Fringe: The New Man In Charge, Noble Intentions, Peter and Altlivia

Fox has released another batch of videos – ‘The New Man In Charge’, the latest ‘Noble Intentions’, and ‘Peter and Altlivia’.

Head past the jump to watch the videos featuring perspectives from the Fringe cast.

The New Man In Charge

Love the title for this vid, no doubt a hat-tip to ‘LOST’. 😉

Noble Intentions – Do Shapeshifters Dream of Electric Sheep?

Peter and Altlivia



  1. lilli says

    I guess that we’re all asking to ourselves that same question Anna asks at the end….what is he gonna tell her afterwards?Very cute and funny that Anna puts it that way!

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  2. Isa says

    I love how Anna says “Bolivia” hahaha it’s so funny.

    And yeah, I don’t know how Peter and Olivia will come after that sex, but it’s going to be very interesting to watch. It is also good to know that Anna express and knows that a line has been crossed with the Peter-Bolivia sex. I’m assuming the writers also know that.

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  3. Karo says

    Or the interview took place during filming of the episode and she hasn’t receive the 3×06 script yet? Hence doesn’t know for sure if they went all the way?

    Wishful thinking :p

    I liked the way she said Bolivia, looking straight at the camera. I don’t think she approve either lol.

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  4. jen says

    well i dunno bout anyone else but i saw that coming when they switched, something had to happen to keep olivia and peter from being together when she eventually gets back. love this show!

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  5. Elaine says

    Athena (Sharon) forgave Helo for sleeping with Boomer, another copy of her self and they were married, so, forgiveness may be slow to come, but I think Olivia will eventually get there. In the meanwhile, man will that be some beautiful angst for Torv and Jackson to play on.

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  6. Lila says

    Well I don’t know… I think that if it’s convenient for them to make Olivia forgive Peter easylly they’ll do it. But just think, would you forgive a guy if he slept with another you who’s totally different in obvious ways, even if he said that jhe didn’t notice because he’s in love??
    You can even forgive him, but you’ll question if he really loves you and knows ou as he say, I would feel like he doesn’t care about me… But I don’t know… I’m eager to see what the writers will do about it!

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  7. Alex says

    Forgive me, but I felt sooooo sorry for Altliv in that last scene.

    That’s right, I said it.

    Does nobody else agree? Like our Olivia, she’s in a position where she is solely responsible for saving her world. That moment where she has a mini-freakout in the bathroom after their date was just a little nugget to show that she is actually uncomfortable here, and Newton taunting her put her under so much pressure. She’s just trying to save her universe and family, but in the process she has to basically sell her body and betray the man she really loves. That would be scary for anyone, right? It seems like she and Frank really had something great going. We probably won’t see it on the show, but I bet she bawled her eyes out the next morning. I know I would.

    Peter is also to blame here. He knew something was up. He almost had her in the cafeteria, then he dismissed his suspicions. One thing’s for sure: he’ll never forgive himself for this once he learns the truth. And as Anna says, it’ll be unbelievably difficult for Ourlivia to come to terms with.

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    • LizW65 says

      Actually, I agree with you completely–except for the last paragraph. I think this is going to be very damaging for Altlivia and her relationship with Frank, but unlike you I suspect that Peter already has a pretty good idea of what is going on. (One can only hope that if that is indeed the case, he tipped off Broyles.)

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  8. fedorafadares says

    Even if Olivia can forgive Peter for the act itself, I’d think it would take a long time to get over the idea that his “firsts” wouldn’t be her “firsts.”

    Whatever Peter’s real motivation for sleeping with Bolivia (I believe he knows she’s an imposter and is trying to erode her confidence) I think he’s got a moral dilemma — he needs to destabilize Bolivia, but in doing so may permanently damage his ability to be with the real Olivia.

    Like he said in his first conversation with Bolivia in “Do Shapeshifters…” everyone draws a moral line in the sand. Unless you’ve walked in that guy’s shoes, you can’t really judge.

    But he’s still a dog.

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  9. Mary says

    I was just glad that in 3×04 we learned that Peter HAD noticed the differences between Olivia and AltLivia (oh god, can we please lose that “Bolivia” nonsense?!). It makes the whole thing slightly more bearable when you can put it down to lust. 😛 For now…

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