FRINGE: Walter’s ‘Black Blotter’ Mind Trip [WATCH]


Fox has uploaded Walter’s mind trip from last night’s “Black Blotter”.

Fringe “Black Umbrella”:


  1. fedorafadares says

    I’ll take a crack at it:

    Walter was a man of science, a man of the world who soared — intellectually — over the world. He rode the early wave of genetic research (symbolized by Gene) and entered a factory of sorts (Kelvin Genetics) where they tinkered with the building blocks of humans.

    On the assembly line, he built Peter (the frog) and Olivia (the seahorse) who were put together piece by piece. He’d “created” both of them, biologically — Peter with his cure and Olivia with Cortexiphan. Astrid (the dog) arrived fully formed — she’s a “natural” person who wasn’t assembled by Walter. She’s cute and comforting.

    They run together along a yellow (brick?) path, on a quest for answers, while nefarious looking hands crop up, the group just missing their grasps.

    They come upon a tree, guarded by a crazed looking Walter the Knight, the secretary of defense, if you will, who’s guarding the answers they need. Walter’s greatest fear is returning to the mad scientist he was before, but the solution lives in the mind of that madman. Walter needs to take “the key” to solving the problem, but can’t allow Crazy Walter to overtake him. Luckily, our Walter has Peter (the frog) who prevents that from happening. Peter handily devours his father’s fear.

    Then the fickle foot of fate takes away Walter’s support. He must travel the rest of the journey alone.

    Walter opens the tree (of life) and takes out the password which will set the plan in motion. It sets Walter in motion, too, as a sail that floats him heavenward and into a porthole away from this “reality.”

    And then his smiling mouth eats chicken, because Walter’s always up for some chicken wings.

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    • dana says

      From what I know (based on the S1 dvd covers and people’s opinions over the years, also it makes sense) Olivia is the frog, Peter is the leaf and Walter is the seahorse. Maybe since a leaf can’t walk and Walter was already there, Peter became the seahorse, or something.

      Just before Michael left with Olivia, there was a little plastic dog on the door to their house, so I figured maybe he’s the dog. But then who would Astrid be? She could be the dog like you described her, I dunno. Or maybe the little foot is Michael? What is that all about?

      Also we see that the seahorse is pushed by a man’s hand, w/o the head, which would mean Peter being born, but not entirely his son. Olivia was designed, programmed something. She was born special, Walter only helped her with the Cortexiphan.

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      • says

        Perhaps Astrid is the seashell (Fibonacci sequence) considering her talent with math and figuring out the number stations for the machine, the Observer’s language, etc.

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        • says

          Perhaps the foot is the “boot heel” of the Observers, such as when was mentioned “you think above you are dark skies, when in fact it is our shoe”

          Perhaps at the end Walter is the last one left and has to fight the darker side of himself to finish his plan. Could be a good bit of foretelling! And would go with the show’s ongoing theme of him NOT wanting to be the Walter that was.

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  2. says

    After the show ends I would even accept a Monty Python style book series called “Walter Bishop: Psychonaut” where he just tells stories to children of his LSD trips. I would buy every one.

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  3. Residents Fan says

    What a great sequence! A homage to the great Terry Gilliam
    sequences on Monty Python, it also reminded me of some other
    60s animation such as the Beatles film “Yellow Submarine”.

    The words on the wheel in the factory seem to be A, C, E, and R.
    A REC (as in the tapes?)

    Also, maybe the babies in the tree represent the Cortexiphan kids…or
    the Child Observer.

    Some viewers of the ep said they could see the animated frog appear at
    the dock scene a few minutes before the trip started. Did anyone seem

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