FRINGE: Seth Gabel On Lincoln’s Journey, Lands Role In CW’s Arrow


Seth Gabel has reflected on his Fringe experience in a new interview.

Speaking to Huff Post TV, Gabel said:

It was an incredible finish. I joined the show at the end of Season 2 as a guest star, and then recurred in Season 3, and then became a regular in Season 4. So it was very interesting for me to be at the end with everyone when I wasn’t necessarily there at the beginning. But what was profound was that I really felt like a part of the family, and it was a really beautiful experience overall. We’re all just so grateful that the show got to last as long as it did, and that they got the chance to actually complete the story in a way that’s going to satisfy the audience.

For those who don’t know, Gabel can soon be seen on the CW’s Arrow as [SPOILER ALERT] supervillan Count Vertigo.


  1. SissySiri says

    OMG this is awesome. I have been watching Arrow, now I will really have to take notice. This is the best news, I am so happy for Seth. I really loved the Lincoln Lee character in both Universes. Yeah!!!!!! :-) :-) :-)

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    • says

      Wait…you loved BOTH I repeat BOTH Lincolns, and you hated Black Blotter as an episode. As a Fringe fan you are an enigma. I can’t seem to pinpoint you Siri. I agree with most of you comments, and views. But theses are just two things we don’t see eye to eye on. LOL! I still like you though! :)

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      • SissySiri says

        I have been defending “our” Lincoln from the get go. I never thought of myself as an enigma, I am more of a person who sticks up for the underdog, which has landed me in all sorts of difficulty over the years. You can’t pinpoint me – hummm, I’ve heard that a time or two! :-)

        I did not like Black Blotter because since I have never taken any illegal drugs so I guess I really shouldn’t comment on how it has always been portrayed on Fringe, but I found this episode to be over the top, you know, silly, with the animation, the fairy, and everything. Here we are a few episodes away from the end and this foolishness (IMO) went on and on, and on.

        So in closing, yes I liked the two Lincolns, yes, I did not like Black Blotter.

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  2. Red Balloon says

    I love that pic!!! two of the most controversial characters… loved and hated but acted true to form :)

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  3. chantal says

    Anna torv will be a guest on Conan O’Brien, along with Jose James and Chris Pratt, on tbs Tuesday December 18th at 11/10c.

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