FRINGE: The End — Series Finale Cast Video


The cast reflect on the end in this new video released by Fox.

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  1. deb says

    To me it seems that Josh, Jasika and John might watch Fringe even if they weren’t in it, but I don’t get that feeling about Anna, which might explain why the others seem more excited in these interviews than she does. They are just more into the story. I don’t think it’s necessarily because she’s unhappy about how big her role was/wasn’t.

    Would have been nice to see this panel/round table style! Hope they have saved some interviews for the DVD too.

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    • ML says

      Could be though I do think Anna’s not as enthusiastic about this season as previous seasons. But she has talked about how she doesn’t view the show like the audience does because she’s too inside it. She’ll see an episode and she remembers more the technical aspects like where they shot a scene or something. She may not even watch the show anymore. I remember an interview with her from S4 where she mentioned in passing not having seen a specific episode.

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    • Red Balloon says

      I don’t see it that way, they are answering the questions in hand, and is obvious to me that Anna’s first question was about how she thought Olivia would end, and I’m with her… Olivia’s end would’ve fit with what she said about Olivia with a sad ending. I think she likes dark stories, or epic ones (I heard her saying that she loved Game of Thrones). As for the excitement on the interviews… I see only Jasika’s excitement. The others are kind of tired, or distracted or something, though only Anna is laughing really…I think it’s a nervous kind of laugh, it’s adorable!!

      BTW Roco… thanks for that pic on top, Dunham looks amazingly gorgeous and sad at the same time.

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      • ML says

        Yeah, I could totally see an ending with Olivia on her own. I’m glad it didn’t turn out that way because I love Olivia and Peter but Olivia being a loner would fit her character as well.

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        • says

          Yes, I agree an ending with Olivia solo would have worked, but would not have been as satisfying to me. I also believe, as Josh said, the way Wyman and Co.’s story went, the only ending for Olivia was a happy one. As Anna said in the interview, ‘it was lovely how they gave her (Olivia) a happy ending.’ I agree.

          I also agree that Anna Torv has always been a bit more detached, in terms of story. I think the only time she truly seemed excited was around the Altliv character (S3–standout season). I don’t think that’s bad, but it could account for how she answers questions concerning Olivia. I also agree that Anna’s more wistfulness is not due not being the center of all things Fringe this season. Anna has always said that the ‘show’ is the star.

          In another interview, Anna remarked when asked about Altliv and my all-time favorite character (*wink*) Lincoln Lee, that she was happy that Altliv got a happy ending, but that was always going to be her ‘lot’. See, Anna viewed AltLiv as the happy one and Olivia as the tragic hero.

          In any event, she bought both characters to life in a very wonderful way. At the end of the day, it’s the writer’s story to tell which Anna has always said (“. . . I try to facilitate what the writers put on paper. It is there story”).

          This is our first official Friday without Fringe . . . I just can’t believe that it’s over. :(

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  2. DeepRunner says

    It is interesting how three of the four talk about Walter, but Anna Torv spends time talking about Our Olive. Understand, her comments needed to be made. But there seems more wistfulness on Anna Torv’s part.

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  3. 134sc says

    Anna Torv – I can’t quite get a read on her. Good or bad. It would be interesting to get a full interview with her.

    Loved what John Noble said about Walter going to the future. Imagine how much fun Walter would have in the future. If he can’t be with Peter, then the future is the next best place. Walter going to the future is his salvation and his heaven – what a great way to look at it.

    I love Jasika, she’s always so into it. As for Walters sacrifice, im with her. For the narrative it made sense, so I completely understand and am not upset by any means – im just a sucker for a happy ending.

    I always appreciate Josh’s interviews, they r candid and honest. I still wanna know what he thinks of that last look into the camera tho.

    As for this being the first Friday without Fringe, im feeling it to. Over the last couple years my Fridays have been very hectic. Coming home from work on a Friday some of my favorite shows would be on (Smallville, Chuck, Fringe) and it would b like a reward for a long day. But my fav shows have been ending one year after the other, so Fringe was my last hope. Now that it’s over and a new Friday has arrived i am really feeling it. I mean I woke up this morning and realized their was no Fringe to look forward to when I got home. That sux. Guess I could watch Grimm (which I already do) but it’s just not the same. Tell u wat tho, definitely gunna watch the finale after wrk, not ready to let it go just yet.

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    • scully8 says

      Yeah. I’m thinking I might do all three this evening. I’ll have my own Fringe Friday! :)

      Another thing that I’ve decided. The next time I become so attached with a television show, I think I will stay away from cast interviews because they do color how I view the character to an extent. I remember when Josh was so against a Peter and Olivia coupling that I didn’t really buy it when it first happened, even though Josh and Anna did an amazing job. By the end, I totally felt both actors were good with the relationship. So Anna in these interviews make me a bit sad that maybe she (Anna) wasn’t happy with the happy ending for Olivia; that she didn’t really like playing the character.

      Now with that said, I LOVED the final and simply adore the series. And because they all are such fantastic actors, when seeing them interact on the screen, they sold it every time. Polivia deserved to be happy (which I think Anna would agree) which works for me. :) You know, I feel like I’m all over the place with my comments. It really goes to show how invested I’ve been and don’t want it to end. :)

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      • Mike says

        In this very interview Anna says that it’s lovely that Olivia has a happy ending.And she (Anna) has declared her love for Olivia and playing the part so many many times in the past.

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      • ML says

        Anna loved Olivia. She said it many times. She just loved playing alt Liv because she got to have fun.

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  4. 134sc says

    I do agree with Anna on one thing – its time. Other than the fact I believe that this season had enough juice for 22 episodes, I think that at the end of the day, they told the story they wanted to tell. And they finished it with the appropriate narrative thread.

    We all love FRINGE and of course we want to see more, but I think there is something to be said for going out when the storytelling is still at a relative high point. If FRINGE had continued to just hang on and was always a toss up for renewal, the story telling would have suffered and thus the Observer story probably would have been extended or put off. I can only speak for myself, but I know that I wouldn’t have been very pleased with that, especially if they had the chance to tell the story of the Observers, but never got around to it.

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  5. Amanda says

    I think Anna is done with Fringe, I mean, it’s really time. I love this show, but I’m kind of happy to see the end by now. Cause they were out of new great stories for a while… since that restart in season 3 the show it’s not the same to me.

    I was watching season 1 again and then I realise how much the show has changed… not that I wanted the same stories for 5 years in a row, but in it’s core the show changed a lot. Olivia was more a central character, Walter more lunatic and Peter more into the science and that whole super IQ thing he had. Even Astrid was more in the story.

    I understand why Anna thought about Olivia’s fate, if you look from first seasons perspective, you can think like that, Olivia was a tragic hero, and the central piece of the show. I’m happy in the end, she get her happy end, but what I missed was some more connection between Olivia and Peter mythology… like the first people tale, some of the graphic novel too (Peter and his journey throgh time), that was part of thr show too, not the B stories, of course.

    Anyway, I still glad with this end, but I wanted some more.

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    • ML says

      Yeah one of the reviewers brought that point up when reviewing the finale. How in the end Olivia and Peter weren’t involved in the mythology so the show missed out on the emotional stakes that would involve.

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      • Amanda says

        That’s right.
        It’s like a new show trying to answer some old questions. Mostly the shadows of Olivia, Peter, Walter and Astrid, in a new, almost pointless, mission that only worked properly, for me (of course), to close the 5th season, but not the entire show. For the whole Fringe concept, that was too weak.

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  6. SissySiri says

    Actors get hired and paid to act. They do what they are told to do, they may have some input but basically it is like the rest of us, we have to do what the person signing the paycheck wants us to do, which is the job we were hired to do.

    The writers, the fans, the network, the advertisers, the other actors seemed to be happy with this ending, I’m a little disappointed in her attitude. Some things are better left unsaid. You can’t put the Genie back in the bottle.

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    • Amanda says

      I don’t know what Anna had in her mind about the show, but probably a lot more she has said. I agree actors and professionals in general must do they work as it said, but they do have a opinion on what’s going on. You need to enjoy what you are doing, and actors, they need to understand what is happening in the story in order to make a good or a great performance.

      I noticed that Anna talks a lot about the process of acting, and I enjoy that information myself, cause I’m a film student. Part of my learning process is to deal with actors, to show them what do you want with the character, what are their emotions, etc, etc.

      I don’t know if she is unhappy in how the show end, or about her lack of screen time, nobody knows that, but I’m think that she got a little upset about the course that Olivia took, and how that process that she has concentrated in the last 4 years had suddenly changed.

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