?

Joe Bua: I never spot the Observer because I key right into the story immediately and forget.

KeeTee: I spotted him in the club on two occasions, unless I was totally seeing things!

yvaine: He wasn’t as easy to spot this week as last week, but yeah, he was in the night club.  Ooh, I wonder if he’s hot…  you know, in Peter’s thermal scanner. 😛

Your favourite moment from this episode?

Joe Bua: For me it’s always a Walter Bishop moment. This week it’s when he gave Olivia the tape at the end. The man needs an Emmy nomination. Actually, I demand an Emmy for John Noble.

KeeTee: The scene in the car when Mrs. Boone attacked Olivia. Now that was creepy cool!

yvaine: I liked the scenes with Walter and Nicholas Boone.  It’s nice to see Walter relating to someone and treating that someone as his intellectual equal.  It could be a preview of the kind of dynamic he has with William Bell.  My runner-up favorite is the scene with Peter and Olivia in the car, when Peter says he wants to drive.  Priceless.

Peter seems to have a ‘contact’ for everything. If you were one of his contacts, what service would you provide him with?

Joe Bua: I would probably fill Peter Bishop in on the gay/lesbian underworld that exists in every major city that many fear out of ignorance but few understand.

KeeTee: I’d be his singles together contact. I’d be the other single. :)

yvaine: Oh, I am so tempted to blurt out what kind of service I really want to provide Peter with, but Roco might kick me out of the roundtable. :p  So, I think I’ll be the contact that has something to do with antiquities and archaeological artifacts and ancient sites (like maybe the provider of the valuable coin from The No-Brainer, or similar items), someone like a rogue Indiana Jones, because I am a frustrated archaeologist. 😀

William Bell funds ZFT – big reveal?

Joe Bua: Kind of a big reveal, if it’s true. I think William Bell, like many people of wealth and power, probably sends money to a lot of people for a lot of reasons. But I do think it has something to do with a Nina Sharp/William Bell rivalry that I don’t think we’re even considering at this moment. Well, until now, that is.

KeeTee: Kinda. It was important for the characters in the show to know that William Bell is a big player.

yvaine: I think that in the back of most of the Fringies’ minds, we’ve been entertaining this possibility, so it really isn’t too big a reveal.  To have it confirmed, though, is pretty cool.  Now that we know for sure, we can look at the events from the past episodes in a new light.

Do you have any complaints about this episode?

Joe Bua: Anna’s accent has floundered a bit throughout the season. Other than that I always have a problem when they credit Blair Brown in the opening credits and then you don’t see Nina. I just love creepy business oligarchs.

KeeTee: It lacked the importance of last week.

yvaine: No major complaint for me. :)

Your “Midnight” rating out of 10?

Joe Bua: Solid 8.5 out of 10. Okay 9, because of Tony winner Jefferson Mays as the guest star captured scientist, who I think was brilliant. Playing that level of ambiguity takes skill.

KeeTee: 8/10

yvaine: I would rate this a 9/10.

If you were a Cortexiphan kid what would your ability be?

Joe Bua: My Cortexiphan ability would allow me to do something in the area of mind manipulation. Maybe the ability to instantly reformat one’s brain, or something similar.

KeeTee: I would probably have the ability to freeze time, because I’m always late for work!

yvaine: I think I’d probably have the ability to manipulate time using the mind.  Probably nothing as grand as Hiro Nakamura in Heroes, where he can also manipulate space.  Something a bit more understated.

Thanks Joe, KeeTee and yvaine, for participating in the “Midnight” Fringe Roundtable, this was a blast! We’ll have another panel tackling the next episode next week. Til next time! —

[All previous Roundtables can be found via the tag ‘Roundtable’. We’re also working on adding  profile page featuring a short bio of all the panelists]


  1. yvaine says

    Fun! I like not knowing what everyone else is gonna say when I sent in my answers. Reading them is a fun fun surprise. :)

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  2. says

    Thanks for the invite, and the decor there at FB Towers — stunning!

    You need your own cow, though.

    Everyone should have a cow.

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  3. Fringeling says

    So is Yvaine saying that the Observer has syphlis? 😉

    Good ‘ol Septmeber and that Beacon …

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