FRINGE WEBISODES: Past, Present & Future — Parts 9 & 10


The next two parts in the Fringe: Past, Present & Future recap series have hit the web.

Part 9: The Journey Home

Part 10: Facing Destiny


    • scully8 says

      Yeah. Maybe it wasn’t enough room to include and it’s more of a detail versus necessary for the overall summary.

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      • Real1 says

        Actually it was necessary to talk about it , they can fit it were Walternate did activate theirs BBM and how our side needs the crowbar to let Peter in our BBM . just for facts and just for the new fans .

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  1. Evey_W says

    It’s kind of my first comment around here. I’ve been following this site for a while. Absolutely amazing work you guys are doing around here.
    And this little installments are simply stunning. I cannot possibly explain how much I want new season to start.
    Anyways, hello to everyone around here. L.

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