Fringe Theory – “We Come In Peace”

They come in peace?

How apt that the conflict should not centre around the stereo-typical little green men with four fingers and toes, but with beings much likes ourselves, who’s realities have taken different paths based on the law of averages – the brightness of their stars, and the force of their gravity, and so on. This multiversal conflict not only takes us through the looking glass, but it gives us a chance to reflect on similar conflicts within our own reality – surely a metaphor for what is to come.

Our history is littered with conquests and and wars over territory, belief systems and possessions. So much so that you can imagine that the only thing to bring us together would be a war against beings from an ‘unseen’ universe. But what is this multiverse battle over – God, gold or glory? Do the beings from these other worlds seek to purge us, like the mythological Zeus, or do they seek harmonic convergence? Are we at fault for the advancement of our science..or did we steal it from them in the first place (I’m looking at you, Massive Dynamic!)?

The ConquistadorsUsually, such ‘earthly’ conflicts result in one side extinguishing the other – or at least, having rule over the other. It should perhaps be noted that the Conquistadors victory over the Aztec and Inca Empires, was partly due to disease, which spread faster than any army. The Aztec’s and Inca’s weren’t used to European diseases and so they succumbed to the viral of the opposition very quickly – interesting considering the recent trio of viral-centric Fringe episodes.

Many ancient tribes and groups have been wiped from our earth, several now hang in the balance. Essentially, this is the  prophecy that the ZFT manuscript warns of  — an “us or them” rally cry.

The thing is, how much trust can we place in the ZFT manifesto? Is it merely a warning over potential consequences of continued technological development and the convergence of worlds, or is it ‘a known truth’..a known, and therefore, observed, outcome?

If you browse some of the excerpts from the manifesto it reads (in places) as if what it is describing has already happened — as of these are words not from the past or the present..but the future. Not only that, but Mitchell Loeb‘s message to Olivia seems to tally with that notion:

“There’s nothing you can do..what is written, will come to pass”

Is this evidence that the ZFT “Bible” (or rather, the messages it delivers) is from the future? After all, we do know that Walter attempted to use the “Diz-Re” to reach back in time. Maybe he, or someone else (the author of ZFT?), was able to travel to the future..a future where the pattern had become a full-blown inter-dimensional war? A future where reality really did byte?

And then I remembered something, something which seemed relatively unimportant at the time. In 1.06, “The Cure”, Peter made a deal with Nina Sharp regarding his dealings with the ancient Aymara people of Central Peru:

Nina: You know, you still look just the same as you did when you were a child. Oh, I doubt you’ll remember, but you and I spent a good deal of time together. Some of it right here. Your father and I were quite close when we were both much younger. Now I have all kinds of information, Peter, and some of it does me no good. Well, take the Aymara people, for instance, of Central Peru. I know that the soil beneath their land houses a naturally occurring metal alloy that is potentially hyper-conductive. I also know that you have managed to successfully conduct business with these and other tribal concerns, in parts of the world traditionally resistant to development.

Peter: I’m sorry, Ms. Sharp. I think I must’ve missed your question.

Nina: My question is, are you willing to make a bargain? I’d give you the exact location you want, and in exchange, I get to come to you someday, and you return the favor. No questions asked. So… Do we have a deal?

Not only do we have Nina showing a keen interest in one of the worlds ancient peoples – themselves involved in a convergence of civilisations – but the Aymara’s have a distinct way of communicating the past and the future:The Aymara

Tell an old Aymara speaker to “face the past!” and you just might get a blank stare in return – because he or she already does.

New analysis of the language and gesture of South America’s indigenous Aymara people indicates a reverse concept of time.

Contrary to what had been thought a cognitive universal among humans – a spatial metaphor for chronology, based partly on our bodies’ orientation and locomotion, that places the future ahead of oneself and the past behind – the Amerindian group locates this imaginary abstraction the other way around: with the past ahead and the future behind.

The language of the Aymara, who live in the Andes highlands of Bolivia, Peru and Chile, has been noticed by Westerners since the earliest days of the Spanish conquest. A Jesuit wrote in the early 1600s that Aymara was particularly useful for abstract ideas, and in the 19th century it was dubbed the “language of Adam.” More recently, Umberto Eco has praised its capacity for neologisms, and there have even been contemporary attempts to harness the so-called “Andean logic” – which adds a third option to the usual binary system of true/false or yes/no – to computer applications.

Yet, Nunez said, no one had previously detailed the Aymara’s “radically different metaphoric mapping of time” – a super-fundamental concept, which, unlike the idea of “democracy,” say, does not rely on formal schooling and isn’t an obvious product of culture. — physorg

So, taking the idea that the Aymara people communicate the future as being behind them and the past as being ahead of them, it offers us yet more potential suggestion for certain parts of the world being conducive to time-travel (just as “Little Hill” was for Jones’ Wiessenshaft escape). Nina is interested in the Aymara soil — perhaps the soil itself conducive, or maybe there are important manuscripts buried beneath it? Who knows, I’m just speculating. At this point I’m pretty sure that the writers knew about the Aymara’s method of communicating the past and the future before they made them a part of Peter’s back-story. And if they didn’t, well, sometimes you make your own luck.

..In our hands?Is history going to repeat itself..only in a multiversal way — or does the ZFT manuscript only warn of a potential war of the worlds?

Personally, I have to believe that there is some way of averting an “apocalypse” — even one that has already been observed – whether it’s by time-travel, inter-dimensional travel, or good old peace talks. Maybe humanity can save itself..maybe we already have the tools at hand?

But what if neither side are, by context, the ‘agressors’? What if the conflict is an act of fate – a by product of the rate of technological advancement causing negative impacts on the nexus of the multiverse; a law of averages convergence, where neither side wants to destroy the other, but where one must otherwise both should perish?

In such an instance we must surely pose the question: Does God play dice with the..multiverse?

Food for thought.


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    If you get to write your own tv show, God can play dice with whichever ‘verse you want. Let’s hope the writers do so with at least as much thought and insight as you’ve put in here.

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