FRINGE: Time Without Peter [POLL]


How’s your time been without Peter?

Barring a few fleeting appearances The Boy was absent from “Neither Here Nor There”. It’s still very early days, but …do you miss him?

Time Without Peter..

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  1. MomentumDeferred says

    I voted other…because I totally miss Peter but I’m willing to miss him for as long as it takes for the writers to tell the best story they can tell. We all know Peter is coming back eventually, I would hate to see it rushed, compromising the overall story arc of season 4. Fans out there who are threatening to stop watching just because Peter isn’t there don’t get it. Peter is integral to the show…he’ll be back…stop complaining and let the writers do their thing!

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    • mlj102 says

      Well said, and I completely agree. I went with “On the fence” because it does feel strange not having Peter there and I do miss him (it actually surprised me by how empty things felt without him around — it goes to show how every character contributes something unique), yet I know he’ll be back and I’m interested to see where the story goes with all this. I think it’s a major credit to the producers and writers that they managed to make his absence felt, while still creating a world and an episode that was strong enough that his absence wasn’t distracting. I missed him, but it didn’t ruin the episode for me that he wasn’t there. And that’s an extremely tricky balance to find.

      As you mentioned, this story can’t be rushed or glossed over. Fans need to feel his absence and appreciate what the characters are like without Peter if his return is going to carry the impact that it should have. I’m excited to see how this all plays out.

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  2. fedorafadares says

    Call me crazy, but I don’t consider him “gone.” His physical presence on screen is minimal, but it’s for a dramatic purpose. The whole first arc is “Where’s PETER.”

    Maybe more people watch the show for the eye candy than I thought, but this story — the WHOLE of Fringe is focused on Peter. Who he is. Where he came from. His relationships to people. His unique connection to Olivia. His power over time.

    It couldn’t possibly be more about Peter.

    Maybe his character doesn’t have the most dialogue or screentime, but the story is his. And it’s awesome.

    I can’t miss what’s not gone.

    forgive me for ranting a bit, but when the lynchpin of a show is

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        • lizw65 says

          Hate to just add “me too” posts, but I couldn’t agree more with the above. Sure, I miss him, and I’d like to see the old team back to normal, but that’s the POINT. It wouldn’t be effective dramatically if he came back too soon or too easily.

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          • SF says

            Exactly! The whole point is seeing how the world – and our characters – are different without Peter, if there hadn’t been one. Olivia is so sad, and Walter seems so much in free fall without Peter to steady him (though Astrid tries, bless her). All the little differences….really well done so far.

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  3. scully8 says

    I agree with the — ‘let the story play out’.

    Now with that said, I can’t believe how much I do miss his physical presense on the show. I didn’t see how important he was to the overall story — other than for Walter — but I actually miss him.

    With that said, I want the story to play out, but I don’t think it needs to be too long. I have read that Peter won’t be the same person we’ve grown to know and love, so I can’t wait to see what that means and how it plays out.

    With that said, I think it’s a testament to the writing and acting to feel such a loss so profoundly.

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    • Dessy says

      I Agree Completely. Throughout the summer, for me it was just about what just happened?? where is he?? I didn’t really think about watching the show with much less Peter screen time. To my surprise, it felt extremely strange watching the show without his snarky comments.
      But I’m willing to wait. I mean, it’s Fringe. We got through the first 7 episodes of last season with our main character in a Separate Universe.

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        • teenymarie says

          And the fact we saw her journey through it all, peter is literally gone so there is no journey for him, just a big ole plot device to give others stuff to do.

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  4. teenymarie says

    People won’t miss him just as long as Lincoln lee is around. People just want to write off peter just for the sake of new eye candy.

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    • Rick Terry says

      Your opinion only not “People’s” opinion.

      Speak for yourself. I Love Peter, Olivia, and Walter. I really like Astrid a lot, and I’m beginning to like Linc a lot too. I and I’m sure most people realize the need for Lincoln is two fold. 1. His over here version represents the voice and eyes of the audience, as well as a partner of sorts for Olivia. 2. on this side of the screen he has become a fan favorite because of his over there appearances in season’s 2 and 3, so the showrunners have seen our love and responded in kind by not only keeping him around for us to enjoy but give him an opportunity as an actor to grow his character(s) too. So Chill out with all your Lincoln hate and vitriolic hate mongering to anyone who seems to show anything resembling a slight delight in Lincoln, or the show as it is at the moment.

      So you are angry that your favorite actor is part of a plot that at the moment has very little onscreen time for him. Get over it! But please stop spreading your negativity all around here. I for one am getting tired of all your little ignorant comments.

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  5. Rick Terry says

    Here is where I’m at with it. I do miss having him physically present, but I think I understand the direction the EP’s are going. That said I don’t really miss him, so I’m waiting and watching. But let me be clear, I won’t be a happy Fringie if this thing gets dragged along too long. I don’t know what too long is yet but I’m sure I’ll know it if I see it. If that makes any sense.

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  6. David says

    It seems Anna and Joshua really don’t get along and so writers decided to gradually eliminate Peter (and so Joshua) from the show to solve this problem and prevent the show from being ruined or at least cut down his rule in the story as much as possible. I’m not a crazy JJ or Peter’s fan but for me there is no Fringe without any of its main three characters. I think his character is important in the story as much as Walter’s and Olivia’s are.They can’t simply cut him out of the Fringe universe like this and replace him with somebody else specially Lincoln.

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    • mlj102 says

      How in the world did you come to that conclusion?! You really can’t be basing that assumption on anything more than rumors and random pictures that can be interpreted in many different ways. There has never been any solid reason to believe that they don’t get along. Sure, they may not be best friends, but they don’t have to be. They can still get along pleasantly enough. Everything I’ve ever heard from interviews with the cast is that everyone gets along just fine and there have never been any problems of any significance. And even if they don’t get along, they’ve managed to work together for three years without once hearing any reports of those “behind the scenes” drama that you typically hear when actors don’t get along well, so obviously it’s under control and it’s not an issue. But I think there’s absolutely no reason to go around causing problems and spreading rumors when in all likelihood, you can’t possibly know what’s really going on. Peter is currently non-existent because that’s the way the story developed. It’s the sort of jaw-dropping, bold development that is typical for Fringe and I would feel confident in saying that the relationships between the actors had absolutely nothing to do with that.

      Sorry that came across a bit strong, but it really bothers me how people can come to such extreme conclusions based on the limited information that a typical fan has access to. There is nothing to support the belief that they don’t get along, so there’s no reason to make a big deal out of it.

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      • David says

        I don’t know what pictures you are talking about and I don’t hear any rumors about the relationship between this two actors and I completely understand that actors personal life is not of my business. I’ve been watching fringe from its beginning and I loved it so much but I think there is a problem during the progress of this show. I think the relationship between this two characters is not portrayed well in the past season and it’s kind of cheap and unrealistic and the romantic scenes between them is not well played and it seems that both actors are not comfortable to act these scenes in a professional way and it bothers me that this has had a negative impact in the show. Maybe I’m wrong it’s just writers fault.

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        • Astralcar says

          The relationship between Olivia and Peter has not been portrayed at its best (I agree) because both Josh and Anna repeated many times that they always saw the P/O relationship as kind of a brother/sister thing (and I agree with them – I much preferred the tension of Peter with Rachel or Bolivia, and Olivia being kind-of-jealous-but-not-really). So, for them the romance had to be “forced” on top of what they felt was natural for their characters.

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          • scully8 says

            I totally disagree. I think P/O had a chemistry from the beginning. You don’t give these long, penetrating stares to your sibling, at least I don’t.

            With that said, it is accurate that Josh has made the sibling comment, however most recently, he understands and is supportive of the P/O romantic relationship.

            Just my take . ..

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            • Roneo says

              Certainly. I for sure would be quite worried if my brother, or my cousin, would stare at me THAT way….

              You can be for or against the relationship; you can like or dislike the acting, the actors, the characters, the writing; even you can find truthful or unrealistic romantic scenes. But that’s not real life. These people are just working. I don’t believe Fringe bosses would let actor’s personal matters interfere that way.

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        • mlj102 says

          Again, let me apologize if I came across a bit harsh in my previous comment. I certainly wasn’t trying to attack you. I was just irritated to see a statement such as you had suggested that has absolutely no foundation to support it. Suggesting that the actors don’t get along is unreasonable because we simply can’t know one way or another, and it only serves to cause unnecessary drama and speculation.

          As for your response:

          “I donโ€™t know what pictures you are talking about and I donโ€™t hear any rumors about the relationship between this two actors”

          I wasn’t referring to any specific pictures… it seems fans can look at pretty much any picture and draw completely unrealistic conclusions (“Look, there’s a gap between them — they’re not standing close together, so that means they don’t get along!” “Both Anna and Josh were at this event, but there aren’t any pictures of them together, they must not like each other.” *note, those are not actual quotes, just quotes I made up that resemble comments I’ve seen*). It’s ridiculous. As for rumors, again, there aren’t any specific ones, aside from the ones similar to comments I mentioned above where people make conclusions about the actors based on trivial things. Or another perfect example is the comment from “forever”, below: “in interviiews, anna torv takes about jonh noble , seth gabel and the rest of the cast, but she never ever mentiones joshua jackson.” It’s completely absurd to conclude that they don’t get along simply because Anna never mentions Josh in interviews. For one, it’s not true (she does mention him), and for two, it doesn’t mean they are constantly having conflicts with one another and they don’t get along just because she doesn’t always mention him in an interview. That’s simply reading too far into something that doesn’t matter.

          “I think the relationship between this two characters is not portrayed well in the past season and itโ€™s kind of cheap and unrealistic and the romantic scenes between them is not well played and it seems that both actors are not comfortable to act these scenes in a professional way and it bothers me that this has had a negative impact in the show. Maybe Iโ€™m wrong itโ€™s just writers fault.”

          Now this is another matter entirely. Personally, I don’t see the same thing in the scenes between them. I feel like the scenes are well done and the acting is believable. I have no problem accepting the relationship that has developed between them, though I know that some people dislike the idea. And I agree that there were things about how the relationship was handled last season that felt a bit forced. It seemed like every episode for a couple of episodes in the middle of the season featured the same back and forth as the previous episode — any progress that was made in one episode seemed like it hadn’t even happened as the next episode featured them covering the same ground over and over again. It felt a bit overdramatic for my preferences. But it was ultimately resolved, and I felt like it came together and worked after that. I think their relationship works for the show and it has enhanced the bigger story being told rather than damaging the show in any way. Though again, I know that not everyone feels the same way and not everyone is so accepting of their relationship.

          But regardless of your opinion for the relationship itself or how it comes across in the episodes, that still has no bearing on how the actors get along, and I can’t see how you can conclude that they don’t get along and so the writers found a way to write Peter out of the story. As Roneo said in a comment below, any sort of unrealistic impressions or discomfort you might see come across in their scenes on screen is no clear indication nor any sort of direct result of how the actors feel about each other. And that would have no impact on the decision to have Peter cease to exist. If they felt that the relationship itself wasn’t working, they would find a way around it. Though I don’t think there is any concern regarding that (I find the relationship between them to be far more believable and relevant than the majority of TV relationships) and I don’t think they currently have any plans to change directions as far as that is concerned. It could happen, but I’m not expecting it.

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    • forever says

      its true , i read it on different sites and even in comments on youtube.

      in interviiews, anna torv takes about jonh noble , seth gabel and the rest of the cast, but she never ever mentiones joshua jackson.

      i think a little part in her is happy that josh is not in fringe so much anymore.

      i dont think that anna is so innocent and cute as people want to believe, she is an actress afterall and that means = a big ego.

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      • Rick Terry says

        “its true , i read it on different sites and even in comments on youtube.”

        …And Remember EVERYTHING on the internet is accurate!!!

        Come on!!! Those comment on you tube make the comments here seem like Pulitzer Prize material.

        Get real!!!

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    • Real1 says

      Interesting ! … even if your perception is right , who’s care ? .. there is a story to tell … and they will do it no matter what …. and I think all PO scenes were fine … and PAltO’s were hot … so no meaning IMO to say they are not comfortable .. because why the scenes with AlTO were good ?

      I think there is something else behind the scenes …. just sayin!

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      • David says

        I don’t think Peter & FauxLivia scenes were romantic, so playing those scenes must not been hard for them. anyway that’s not the only problem here. In every romantic scenes in the last season between them I noticed a lot of production mistakes specially in changing the camera angles in those scenes (for instance you can watch the bar scene in episode 14 carefully and I’m sure you can find those mistakes very easy. another good example is the moment before Peter went into the machine) and I’m a guy who normally doesn’t notice these errors during the process of watching a show and I know that these errors are usually exist in all shows but the point is those scenes were so much boring for me that I quickly pick those errors. May be I’m wrong but i think Fringe does not have its first season production quality any more.

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        • Real1 says

          error as the changing camera ? … one from right and then from left ? oh I think you didn’t get it that’s because the event itself did happen twice in the story .. hence that we were having an advanced future which suggest that every thing did happen before .. so you were seeing the scene from 2 views .

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  7. J.P. says

    Of course we miss Peter! But, I don’t want this rushed in a really weird and unfaithful way to the show. And, I’m interested in learning more about how Peter affected everyone’s lives, so I’m down for a few more episodes with him just as a “reflection”.

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  8. says


    I’m in the group of “let the story play out”.

    It takes a brave show to remove the physical presence of their lead actor. It’s okay if it serves a purpose to drive the story and makes the show stronger. This isn’t like on daytime soap operas here in America, where characters come and go for 30 years and it becomes so ludicrous that you just don’t care anymore.

    I stand with the writers and I want to see how this plays out. Especially since it looks like we are going to see more of The Observers and how they play into this.

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  9. Kira says

    On the fence. I like the idea of Peter being ‘neither here nor there’ that’s how I saw/felt him in season 1 and 2; as if he didn’t fit there.
    Maybe his presence make certain people to have a better disposition towards life.
    But with him, it seems that a final resolution has to be made: Blue side or Red side.
    But if he is schedule to come back…Interesting however one way or another. :)

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  10. Natasha says

    I have to say I don’t really miss Peter that much. I’m interested in seeing what story the writers have to tell and I’m willing to let it play out as they intend. They need to have a few episodes without him to set the tone and not let the cliffhanger be a copout, and we all know he’ll be back, so it’s not like he’s gone forever. His return has to be earned, so he can’t reappear too soon.

    And hey, we have Lincoln for our hot guy quota, so at least we’re not lacking on that front. ๐Ÿ˜› I can’t wait to see how he fits into the Fringe team both before and after Peter returns.

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  11. MISSNETT says

    I miss Peter. But isn’t that the point if the story? We the fans empathize with the characters. We feel the hole in our lives like Walter and Olivia. Hopefully we will feel complete when Peter comes back. And hopefully soon!

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  12. Mike Mike says

    Seems like the writers got rid of Peter at the end of last season without an inkling of idea what they were going to do in this new season. So far I give Fringe a collective 4 out of 10 for the first two episodes.

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