FringeBloggers & Friends Roundtable – “Bad Dreams”

FringeBloggers & Friends Weekly Roundtable!

Each week FringeBloggers invite some of the most interesting personalities from the Fringe community into FB Towers, to review aspects from the most recent episode. Joining the panel this week to review “Bad Dreams” are fringeling, mucca, and yvaine!

The opening scene – creepy or sleepy?

fringeling: A little of both, so I’ll say creepy and sleepy. I knew the mom-with-child was on borrowed time the moment they appeared. The attempt to build suspense was weak (the nervous singing, the stranger who passed them, the balloon getting loose, etc) considering one of them was bound for demise before the opening credits. However I still kind of winced when Olivia appeared and with due purpose “threw momma TO the train” :)

mucca: SUPER creepy! Maybe it’s because I’ve been in a relatively deserted subway station alone at night, but the tension in the scene created by the isolation, the song she was singing, the ominous music towards the end and the sound of the oncoming train made the opening spine-chilling. I also appreciated the fake-out in the beginning when the man was walking towards her.

yvaine: It wasn’t as explosive as… say, The Transformation, or maybe The Cure (I did say explosive), but it wasn’t a sleeper at all.  It wasn’t entirely creepy either, but suddenly seeing Olivia show up that way was certainly a surprise.

Rachel and Peter – any future there?

fringeling: If by future you mean something more than flirting to annoy Olivia and shippers in fandom, I’m not sure. Although we are supposed to believe Peter has a sordid past and occasional wishy-washy morals, he still has a heart, and may decide to be loyal to the idea of Olivia. But I wouldn’t be surprised to see a situation arise where we see him give a quick cheek kiss to Rachel one time before the end of the season, just to frustrate the majority of us.

mucca: I had high hopes for the Rachel storyline after Bound, and although I’m sure she’ll eventually serve a greater purpose, she just seems like a plot device so far, and one of her functions is to increase the tension between Pete and Liv. I think a short term fling with Peter is inevitable at this point, but I really hope they don’t drag it out and focus on it too much.

yvaine: Yes. As friends. :p  I’m a Benchwarmer at heart, so I’ll say maybe a fling at most, but nothing more.   Episode 1.17 was all about Peter/Olivia, and I loved it!

Did you notice the Observer first time round in this episode?

fringeling: Oh yeah he was obvious. To be honest, I don’t really care all that much at finding him (because I know that if I don’t someone else will) —- but his appearances have become much more apparent since the hiatus in my opinion. I basically see this as a purposeful and manipulative effort to reward those whom his public appearances recently might have “hooked” into watching the show .

mucca: No, and this time around, he was right in front of my face! It just goes to show how engrossing the episode was.

yvaine: Yes!  Yay!  Waltzed right past the camera in the streets near the building where Nick Lane and his Suicidal Recruits/Gargoyles were being all… emo in the rooftop.

Agent Harris has been missing for some time. Do you think we’ll see him again this season?

fringeling: Most definitely. And I’m surprised Olivia/Nick didn’t run into him at the strip bar in this episode (lol).

mucca: Yes, unfortunately. I’m still hoping his next appearance involves a Frogurt/flaming-arrow-to-the-chest situation.

yvaine: We’ll probably see him again.  Life at the HQ is not quite as exciting without him.  Besides, I don’t think he’s finished his investigation of Fringe Division just yet.  I don’t want to see Agent Harris disappear just like that, I want to see him go out with a bang… a very Fringe-y kind of bang.

The next episode clue — any ideas?

fringeling: Not really —- it is only occasionally my focus (once again, because I know someone else will find it eventually).

mucca: I thought it might be Nick’s arm tattoo of a tree, but that’s too similar to Unleashed’s next episode clue of a griffin tattoo. So, I’m just gonna go with a random one, and that’s the 7 of clubs playing card we see on Nick’s dresser.

yvaine: The sign in the train station platform that says “12 Midnight to 5:45 AM take 7”?  Ella’s Apple juice box?  Or maybe the clown on the balloon?

Walter. Is there anyone he hasn’t experimented on?

fringeling: Which Walter are we talking about? He-he ….

mucca: I hope not. Then maybe there’s a chance that I have some sort of suppressed super powers!

yvaine: Hrmmmm.  Agent Harris?   Seriously, though… either our characters are living in a very tiny world, or we’re starting to see the extent of Walter’s and William’s experiments.

Your best moment from the episode?

fringeling: It’s kind of a toss up —- I really loved when the St. Jude’s doctor told Olivia and Peter about Nick’s ZFT-esque delusions. In hindsight, I should have seen that one coming — but it caught me off guard and kicked the episode up another notch and into overdrive for me. But then again, when Walter caressed Olivia’s cheek — he should get an award for that scene right there in my opinion. His creepiness factor dis-rey’ed right into the room and caused so many emotions in me. I was honestly nauseated. It was almost like watching the borderline molester he basically was at one time just slip into his skin and start to ooze.

mucca: I loved when Olivia was playing out Nick in her dreams. In each one, you could tell it wasn’t the Olivia we’ve come to know and love, and Anna Torv portrayed that beautifully. The absolute best moment, though, had to be the hotel room scene with The Three. It was perfection.

yvaine: The last part, when Walter finds “Olive’s” tape.  It’s very reminiscent of the end of “Ability”.  It feels like we’re falling deeper and deeper into a rabbit hole and along the way, instead of finding chairs and tea sets and floating doors and such, we find bits and pieces of Walter’s past, catching up with the present.  A runner-up choice is the shot of Olivia and Broyles (from the back) in the hallway in the hospital, looking in on Nick.  It was a perfect picture that shows just how far they both have come to trust each other and depend on each other.

Your episode rating out of 10?

fringeling: I’m gonna give it a solid 9. This was a powerhouse episode in my opinion, chocked full of goodies for every-one’s tastes, and I now consider the hiatus officially over (lol).

mucca: 9.5, only because I want to save the perfect 10. My favorite episode in the series so far, and one of my favorite hours of television.

yvaine: I’d rate this episode a solid 8.5/10, with kudos to Akiva Goldsman.

Thanks everyone for your thoughts, this was a blast! We’ll have another panel tackling the next episode this time next week. Til next time! —


  1. WalterBishop says

    Wonderful panel, I love the answers. I wish there was more community discussion like this.

    I agree with Yvaine on the Best Moment question. It’s quite possibly the most revealing individual scene since some of the scenes in Ability.

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  2. Elliot says

    Nice new feature!!

    Great insights–and fringeling, just what I was thinking about Walter, too. He has some definite, huge, sociopathic tendencies. Olivia’s recoil was perfect. Perhaps her heightened emotional openness sees him more clearly now.

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