FRINGE Actor Reflects On Pivotal Moment


A couple of bits and pieces have emerged online following the pivotal event that took place in “The Bullet That Saved The World”. Spoilers for those yet to see the episode..

Georgina Haig spoke to TV Line about Etta’s “peaceful” death:

“To be loved is the most basic of human needs, after food and shelter,” the Aussie actress continues. “And while she has had support through her life, and she’s had Simon [as a partner], it’s just not the same. She never felt really loved until she reunited with [her parents]. And that’s what makes her death peaceful in a way. She stops fighting [Windmark’s thought-reading ] and let’s that contentment wash over her.”

On her reluctance to leave the show:

“I was like, ‘Joel, how about instead of her dying, she just falls unconscious and is locked into a cupboard, and they find her later…?’” she shares with a laugh. “I didn’t want to die, because it was so awesome being on the show.”

A snippet from EW on his what Haig had on her Etta to-do list:

I wasn’t ready. And you can bet Georgina Haig wasn’t ready either. In fact, she still had a lengthy list of to-dos! “I would have loved to touch on the Walter relationship a little more because Walter is such a beautiful character, and Etta warmed to him so quickly. I think she would have just adored getting to be around him more and learn from him,” she says. But there’s always a chance for a return, right? According to Haig, that seemed to be the sentiment on set when she left. And in retrospect, she sees a crucial plot point that could signal a return. “They kind of suggest that maybe I was going to teach my parents how to not be read by Observers, so I imagine if I wouldn’t have died I would have started teaching them,” she says.

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  1. SissySiri says

    I’m hoping that they are able to change this future and go back in time so we can have Etta back. Her death was so unexpected to me; it totally took me by surprise. I am not happy about this turn of event; IMO it is a great loss for the storyline. :-(

    Georgina was the perfect actress for that part, and I am glad that I know of her now and will watch for her in future projects.

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      • jophan says

        And yet, if there were no casualties through the season, others would complain that was unrealistic. Damned if you do…

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      • shidey17 says

        I don’t think it was cheap. It was very well acted. It will be the catalyst that really drives the rest of the season, and I think we’ll still get a mostly happy ending. The dynamic of the show was totally different with Etta on board –totally different. If you’ve read some of my other posts about how awkward it must have been for P and O to wake up to an adult daughter they hadn’t raised, I think you’ll see what I mean.

        I think in the end they will get what is coming to them: to raise their little girl. They haven’t just had her taken away this time with her death….they never really had her in the first place. I think Etta’s death in 504 was just the beginning of getting them back to that point where they really get to have her in their lives.

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