Fringe Spoilers – Episode 1.07, 1.08 & 1.09!

The latest issue of TV Guide has some juicy Fringe spoilers for upcoming episodes.

Episode 1.07 – Olivia goes to a German prison where she must rely on the help of her Ex, a German member of Parliament. (Nov. 11)

Episode 1.08 – Walter must face his deepest fears as he returns to his old mental institution, St. Claire’s, to extract information from a patient. (Nov. 18)

Episode 1.09 – Peter is put in jeopardy when he comes in contact with his Ex-girlfriend, Tess. Apparently “it didn’t end well, he just disappeared on her and now she’s with someone new”. (Nov. 25)

Scans: Susan


  1. Caro says

    Love the blog, but is there any way you can consider putting up a separate section for spoilers? It’s much too tempting here on the home page :)

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  2. says

    Hi Caro, you’re right, it’s not ideal. We’re working on something as we speak – hopefully it will be a good solution for those who like spoilers and those who prefer not to see them on the main section.

    We hope to have something in place soon. :)

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