Fringe Typewritten Message #3 – Polar Bears

The latest “Fringe Now” Typewritten Message has been activated over at the Fringe Sprint site. You’ll need to crack the glyph code to unlock the exclusive secret message from the other side.

Failing that we’ve got your back below the jump.

The glyph code is DECAY. Once entered here you’ll unlock the secret video featuring Altlivia communicating with Secretary Walternate, informing him about another difference between the two worlds:




So we’ve finally got a credible explanation for the polar bears on the LOST island. They’re mutated polar bears from the Fringe alternate universe! That explains their profound ability to..erm..drag Mr. Eko to the vision cave without ripping him to pieces. Speaking of which, this is a chance for a memory lane moment:

“Guyz, this isn’t just a’z a polar bear.”

Gosh, I miss Kate.

Back on topic, these typewritten messages are pretty neat. Nothing earth-shattering but nice little morsels of extended universe to supplement the main meal.

You can find all Fringe Typewritten Messages here.


  1. says

    Good point about the polar bears, Roco :)

    Regarding the video: i still miss the reserve typewriter sound when Olivia gets answered from ‘Over There’. Am i nitpicking? (with Fringe: néver!) 😉

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  2. Laura says

    Hi Roco!
    European time for posts. I ‘m very curious about polar bears’ mutation. Maybe there’s no more ice in the poles in the AU ?????

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    • says

      Hi Laura,

      It’s interesting to speculate on the differences between the two universes. I suspect we’ll see a lot of them in the show itself, but the cool thing about videos like this is that it can help fill us in on the minor (but also interesting) stuff.

      Personally, I think their bears are made of smoke monster. 😉

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      • Laura says

        “Personally, I think their bears are made of smoke monster. ”
        Good stuff out of you !!!!
        You do miss Lost, don’t you ???? 😉 😉 😉 😉

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  3. FinChase says

    Interesting little tidbits about polar bears and the earlier message about cancer. So, did Newton and the other shapeshifters not think to inform Walternate of any of this? That seems rather odd especially since we know some of them have been over here for years.

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  4. BklynBetty says

    “God, I miss Kate.”

    So, I know that this has probably been thought of before – but, there are some interesting parallels between Kate and Olivia. Both have a father in the military and another (step-father) at home abusing their mothers, and both have attempted to kill the abusive jerks (There may be more examples that i don’t recall – although, i watched LOST, Fringe is my first multi-media TV Experience/Obsession. :)

    However, whereas Kate became a criminal, Olivia has gone into law enforcement.
    (Which brings to mind the parallel ‘lives’ of Sawyer, and the situation of Peter, the former (and reformed?) con-man who decides to work with the FBI. Certainly, the lines between criminal and cop are never very straight in these shows – not that I would want them to be.)

    I wonder if Kate had gone into law enforcement would she have been more like Altliv – a little cocky, with a crack shot and a determination/need to ‘prove herself’?

    Anyway, just some idle thoughts–

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