FRINGE 4.20 — 4.22 Titles Revealed


The titles for the last three episodes of Fringe Season 4 are….

  • 4.20 “Worlds Apart”
  • 4.21 “Endgame: Part 1”
  • 4.22 “Endgame: Part 2”

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  1. Ian S. says

    Wow, these are really neat titles they’ve come with (the episodes before these final 3, as well). Extremely excited for these final episodes, and since we know David Robert Jones is involved completely in the arc for these, “Endgame” is definitely about his master plan, his endgame.

    Really looking forward to whatever that is. Also, I’m sure “Worlds Apart” is just referring to the two universes, but I would really love if it was about the whole timeline thing, and all our major characters regained their memories, not just Olivia.

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  2. lost_stef says

    O.M.G i cant wait to find out how they end this season but i dont want it to hurry either! its bittersweet feeling.

    I really like the titles of these episodes!

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  3. Robert Ariadne says

    Good lord, “End Game”? I’m starting to think the writers lied; that they really were planning on not being renewed.

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  4. M says

    Here we stand. Worlds apart, hearts broken in two… two… two.
    Sleepless nights. Losing ground I’m reachin’ for you… you… you.

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  5. hui says

    I guess Worlds Apart means the bridge between universes will be destroyed !

    DRJ has been experimenting combining two universes, maybe his real intention is to reverse the process and break down the bridge !

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  6. dALTnielle says

    OMFG I can’t wait any longer!!! The titles are so cool and so weird and so ominous and so ajhgfiurhfkerf xD

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  7. says

    Wow… as a Trekkie i recognize the finale title from Star Trek: Voyager’s finale.
    Will it be final or the S4 finale? Just 1 letter and a whole lot of difference it makes.
    If it will be the final, i would have preferred a title like ‘And So It Begins’. Maybe even loop back the story to S1 E1.
    If it is the S4 finale, the title would be exactly fitting the bill, storywise.
    Maybe S5 E1 could begin with my sugggestion, who knows.

    As for now: bring it on!! ๐Ÿ˜€

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  8. Dylan says

    I like it.

    If there’s one things that’s been doing it for me this season, it’s the Jones and Double-Nina plot. Hopefully there’ll be great payoff with this.

    We don’t need another villain, what we have now is great.

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    • Dac says

      I agree. DRJ is such a fantastic villain. I will say however, I’m disappointed that we didn’t see more of the two universes working togtether since that big table scene they had a while back. Hopefully this changes in the last few episodes. I think the show is at its best when both universes are involved together.

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  9. Dylan says

    this is bugging me.

    If this is Peter’s true universe, then how the heck did the Observers manage to erase him? How come they can all of the sudden go back and change things that they already did? How the heck was the machine activated? Why is the machine even there? What happened to the paradox? Who created the bridge? Where precisely was Peter when he was non-existent (where was he bleeding through from and how)? If Olivia wasn’t aware of her abilities before the last few episodes, how did they handle the machine being activated? Why would Alt-Olivia have been present in the room when the world’s bridged? Why was she in a gown? If the world-destruction has been resolved by the bridge, why aren’t the amber victims released? Why does the Fringe department on the Other Side still need to exist? Why did the cortexiphan trials still take place? If Walter was so bad that he couldn’t leave the laboratory before Peter’s arrival, how come he was at liberty island when the bridge was created? Where is William Bell (Alive? Dead?) Who owns Massive Dynamic? If the Observers are just scientists from a possible future and they screwed up this timeline (then fixed it but didn’t fix it…), what was with August’s death? Why didn’t they still kill the girl in the original timeline? Why did his death, if they’re just from a possible future, make her significant? What was the entire point of that now? Why are the Observers hanging around this particular area of time? If September lost his device, how come he could still “see”?

    I can’t be bothered typing any more. But I would really, really appreciate if Fringe would address some of these.

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      • Dylan says

        I have watched from the beginning – on live tv, then on dvd, then on blu ray, then when I showed my parents, then on the run-up to season 4, and now I go back in reference.

        Where are the answers to these questions? Especially considering that most of them don’t pertain to the earlier seasons, but just to season 4 (I’m genuinely asking btw).

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    • James says

      The Observers exist outside of time, time for us is a straight line that is ongoing, we cannot return to earlier events. The Observers however, can.

      The paradox is still there. Walter and Co. created the machine, but Walter cannot choose not to create the machine, because he already has. They’re in that predicament because the machine was sent back in time and subsequently activated, that is why it is a paradox, it cannot be changed.

      William Bell is dead, no one prevented Jones from crossing over so he killed him.

      Nina presumably owns Massive Dynamic.

      In regards to Walter being present for the machine’s activation, the producers have confirmed it’s because it was mandatory for him to be there, regardless of his stance on the idea.

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      • Surun Tunne says

        “William Bell is dead, no one prevented Jones from crossing over so he killed him.”

        what? are you assuming this or did I somehow miss it when this was mentioned??

        also it was never clear that DRJ really wanted to kill bell, maybe he just wanted to make him understand how “special” he is…

        plus, spetember said in episode 414 that DRJ’s goal is still the same which makes it clear to me that he didn’t want to kill bell…

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        • James says

          It was never made explicitly clear, but I’m sure that others will back me up on this that it is likely the right answer.

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          • Lincless says

            Jones killing Bell is unlikely, because at least the alternate Fringe Team should have been aware of Jones then.
            But they’ve never heard of him before “Enemy of my Enemy”, I believe.

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          • Dylan says

            That’s not how this works though, unfortunately. We can only use as evidence what has already been established in the show.

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      • Schoko says

        “In regards to Walter being present for the machineโ€™s activation, the producers have confirmed itโ€™s because it was mandatory for him to be there, regardless of his stance on the idea.”

        More and more it seems we need to look to the tweets and interviews from producers to explain things that should be on screen. It’s one thing to hunt for easter eggs, it’s another to need the powers that be to explain things like this. Maybe it’s just me, maybe it’s how the story has been evolving, but it concerns me when we need to keep turning to the creators of the story, not the story itself, to answer questions.

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        • Dylan says

          “it concerns me when we need to keep turning to the creators of the story, not the story itself, to answer questions.”

          That is a brilliant statement, and is a key concern for a lot of us this season. The story should be able to stand on its own.

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      • Dylan says

        “the Observers exist…”

        I’m not discussing how they travel, but rather how now in this season Observers can all of a sudden go back and change actions they had previously made.

        “the paradox is still there…”

        Ignoring the fact that Walter didn’t build the machine (and the show just made that up on the spot in season 4, with no prior evidence), where was the machine sent from (that future no longer exists)? If the universes are now no longer collapsing, how was it sent back? Why did it need to be sent back (remember, Peter doesn’t exist – so the machine can’t be activated)? etc. I know it still exists, but I’m wanting to know why and how.

        “William Bell is dead…”

        When was that established?

        “Nina presumably owns Massive Dynamic”

        My thoughts exactly, but it’s really only the William Bell mystery that complicates that for me.

        “In regards to Walter…”

        I was more meaning how he was able to tolerate being there.

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      • Dylan says

        You’re welcome, J.P. It was only going to be a matter of time before one of us would post something like it.

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        • FJ says


          I have to agree with you on this one. The show runners have spent a lot of time this season exploring the love story between PB and OD without firmly establishing the “rules” of this new universe/timeline and how this truly honors what came before – at least overtly.

          However, we have gotten some clues as to what’s going on – from the show itself.

          The biggest clue was when they talked about the videotape that had been erased, but you could still see what was underneath. I don’t think that was a throwaway sequence. Essentially, they said that even though the timeline was “erased,” it could still be detected under the surface. This is why we are seeing the blue flashes in the intro. The blue timeline is there impacting events in the new timeline. that’s where Peter came from and why he was blue colored.

          This is what I think is happening:

          -The machine is the ultimate paradox. It is almost like time travel in the terminator. How did the war start originally? How were the machines created even before they found the chip and arm from the first unit that came through?

          In terms of Fringe, whomever built the machine it was sent back through time to a point so far back in the past that all universes were joined (red and blue). The universes split after some event in the past, leaving two versions of the machine existing in both universes. (Personally, I think the observers are not as benign as we think and that they built the machine to ensure their future. I also think there is a temporal war going on and that Olivia and Peter are pawns. DRJ may not be the baddie we think. He may be a freedom fighter against the observers who have mucked up our timeline/universes. He might be trying to fix the shattered universe problem caused by the observers (by merging the universes) Only time will tell, but at this point I trust him more than September.

          -how the machine was activated. Remember last season when the observers took Henry’s blood? Well that was never explained, but his blood was used to activate the machine on the other side. We’ll if they knew they would erase Peter, why not use the blood they got from that timeline to activate the machine and then preserve the bridge?

          As a side note, how do you think Peter and Olivia knew about the machine on this side? Well the observers slipped her a paper with a drawing of Peter and the machine. That’s how she learned of it in the first place.

          I could go on, but there are clues throughout the show and seasons that tell us what is going on. I think they will do an info dump over one or two episodes, which will reveal all.

          I think someone below said that Fringe could benefit from a 13 episode season. I agree. This is because I think they don’t have enough story for 22 episodes. If they did a season like 24 that only went from jan to June, they would have to cut a lot of the fluff and focus on the meat of the story and really explore the implications of what they have set up in the past. Imagine a whole arc in the future (far future) or the deep past? That would be cool.

          I’m happy the P+ O stuff is over. Now we can focus on the meat of the story.

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  10. FringeCharacter says

    The title I want to read is: FRINGE Back for Season 5 (22 episodes)
    I want to read it this week so that I can stop worrying about it and enjoy the rest of the season.

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 8

    • James says

      I know this is going to be controversial, but I don’t want 22 episodes.

      I’m fed up filler, this season has had too much of it.

      I want 12-15 episodes of pure mythology to resolve everything.

      Plus less episodes means more budget so…

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      • Lafra08 says

        FringeCharacter I agree with every single word you said!!!
        Fringe must be back for season 5- 22 episodes!!!!!!

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      • mesa says

        Agreed completely. If I knew that S4 would be this bad I would have taken S3’s finale as the end of Fringe. Now that was amazing. They know how to craft finales, I’ll say that.

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        • JM says

          I have to agree with some of what you have said. If there is a season 5, it would have to be 13 episodes, some of the episodes we have been forced to watch this season have been awful, and they even creeped a fanfiction episode in there (wallflower)

          The majority of the first section of season 4, was just plain bad and i couldnt even view it as fringe, as far as im concerned this season itself has been a 13 episode season or less, cause they have taken half of it to get back to FRINGE.

          I disagree that season 3 finale would have made a good series finale, am i the only who would have absolutely hated that as a series finale?

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          • number six says

            The season 3 finale would have been completely unacceptable as a series finale. Peter sacrificing himself, while nobody cared. That was hard enough to swallow as a season finale. Rage!

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            • Dylan says

              Like I said, everything up until Peter’s disappearance…

              Unacceptable were the mountains of holes that spewed out of that moment, even only with that episode. It’s like someone stabbed the show, it bled out, and now this season the wound is festering…

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          • Dylan says

            I didn’t like it initially – but have come to appreciate aspects of it, the more I have watched. It’s everything up until Peter’s disappearance, if treated as a grand finale (which the tone of the episode supports), that works well.

            Unfortunately, you have to watch the episode under the illusion that the episodes building to it were also of quality. And maybe, in retrospect, it’s because of the quality (or lack thereof) of those episodes leading in that I might now view the last episode of season 3 so well…

            I don’t know. Events like Olivia’s death (though still gimmicky and undeserving of such a large character), Walter’s reunion, the discussion involving Gene, etc. contain more impact after one convinces themselves that this is the end.

            And, even though many will roll their eyes at this comment because I moan all the time about it and apparently my opinion isn’t valid because it’s different to the majority of FringeBloggers, I really wish that was the end. I wouldn’t have been satisfied, no, but then again, I wouldn’t have had to go through season 4 and find myself, at times, hating the show I once loved.

            My OCD friend who was obsessed with Fringe (she obsesses with shows and can only watch one at a time because of it) last year after she discovered it and blitzed through the first two seasons, then watched the third season live, has given up on this fourth season as of the last episode. Now, she loved the show even more than I did, and if she can give up…

            4.22 – endgame. It will either win me over or it won’t.

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  11. DeepRunner says

    Interesting titles. But Endgame seems to be a fitting title. It will address DRJ probably, and at the same time leave Fringe fans “sated”, as Wyman and Pinkner like to say, in case it really IS the end of the game.

    Thus far, Fringe has been four years of the best television. Like lots of others in these parts, I would very much like to see Fringe get a season 5, and I hope it happens.

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  12. shidey17 says

    I just read an article on Variety that said Warner Bros. was willing to cut the license fee for Fox…..has anyone else heard anything about this?

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  13. stk says

    this series is fascinating,

    however, it is becoming more and more like lost with each episode and i feel that some of the questions we have will never be addressed and will gradually be accepted over tme as just events.

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