Fringe Spoiler: Fancy A Game Of Musical Chairs?

UPDATE – Jan 17th, 2011: Apparently an album has been discovered. See this story for more.

Fringe has always been part story, part interactive easteregg hunt, its clues blending fiction with reality and reality with fiction to weave stories that open your eyes..and your heart. And the beat goes on..

With the next episode just a couple more Fridays away, it’s time to gear up with a new reality-bending mission with a musical flavor.

Dance past the jump for details (and spoilers relating to the next episode).

First a primer: As you may know, the first episode back from the Lowatus is titled “Firefly”, where Walter Bishop meets his musical hero – a keyboardist for the ’70s band Violet Sedan Chair, called Roscoe Joyce, played by Christopher Lloyd (Back To The Future).

You may remember from last season’s “Northwest Passage” episode that Walter has one of Violet Sedan Chair’s albums (“Seven Suns”) in his stash:

According to TV Line, the album has been in select independent record outlets “for a couple of months now”. The kicker is that each individual album is different and apparently includes specific ‘spoilers and clues about the show in its lyrics – and possibly elsewhere’.

The challenge is to get our little hands on those albums by finding out which stores have them so that we can listen to them backwards (and maybe even forwards, if you’re feeling less extravagant) and examine the hidden clues.

The real musicians behind the unreal band? “We’re keeping that a secret for now,” says the source. Could it be the producers?

So the hunt is on. Go forth with your eyes and ears, let’s see if we can bring those albums into reality!

If anyone finds anything of..note, feel free to let us know.

Thanks to Danielle for the heads-up. Information courtesy of TV Line.


A somewhat intriguing ‘Violet Sedan Chair’ video has just appeared on Youtube courtesy of user AnonymousNewsNtwrkTV.

The video’s description reads:

Can You Read This? Can You Read This? Can You Read This? Can You Read This?Can You Read This? Can You Read This? Can You Read This? Can You Read This? Can You Read This? Can You Read This? Can You Read This? sorryforbreakingaccountlandedlandedherel­andedheheheeere

Are you playing the game or being played? That is the question.

  • Violet Sedan Chair is an anagram for Olive Can Read This. Check out the comments where people are making some more discoveries.

Fringe moves to Fridays starting January 21st, 9/8c, on Fox.


  1. runpaceyrun says

    The hunt for the albums sounds like so much fun….but not for us overseas fans of FRINGE. Why oh why didnt they send some over here……i am a vinyl collector…..and a huge FRINGE freak! aaarrrggghhh!
    I’ll just have to be content with the fact that Jan 21st is getting closer.
    Happy hunting everyone!

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    • Jaq says

      I’m with ya! Here in Hungary we don’t get the cool stuff! I just found out about this blog but will be checking it much more frequently now!

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  2. says

    Husband is a big vinyl collector. I have to drag him out of the record shops. Ugh now I actually have to send him scouring the city for Violet Sedan Chair albums? Check the sky people, if you don’t see zeppelins in the sky there’s probably a pig or two flying by.

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  3. loveit says

    Has anyone considered that “Violet Sedan Chair” might be an anagram? It’s just such a nonsense name and Olivia can obviously be taken from it….just a thought.

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    • Cortexifan says

      Ok, so now you got me getting out my scrabble letters. I’m not good at solving anagrams but this is what I came up with so far. I know none of it really makes sense.
      Olivia secret hand
      Olivia at drenches
      Olivia heard scent
      Olivia dash center
      validate in chores
      invade their coals
      Olivia stand cheer
      a secret hint Olive

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      • Charlotte says

        A few more (random) solutions:
        Olivia acts her end
        Olivia and her sect
        Olive chained star
        Olive snatched air

        and my very favourite: Olive scathed Iran

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      • hal says

        “Olivia heard scent”
        that could be a form of synesthesia?

        that’s one of the words in season 3’s intro. maybe she’ll get some weird psychic synesthesia and be able to see out of her hands and stuff 😛

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      • FringeFriday says

        OK, I can’t find any hint on this site that anyone ever tried to find tan anagram in the whole “VIOLET SEDAN CHAIR SEVEN SUNS” sentence… so I have no idea if I am the first one to post this. I played around with the letters for some time now and this is what I found so far- so it makes some sense to me to use the whole sentence:

        OLIVE CAN READ HIS SUNS EVENT (or SUN EVENTS- maybe meaning son?)

        so do the pregnancy nay-sayers still say nay??? Am I reading to much into this? I MEAN the album majorly spoilers about a FUTURE SON!!! now Altivia is pregnant… can that be a coincidence????

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  4. matt says

    WOW! hope some come to Canada! HUGE vinyl lover and fringe fan = having one would make my day.

    I hope they end up online or someone somewhere donates all the info they can to this site. I NEED to know what’s on those! haha

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  5. says

    The liner notes on Violet Sedan Chair’s album Seven Suns list a missing 11th song, and the penultimate track is rumored to produce hallucinatory effects when played on multiple turntables. 😉

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      • fedorafadares says

        (Not sure why this won’t post. Sorry if it’s a multiple.)

        A few notes on the cover:

        – In the lower, left corner is a circle with a pic of a keyboard. Note hoe many black keys there are, starting with F-sharp!! A piano created for a six-fingered man??

        – Also, some of the first letters of song titles are in “blocks.” These might be highlighted simply for graphic design purposes, but as a former designer I realize that really good design isn’t just decoration, it has meaning. So for those who love minutia, here’s what’s highlighted:

        Side One (N.B. it’s not called Side A): S-S-S-V-M-D-F-L
        Side Two (not called the B-Side): K-5 (or F)-L-S-S-S-R-M

        It’s all completely crazy stuff to ponder, but we’ve got nothing to do ’til Jan. 21, right?

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  6. hal says

    I hope Boards of Canada are involved in the actual music somehow. but.. that’s asking a lot? 😛 it would just seem fitting to me if you know anything about their style(theyre pro at reproducing that vintage sound with weird subliminal stuff to boot)

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    • Frobz says

      My god, another Boards of Canada fan? Fringe always has such great musical selections (they got me into “Traffic” last year…and the year before had some great Bauhaus and Daniel Ash tracks)…BoC would be a nice surreal fit for this show.

      Anyway, was just thinking…wouldn’t it be fun if the “mystery band” was Klaatu? (For those that don’t know, Klaatu was a “mystery band” in the 70’s that didn’t publish their membership until the 80’s…when they first charted, people thought they were the Beatles reunited and operating secretly under a new name! “Calling Occupants” does have a very Beatles sound to it…)

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  7. says

    This is excellent. I don’t get back to Boston for about a week, but when I do, I am going hunting for that record. There has to be one in Boston right? I mean, that’s where the show is set.

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    • fringeobsessed says

      Good luck, Anjali. I’m in the greater Boston area and have checked EVERYWHERE to no avail. I’ve even checked the larger indie distributors from Maine to New Jersey.

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      • Mireya says

        I wonder if it’s in the cities where the show has been set while on a case. If that’s the case, then people on the west coast wont find anything. ;( I just told a friend of mine about it and she thinks it’s cool how they did this. Maybe I can convert her into a Fringe fan afterall.

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  8. Blind says

    “hallucinatory effects when played on multiple turntables”… now wonder if we may need to get all the copies of the album together and play they at the same time to reveal the mystery. It did say they are all slightly different

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    • Count Screwloose says

      And compare the “Can You Read This?” business in the caption to the anagram Nalex discovered above in Violet Sedan Chair: Olive Can Read This.

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      • DCT says

        Binary to text conversion yields :

        green mama opens the door
        doors have keys
        keys open doors
        …doors open worlds
        shes doin fine
        if you can read this
        tell her im fine
        fluctuating temporal disturbances solidfy
        the key evolves
        time for the revolution
        who will protect you
        spin spin spin
        a leaky leaky echo echo echo node nooodddeemay—-be–pofachanceae3edfjienztoooa7vbucnfuespeakiei9vjvmeetujcjcnwawiotherejufvi8z9owk3saticjdn2pm

        Also, a Facebook group for Violet Sedan Chair exists :!/group.php?gid=109759809077989

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        • fringefan says


          I think there’s a hidden sentence there. ‘A chance to speak over there’? I don’t know, that’s what I thought of. Doesn’t make any sense?

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        • Blind says

          Does the binary include the punctuation? I’m trying to see if the jumble of letters and numbers at the end is a key that will help us pick out letters from above it to reveal the meaning

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        • says

          Just some wild speculating here as much from narrative conventions as actual clues, but…
          1. Playing the Greenmama track on three different turn tables set apart in a triangle works like the harmonic rods for Walternate’s alternate universe transport system.
          2. “The key evolves” = key change? A higher speed on the turntables is needed to activate the doorway.
          3. The whole “Time Agents” imagery in the video itself, possibly suggesting The Observers (who from our perspective seem to travel through time, don’t age, know where “important” things are about to happen, and dress like MIB) are the next big focus after Massive Dynamic/The Pattern in the first, the ZFT soldiers in the second, and the Alternate Universe now in the third?
          4. The whole binary is a message from “someone” to reassure “her” that she is doing fine and the message leaver is all right. One anagram suggests that Olive can read this, so she is either the intended recipient of the message or supposed to pass along the message.

          Half-baked theory: Peter uses the First People’s device to create a new alternate universe to act as a buffer between the two existing universes rather than destroy either one (The characters like to keep mentioning it’s for either/both creation and destruction, and a third snowglobe in the middle during Nina Sharp’s visual aid example might have prevented the momentum needed to break either globe.) As part of this action somehow, Peter gets trapped in a fluctuating temporal state (otherwise fine, but not solid in our linear timeline perception.) Fourth season is about rescuing Peter and investigating the purpose/origin/abilities of the Observer/Time-Agents using clues left by Peter at different points in history where he was able to solidify long enough to leave them (Like in the Violet Sedan Chair album.)

          …Then again, I haven’t read the rest of the comments yet.

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  9. Deneph says

    Well I’ve had no luck finding the album at the more popular indy stores in the bay area. My friend had no luck in Florida. Are the albums even out there? I would have thought someone would have posted a picture or something by now and I’m not finding anything.

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    • fringeobsessed says

      These albums ARE real!
      I discovered at 10AM EDST today some lucky person bought one from the main Newberry Comics store in Boston sometime in the last few weeks. I’m told the store only had 1 copy. What’s weird is the guy at the store said he couldn’t figure out who the distributor was.

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  10. Mireya says

    This is why I love Fringe so much. Is there another show on the air right now that puts so much effort into engaging the audience? Every little piece of this show is so well thought out. This is why I promote this show to my friends and family every chance I get. The holidays were good for that. 😉

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    • Cortexifan says

      having another 4 episode catch up session with a new Fringie tonight. We watch them at our homes and then txt back and forth. Quite funny.
      And I still have the slogan on my car that says: watch FRINGE Fridays starting Jan 21, 2011, 9/8pm on FOX.

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  11. says

    Thanks to Roco for passing this clue along. Not like I had anything else planned this weekend, but looks like I’m about to check out some local record stores. Keep us updated if anyone actually finds something!

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  12. Dan says

    HAHAHAHA!!! Maybe Fox should warn record store owners before doing something like this, I’m sure at least one of the ??? many have been destroyed now. A friend of mine works in a record shop in Roseville and about a month ago he told me about the strangest thing that had happened at work…

    A customer was trying to return a record of Mathew Jonson – Agents of Time claiming fraud. After opening the record he found that the actual album and jacket was from some “seventies ****ing nobodies!” and that a paper liner masked the true album to make it look like the Agents of Time album. The owner replaced it with one off the shelf and made the guy open it right there first (and it was the genuine agents of time record and jacket, no fake paper coving a different album). Everyone at the store felt it had to be some type of joke either at the store or at the distributors. I’m 99% sure this ended up in the dumpster (but I’m asking first thing when they open in the morning just in case)!!!!!!

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  13. FringeEskimo says

    That sounds believable!
    1. Agents of Time has 10 tracks listed (hidden track?)
    2. This is Mathew Jonson’s debut album
    3. It is known as a “trippy” album one review says ” it’s full of winding hypnotism, evolving structures and hooks that are immediate and familiar, yet completely alien…”

    Its the perfect plan to distribute maybe 20 albums nationwide yet not let on that they are rare (if the distributor did then the record shop owners would keep them themselves to ebay later). I would bet there is a way to differentiate the real Agents of Time album from a fake one containing Violet Sedan Chair. A symbol on the fake jacket? Was the paper that lined the jacket thick enough where a person could notice the difference?

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  14. LMH says

    This is too fascinating, and makes me feel like it’s the fan version of what the Fringe team did in finding the pieces of the Vacuum.

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  15. loveit says

    I just wanted to say that this is the first time I felt like I contributed something useful and I didn’t even do any of the leg work. Thanks for figuring out the anagram! Seriously, YOU GUYS RULE! How do you all do it!? :)

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  16. loveit says

    The “Agents of Time” album lists a track by the same name; the video for VSChair also uses the same terminology. This must be the observers – but what about them? Has anyone tried to figure out the video(s)?

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    • Fedorafadares says

      I like is idea. I think I’ll rematch “august” to note whether she ever glimpsed the book Walter had when he deciphered the message to meet.

      Also, i wonder if anyone has done a Ceasae shift on Violet Sedan Chair? Where’s Astrid when you need her?

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      • fringeobsessed says

        Yes. A good friend of mine who is equally as obsessed with FRINGE as I am ran “Violet Sedan Chair” last night through a Caesar Shift program and came up empty handed.

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  17. Darth Kate says

    ***LET IT BE KNOWN: as of now i am officially coining the phrase, “Thank God it’s Fringe Friday!” or “TGIFF”****

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  18. Mireya says

    This search sort of reminds me of looking for that golden ticket in Willy Wonka. 😉 I don’t have any indie record stores near me and I think others on here have checked the bay area. ;( I hope someone finds one soon.

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    • deneph says

      I’ve looked in one bay area store and have called the others I’m aware of with no luck. Going to try to make it to Berkeley today to look but I’m not hopeful after a couple of days. I’ve already called and was told others have called before so I would suspect they’ve gone into these places as well.

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      • Mireya says

        Have you tried Davis? I would think there would be a lot of little record stores there. I haven’t tried myself. In my city, there’s one used record store, but I don’t think it would be in a used record store. Or would it? 😉 I know 2 were found in Seattle. From what I remember of Seattle, there were a lot of little used books stores and record stores all over the place. Maybe all of the records are up near Vancouver.

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  19. Cortexifan says

    I was wondering since Olivia injected herself with cortexiphan if this re-activates her abilities or even new ones. And then it would make sense that she can read or decipher something that she couldn’t before.

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    • loveit says

      1. Someone figured that the comment from the person that posted this new video is an anagram for Sam Weiss (AWESIMM)
      2. Maybe Weiss collects “trophies”; JFK was assassinated, I don’t recognize the sports trophies….

      Q: Does anyone have software to play an audio file backwards? I can’t find any free software for this purpose (and I don’t have a lot of use for such things….)

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  20. matt says

    some one needs to start going around busting open copies of agents of time assuming the press release wasn’t talking about over there concerning the albums lol

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  21. Tyler says

    How much validity are you actually giving to these youtube videos?….i mean, do we know they are actually from the makers…

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    • fringeobsessed says

      You are correct. I was talking with someone closer to FOX yesterday who thinks they are fake. Me? I don’t know quite what to think.

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  22. Tyler says

    Just noticed something….does anyone have a higher quality picture of the back of the record that was in the show?…the barcode looks circled, it could have a meaning if you ran it through a scanner

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  23. FringeEskimo says

    I looked at the Agents of Time album today at a record store and one of the tracks is called “Marionette (The Beginning)”, hmmmm, the last episode of this season was called Marionette, this was “the end” of the season…

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  24. Dan says

    Grrrrrrr, so close!!!

    After work today I stopped by the record store where my buddy worked and told the owner the story Dave had told me. He said sure enough the album under the false wrapping was Violet Sedan Chair (though he remembered it as Velvet Lawn Chair). He said actually didn’t believe guys story returning the album but the guy got violent and angry, when he threatened to call the cops the guy said go ahead you “thieving (CENSORED)”. It was an empty threat and the owner didn’t want a big fiasco with a mad man and the cops at the store, got him a new copy, made him open it at the counter, the guy calmed down and left. He remembers thinking it was strange someone would try such an elaborate scam just for a $15.00 album and thought maybe it was a joke of some kind.

    He looked up the group and didn’t see anything notable about them, listened to a track (which he described at “some poorly made psychedelic garbage”) then sent it to “permanent markdown”, which it their term for the trash (the false paper liner was thrown out too). Although he has had hundreds of calls asking for the album he didn’t put two and two together until I showed him the picture of Walter holding it (and then he remembered the correct name). After this was a 15 minute rant (probably more, I just left after a while). He didn’t have any others in stock so I couldn’t check anything.

    If we keep this just on this board it will give everyone enough time to check your local record shops in person, I’m sure there is something different on the fake version of Agents of Time that will identify it (a glyph? text? song list? something). Its a real long shot there would be another copy in my area but I’ll try tomorrow.

    Kinda genius promotion, you can’t call and ask for Violet Lawn chair because they won’t have it. You have to figure out which album is the real Mathew Jonson Agents of Time and which is the impostor (kinda like discovering a fake Olivia huh?), Happy hunting, post if you find one!

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    • Christina says

      WHOA. What’s the name of the record shop and where is it? This is crazy! We’re so close! I guess now that there’s proof i’m on a hunt to find one of his albums.

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      • Candid says

        Sooo…. How is an anecdotal tell of not finding an album proof that the anecdote is true? not trying to call anyone out here, just pointing out that there’s still no ‘proof’ of anything. especially since it’s already been shone that the you tube video titled ‘Violet Sedan Chair’, the one referencing time agents, was a re-post from over a year ago, and was in fact related to an ARG called Triskabiblios (search ‘no cats need die’ to see for you self) so how the two are related is beyond me. sorry I’m a little skeptical on this whole subject but seriously, where did this take place? what was the name of the record store? how did you even hear about this originally, it’s a nice story and all, but… it just doesn’t add up to me with the missing details.

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  25. Cortexifan says

    In one of the promo photos Walter is wearing glasses where one side is red and the other blue. I don’t know if this is just Walter being Walter or whether you need 3D glasses to see something, or just the color lenses. Kind of reminds me of National Treasure where you needed special glasses to read the map on the back of the Declaration of Independence. Just a random thought.

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    • jdavis417 says

      Hmmm… a Left and a Right…
      Concerning listening to two VSC tracks simultaneously, I’m guessing that less than 50% of Hi-Fi systems at the time had inputs for multiple turntables. Perhaps it’s a Left channel of one song played with the Right of another?

      I fiddling with a free program called Audacity. It allows me to build a project, import songs, split stereo tracks, Effect Filters… This program also allows mp3’s to be Reversed!!! Imagine the impossibilities!!!;)

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  26. Frobz says

    Boy I love this stuff. In two of those videos (the ones with the strange drum machine sound) there appears to be a very strong 70’s bowling alley motif. The “trophies” video shows all bowling trophies. Not sure what to make of the Kennedy shrine, although there is a large “jack” (from the old game jacks) present near the Kennedy picture.

    As for that noise, the source isn’t obvious in the “trophies” video. It almost sounds like some diabolic machine. But, if you watch carefully in the video with the jukebox, you see that along one wall is an old 70’s organ. I think this is the source of that strange “beat” (if you’ve ever heard one of those old 70’s organs you’ll know what I mean).

    No clue at all about the Time Agent thing. All I can think is “Doctor Who” and “Torchwood,” Captain Jack Harkness (who was a time agent). Again with the “Jack” motif! I love the trippy orchestral sound to the Time Agent video. The guy with the mask almost looks like Curtis Armstrong (Booger!) who was in Fringe season 1 implicating William Bell. Near the end of the video he has those large glasses on his head, and moves closer to the camera…you can ALMOST make out what he is watching in the reflection.

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  27. says (Cap from that creepy VCS Video. „Time agents are OPERATING here…“)

    “Time Agent” is also an ‘old’ boardgame, right? Its description say: “In Time Agent, each player plays a different race who are going back through time and re-writing history to ensure that their race comes out on top. Or rather, that their race was always on top. Anyway, each race is different, but races have some natural alliances and enemies.” (More infos here: BoardGameGeek) It’s quite interesting…

    Also.. “Pyramid and All-Seeing Eye” in that one VCS video?! Nothing you say? Right. VSC’s “Seven Sun” backcover has also red-yellow-blue coloured triangle on it. Not to mention the “infinity symbol” (in that case maybe some Cosmology meaning?!) under that All-seeing eye.

    On that Wired site: “1970 – Vinyl pressings of Led Zeppelin III are discreetly inscribed with quotes from British occultist and “sex magick” hedonist Aleister Crowley.”

    You may wonder why I just pointed out to this.. Aleister Crowley was a member of the “The Hermetic order of Golden Dawn.” AND most important

    I’ve always that theory in my mind, that the Observers have something to do with “The Golden DAWN”. Just check their “CIPHER MANUSCRIPTS” out… you will be impressed because you’ll recognise those symbols. ^^

    Also look at the Observer’s binoculars view. In the left corner stand “O.III.O.” or it could be even read as O.T.O. „Ordo Templi Orientis “, in which Aleister Crowley was also a member. Remember those symbol in 1×14 and in 1×17? All refers back to Alchemy and Golden Dawn.

    „The Third Order was that of the “Secret Chiefs”, who were said to be highly skilled; they supposedly directed the activities of the lower two orders by spirit communication with the Chiefs of the Second Order.“

    And if Olivia can read Observers Writings… uhm yeah, it’s okay… I call her already secretly Elphaba. /

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    • matt says

      the O I O thing also looks roughly like a phallic symbol when the individual characters are superimposed over one another OR MORE IMPORTANTLY (since the show seems to be connecting the observers’ and their tech with the glyphs) the Greek letter THETA! or however the heck you spell it. Also, wonder where Peter’s Mom learned ancient Greek when she’s clearly Irish & the frog glyphs have ancient Greek lettering on their back…

      On a side note, anyone else also notice that the temple on the Island in LOST, which was never explained, as well as a lot of the other strange/mystical cultural elements (hailing from a version/our version of our planets past which the Observers have traversed and possibly constructed) which were never explained (like the statue with a strange number of digits and a smoke monster) bear a striking resemblance to the glyphs in fringe (strange digits on a hand/foot, a temple complex on the Island which is similar in idea to the Tales from the Fringe temple, and a flippin smoke monster…)?
      I’m thinking they may be planing on connecting the shows after the fact, or at least using Fringe to explain the greater mystery of LOST.

      I’m also thinking Bad Robot tried to make ignorant PopArt fans love Sci-Fi by ensnaring them with LOST and then later hoping to retrain their brains to love GOOD art via the genius that is Fringe using the PopArt fan-dedication that a particular generation has for Matthew Fox and our own (eternally-under-stated/both blessed and cursed forever by his previous starring role) Pacey the Vacuum Bishop.

      Good on ye Bad Robot!

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  28. Tyler says

    Just had a thought, depending on what key you wanna use, (in music) Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Si (or Ti) Do represent musical notes, and well the song is listed out of order, if we were to take the key of C, and use the notes that the song has represented by Sol la, ect, i got DFEBGA…ik that doesnt really mean anything, but if its in a different key, or maybe its an anagram or a ceasar shift or something…just a thought if someone wants to mess around with it

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  29. Blind says

    Searched “Seven Suns” and came up with some interesting stuff:
    ‘Saga of Seven Suns’ is a series of books by Kevin J. Anderson where “mysterious alien benefactors have helped humanity to spread out among the stars.” The wikipedia article talks about how there is a powerful (and probably evil) group that is ruling over most of the human race and the aliens can only “look on”. “The series details the outcome of an ancient war rekindled by human folly when scientists experimenting with alien technology.” This all sounds very Fringy with Observers and all. There have been several books that we’ve found Fringe connected to, so this may be one. I’m interested how the books detail the outcome of an ancient war. Maybe the first people were at war and the war caused the many universes to appear.
    Secondly I found a translated writing called “BUDDHA’S DISCOURSE ON THE END OF THE WORLD; OR, THE SERMON ON THE SEVEN SUNS” where Buddha was talking to monks about suns appearing after a great drought (blight, maybe). The first of the suns is ours and then with each progressive sun the drought gets worse and ponds, rivers, lakes, oceans dry up and finally the seventh sun sets everthing on fire.

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  30. fringeobsessed says

    Nice job, Blind. Speaking of books that Fringe is connected to, check out Nancy Pratt’s bookcase in “The Road Not Taken.” See that little book in the center? “Childhood’s End” by Arthur C. Clarke? That’s where the idea of using a typewriter to communicate between the ruling aliens and the earthlings came from. It’s a strange piece of idyllic sci-fi from the 1950’s. I’m not quite finished with it. There’s a group of aliens called “The Overlords” that watch over everything the earthlings do. The Overlords come from a different star, and are immortal. They could be like the First People in Fringe.

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    • Blind says

      This mention of an alien race that overlooks but cannot interact with or effect the outcome of events with the humans makes me think that we (the watchers of Fringe) fit that description best. I believe we are the 3rd/yellow universe.

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  31. Cortexifan says

    I went to an indi recordstore yesterday and they have never heard of Mathew Johnson, Agents of time or Violet Sedan Chair.

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  32. Ado says

    I keep thinking about the missing track on side B, “Green Mana” and then an idea struck me. What if the missing track is UNDER the label? Is there any precedence for such a thing?

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  33. HarveyMidnight says

    Okay… as we’re looking for clues on the VSD Seven Suns album… Track 9, “Seven Suns (Setting)” has got a backward-speaking voice, heard in the right channel from about 2:02 to 2:45 into the song. I don’t have any decent headphones on hand, and I’d need them to decipher it. Running it backwards, it SORT-of sounds like the speaker says “…but it has to be a secret” at least once in there…

    I’ve isolated that portion of the song, made an mp3 of it in reverse… tomorrow when I get back to my ipod & my ‘good’ headphones, I am gonna see if I can make out what he’s saying.

    In the meantime…. anybody else wanna take a whack at it?

    Also, this may have been reported previously.. .but the last 2 names of the “Long List Of Lovers” on track 5 are ‘William and Walt’ as in William Bell & Walter Bishop…

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    • Frost says

      ..I’ve ben touing with it… but not backwards.. you are sur eit is backwards I can hear that talkig there

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