FRINGE: Worlds Apart — The End Is Nigh [VIDEO]


The cast tease “Worlds Apart” in this new video.


  1. Tash says

    Is it just me or you would think that ,it being the potential end of the world and all, they would have a few more people working on it?? I mean the fringe team on the other side is quite a bit bigger than ours but you would still think they would have hundreds of scientists and people working on it :)

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    • Ian S. says

      I’ve thought this too, but rewatching old episodes in the bridge room there are always scientists looking at images of the machine and doing work so I do believe we have a bunch of them working on it :)

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      • scully8 says

        Yeah, I think they have more help. This season, you see lots of agents on the new Fringe headquarters floor. I think . . . Look, who needs help when you have Olivia, Walter and Peter on your side!

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  2. GFS says

    I think they’re going to have to seal off the universes from each other, locking the “worlds apart” and since we now have “everything in its right place” Lincoln will stay over there. Haha.

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  3. Darth Kate says

    please don’t suck…

    Now that we’re getting to the end I’m dreading what kind of ridiculous plot twist they’re going to try to pull in order to “top” last season. Let’s hope it actually makes some semblance of sense this time.

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    • Rae says

      I saw that too!! WAHOO! And since there are only 13 episodes, that means no more Wallflower (s) (hopefully)! lol….god, I would hate that. And Lincoln better only be in half an episode…if that much…lol

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  4. Scott42444 says

    Building to the last cliff hanger in Fringe history! They do season ending cliff hangers better than any other show besides maybe Lost.

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