Fringe Spoiler: Will We Be Making Flirty Eyes At The Alternate Universe?

Admit it. You kinda dig red-headed Altlivia with her mean walk and hair full of red. And those zeppelins are kinda cool too. Not to mention those rapid healing drugs which could make crossing over worth the risk.

Yes. We all get a case of the ‘Flirty Eyes’ from time to time. Just when we’re ready to settle down with the blue universe, along comes sexy red with her world full of possibilities. It’s natural to be intrigued, right?

TV Guide‘s latest Mega Buzz only gives us a couple of ‘new’ morsels on what to expect from Fringe’s alternate universe, but it gives us another opportunity to wonder whether we will ever be as enamoured with the alternate universe as we are with the main world of the show:

Will we see both universes equally next season on Fringe?
MICKEY: We’re hearing that, at least initially, we’ll see more of “over there.” Executive producer J.H. Wyatt wants viewers to enjoy their visit to the alternate universe. “We’re hoping that the audience will get behind the coolness of the other side, a world where John Lennon still exists and Martin Luther King is still alive, and that it’s actually a harder place to live.” Just ask Olivia, whose plight in captivity will be the subject of the early episodes.

It will be interesting to see just how much of the alternate universe we will be able to buy into. So far, I actually find it to be very believable – even the giants bees! And I love the idea of Lennon and King being alive and what that could mean for the other side. But how far can they take it? What other differences between worlds exists?

What I also find interestingย are the results of our Season 2 Awards, where 72% of us stated that we preferred the main universe of the show known as “Over Here” over the alternate universe. Time will tell as to whether we will still feel the same way this time next year.


  1. Inter-dimensional Dave says

    I like the little nuggets we get about “over there” and how it is different from our own universe. I just hope the writers don’t get too caught up in the mythology of the other side and get so entangled with it that it becomes a distraction.
    That being said, have I told you the coffee shortage on the other side is due to irradiated soil along the equitorial line after the Sino-Indian war of 1987 went nuclear?

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  2. ApplesBananasRhinoceros says

    Is Wyatt the alt-universe version of Wyman??? Does he know things we don’t??

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  3. Fringe-addict says

    Thank you for your great work on your items ! They are great!
    And sorry if my phrases are not corrects..!

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  4. Laura says

    are you kidding me? Walternate as secretary of defense???
    Military Fringe division???
    Red-haired Olivia flirting here and there ???
    No thank you!!!!!! I still go for Over Here….and haunted/stressed/sometimes shy Olivia.

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  5. MysteryObsessed says

    Two universes are huge points to why I love the show so much. It’s like we have more new characters, but you don’t really notice it, cause they’re played by the same actors and it’s more about how same/different the versions of those characters are.
    And of course some of us will give the flirty eyes to the Alternate Universe – it’s new and exciting. But as the cast said in the recent interview with EW: I don’t wanna choose sides either. I hope the audience will be able to look at things from the two perspectives; they need to balance it.

    And as @Laura said – I’m not about to favorite the other Olivia (or anyone else) more. I loved these characters for two Seasons now, and won’t run to the other side just there’s a new kid on the block aka – the red-haired Olivia, who seems more wild and cool. I still perfer mine :)

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