FRINGE: The End Game [VIDEO]


The cast preview the final two episodes of Season 4 in this newly-released video tease. Go get it below the jump.


  1. TenisonJr says

    Interviewer: “Should the fans be worried?”
    Anna: “Hum… Yeah!”

    Well… I think that by the time this video was shoot, Fringe’s renewal announcement wasn’t made, but now it was, then… I don’t think we should worry anymore ^^ – dream with a movie, maybe, but surely do not worry.

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  2. MISSNETT says

    No! I don’t want to have to worry! Fringe is not Fringe without Olivia!! Please let this be a misdirect!!

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  3. TW says

    Really Josh ? We are really nearing our own zenith in our achievements and ability to where we can play a god-like role and change natural history ? He should google “Kardashev scale” to see where our current civilization stands on a level of type 1 to type 3. Human civilization is at a type zero. Still. Although it’s climbing. Even according to some scientist’s (like Carl Sagan) formulas for determining our cosmic standing as a civilization, *nature* still has us beat on the scale.

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  4. DeepRunner says

    Anna Torv says that fans should be worried that Olivia is going to die. THE central character that Fringe is about, Olivia surely won’t meet her end at the season’s end…will she? That would be even worse than when Peter was wiped-out at the end of last season.

    I doubt the character dies. But, I think Olivia will “disappear,” though not like Peter, probably more as a prisoner or perhaps going into hiding.

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    • Erik says

      I would just like to point out that Olivia was just a character to introduce us to the series. Since season 2, it has been Peter that has driven the story forward.

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      • Erik says

        She may be important, but far from the central character, especially at this point in the show.

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        • M says

          If her journey ends this season, I’d still be interested in following the other characters. They all make the show great. Also, dead is not dead on Fringe.

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      • D says

        I see where you’re coming from, but not sure I agree. Even John Noble refers to the Olivia character as the central protagonist in one of the recent Noble Intentions. But hey — happy to see it as P/Olivia being central …

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  5. D says

    While Etta was not specific about WHO her “parents” were that she last saw at age four, if she is in fact referring to Peter and Olivia, then not sure how Olivia can die at the end of this season UNLESS we move forward in time to some time after the Observers’ takeover of Earth, say 2016 …

    I really hope they do not try some sort of Where is Olivia plot development for Season 5, because Where is Peter was rather mind-numbing this season (and not in a way Walter would enjoy).

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  6. mesa says

    The producers don’t have the stones to kill off Olivia for good. Hopefully killing her (temporarily) or the thwarting of it will be executed in a smart way, like in Flashforward with John Cho’s character. Now that was something we know for most of the season and didn’t happen, yet was pulled off with the audiences backing.

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  7. Fringefan says

    Anna, as usual, is so adorable!!!! Her laugh, aww..

    I think all three of them – Peter, Olivia and Walter, are the central characters of the show and that they drive the show forward. But it is Olivia who drives the week-to-week cases of Fringe because she is the FBI agent.

    Anyway, I would be devastated if they kill Olivia and not have us see Anna Torv in the 13 eps of Season 5. That is just a rip-off.

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    • Cortexiphan Kid says

      If that happens, I will create a whole new universe, in which Fringe gets 10 seasons or more and Olivia and Peter live hapily ever after.

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      • Fringefan says

        Lol, shipper alert! But hey, we cant deny that underneath it all, fringe is still a a love story. Or love stories.

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        • Cortexiphan Kid says

          Well, they don’t have to live toghether, what matters is, that they are alive!

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  8. lost_stef says

    Anna Torv your killing me here!!!!!! now i am worried wtffffffffff dont go!

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    • Cortexiphan Kid says

      I’m not worried, I think she is just joking, so that we are all worried, but nothing will realy happen to Olivia.

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  9. Liz says

    A little sideline, but I’m curious…Can someone guess what is Olivia holding in hand at aprox 1:05 ??

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      • Fringefan says

        Lmfao! That already huh? Could be, but I hope not. Now they are just oblivious to the two universes’ impending doom that they are talking about babies and renting their love nest. So funny! I guess they might as well do it now cause there are no normal days for them. But they are still adorable nonetheless.

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  10. dawson says

    i think the main three are the central of the story since season 1 without one of them the story lose points and after this season i hope they wont do the same thing for the last 13 episodes .Its a strategy to have a big cliffhanger in the end of the season but repeat the same old story is kinda off for me at least. If they wanna separate the main three for the story to have interest im fine but have all the hiatus the same story only this time is she dead or not it might cause more damage .

    If Anna laughs this way of knowing her character dies and she is left without job…

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  11. ubn says

    “If Anna laughs this way of knowing her character dies and she is left without job…”

    that’s not gonna happen

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  12. Cortexiphan Kid says

    I love Jasika Nicole saying ”Finale is massive, dynamic …”.
    I’m pretty sure it’s a clue for the finn+ale.

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  13. Victor says

    Alt Boyles seemed to have been put in a jail cell which to me seemed to be located near the bridge? Alt Nina was also put there. Hmmmm…good question!

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  14. Scott42444 says

    I thought that the prison was “Over There”, same cell that Olivia was put in at the end of Season 2. It was on Liberty Island, but has the copper Statue of Liberty above them (I was just going to say red-verse, but I don’t know if that technically exists anymore).

    Speaking of which, DO WE GET THE BLUE INTRO AGAIN? Because if the colors are supposed to represent time periods/universes, it should not be yellow anymore.. Wasn’t it yellow because red and blue were linked by the bridge? Or was it to represent only the rebooted timeline?

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    • shidey17 says

      I think it signifies the rebooted timeline. I don’t think we will ever see the blue intro again…

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      • Scott42444 says

        I don’t know why, but the intros helping to tell the story has always been a huge part of Fringe to me. I hope that there is a new one tonight, but I think you are right. In theory, there should be a new one tonight but I don,t think we will. Although we have had a different one the last 2 finales, haven’t we? Red at the end of Season 2 (first time we saw it, right?) and Gray/Silver at the end of Season 3 (only time we saw it).

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