Fringe shows Healthy DVR Increase

Good news. The DVR figures for the January 28th episode of Fringe – “The Bishop Revival” show a significant increase in overall viewing and key demo. With Fringe said to be on the “bubble”, this is another piece of positive news for the show. Hit the jump for the break-down.

According to TVByTheNumbers, the DVR figures for “The Bishop Revival” show a healthy 22% increase in total viewers with the Live+7 viewing factored in (that’s viewers who DVR’d the episode and watched within 7 days of broadcast) – giving Fringe the fourth largest overall increase for that week:

The Live+7 figures also show a 28% increase in the 18-49 key demo (3.92):

[data via]

While this is certainly good news, it’s worth bearing in mind that the much maligned Heroes actually tops the Live+7 charts for that week. From a purist point of view it would be somewhat of a surprise if Heroes gets renewed (although it’s not impossible, considering the contrasting situation between the two respective networks).

At the end of the day there will be several factors which will impact the Fringe renewal chances. From the noises we’ve been hearing, it looks like Live+7 figures will be taken into account:

“it’s got an audience. And if you look at the live seven numbers, the audiences haven’t left it behind, they’re just watching it on their DVR.”FOX President Kevin Reilly

This is positive stuff, and shows that a significant number of viewers are watching Fringe as their DVR choice. It’s not rocket science to predict that the returning episodes will carry the most weight, so hopefully more people will watch the show live, or at the very least within 7 days of broadcast – because, you know, I really like Fringe. If Lost and Fringe end at the same time I’ll probably end up starting That’s a mythology show that deals with fascinating concepts, right?

Anyway, fingers, knees and toes crossed! Well, maybe not knees – I have to walk, dammit.


  1. Stefan says

    Regarding Heroes ratings: In procentage – every centimeter you get up is way more if your nose is in the dirt…
    But also – 11 million viewers – that’s actually over season 1 level (Season 1 average: 9.96 mil. viewers / Season 2 average so far: 7.04 mil. viewers – numbers from Wikipedia).
    And Roco, if it really is all over this season go for – that actually is a mythology-heavy show (No kidding; it really is) – that I really enjoy to watch.

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    • says

      I thought that too and I was prepared too hate it but it’s really not like Twilight – OK, not that I have read or watched Twilight… No really many people thought that but it is very much the opposite. Anyhow this is FringeBloggers and not TheVampireDiariesBloggers – yet…

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  2. mlj102 says … wow. I’m nearly speechless. Somehow that just doesn’t have the same ring to it…

    I do not get all the hype surrounding Glee, so I am not a fan of the show at all. But even with that being the case, if you ever did start up a blog for that show, I think I’d have to read it just to see what you would be able to come up with for each week. I would love to read your weekly “Glee Observations.”

    Of course if it’s a choice between FringeBloggers and GleeBloggers, it’s no competition — FringeBloggers all the way! And, by the looks of things, I would say that Fringe is looking more and more promising for renewal. As long as it comes back in April with strong ratings similar to the last several episodes, I think it’s a done deal. Personally, I still expect FOX to renew it and keep it on Thursdays. It struggled at the beginning, but it has done what FOX wanted it to do, it has managed to establish itself in that competitive timeslot, and I think FOX will want to keep it there while other shows continue to go down (CSI and Greys have been getting lower and lower each week…). What else could FOX possibly put there that would continue to hold up as well as Fringe has done?

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    • says

      Ha! Yeah, I think I’m on a hiding to nothing with

      I’m not into Gleeeeeee either, not really my thing. Too many sing-y, dance-y people. That’s what the theatre is for (no offense Gleeeeeee fans).

      “Glee Observations” – LOL, too funny! 😛

      I agree, unless FOX can pull a rabbit out of their hats, what other show (aside from the ones they don’t want to move like “Idol”) would do as well on Thursday against the current crop?

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      • mlj102 says

        On a somewhat related note, it appears that, after truly pathetic ratings, FOX has officially canceled Past Life. Though it really comes as no surprise, I am somewhat surprised that they did it so fast. And, while Past Life really wasn’t anything special to begin with, it did give an indication of how a new show would hold up when thrown into the chaos of Thursday night competition. That said, it seems to be even more proof that, if FOX wants to keep up the Thursday ratings, leaving Fringe where it is is their best bet.

        With that, I bid a fond farewell to Past Life. It was nice while it lasted… a whole three episodes. It’s a shame you’ll never be able to give a chance…

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        • says

          Thanks for the heads-up mlj. We must have got the news at the same time. I agree with your assessment – if FOX need any indication of how a new show (as average as PL may have been) might perform in the Thursday slot, they now have a more informed view.

 – actually I had already bought the domain. What a waste of money that was. (shakes fist at fickle network gods) :(


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      • FlashWriter says

        Hi Roco,
        I’m not a Glee fanboy by any means, yet I understand its appeal. What you have is basically a musical–a musical with the worst libretto known to man kind–with these really fabulous musical numbers. I never even heard of Lea Michele until this show and now I’ve become a real fan of hers. They do the best covers I’ve ever heard, good enough where I actually buy them from iTunes.

        I grit my teeth through the speaking parts (God, most of the characters are SO OVERDONE), but it’s worth it just to get to the music. I just wish somebody would steal the writers’ PCs. The buzz is that they’re doing a restart on some of the story elements. I hope so, my Pepto bill is starting to weigh on the familly budget (I have to deal with the libretto somehow).

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        • says

          Hi Flash,

          Thanks for the info. Glee is one of those shows I like to rib from time to time. :) I’m not opposed to a musical if it’s well done, but it’s one of those were I really have to be in the mood (especially if it’s on TV). I’ll bear your endorsement in mind though! (although what you said about the “overdone” aspects – I can see where you’re coming from. I’m not sure I could sit through that)

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  3. Fringefan1991 says

    Does watching the show online within seven days help the ratings? I am in college and can never watch the show on Thursday nights as no one on my hall has a TV.

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  4. says

    Hi Fringefan1991 – As far as I’m aware, if you watch the show within 7 days via the official FOX VOD player or Hulu, it helps. It might not have as big a impact as Live or Live+7 DVR (as far as I know), but in the evolving medium, legitimate online viewing does seem to be taking on more importance with networks and advertisers.

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  5. FlashWriter says

    Question: How do they measure L+SD and L+7, viewer age, etc.? I mean, how can they know? Are there reporting families like with Nielson or what?

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  6. FringeFan2009 says

    I said it once and I’ll say it again, “If Fox cancels Fringe, I’m boycotting the station for 5 years.”

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