FRINGE: Series Finale Cast Interviews [WATCH]


Fox has uploaded a slew of series finale interviews with the cast.


  1. ML says

    Bwaha @ Anna’s comment about the boy contact falling out.

    Josh brings up an interesting point about Olivia’s regrets. But I don’t think Olivia has regrets about her choice. I think she even states that to Lincoln.

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    • scully8 says

      Thank you, ML. Sometimes Josh’s read on Olivia’s arc isn’t always spot on. First and foremost, Olivia said that she had absolutely no regrets. Also, I don’t think it was ever in Olivia’s mind that she would get together with Lincoln; she doesn’t remember there ‘near’ date. In my opinion, she always looked at Lincoln as a friend. I think it was pretty apparent in her conversation with the woman about her husband (Lincoln was that ‘friend’/ shoulder to lean on, etc.)

      I think it was important for Olivia to see what her life could have been (now will be) if Over Here hadn’t been takeover by the Observers. Like in season three, she saw that it was possible to be happy by observing AltLivia . . . and in the final section in the park, I think that’s what her expression represented — contentment and happiness. I also think the way she leaned into Peter’s arms in the van after returning from Over There seemed like she truly appreciated his presence and love even more. I don’t know, I’m just a romantic.

      I didn’t mean to go off. Again, thanks ML for your comment.

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      • ML says

        Agree. Glad you mentioned the scene in the van. That’s exactly how I took the scene. Olivia even slightly smiles there. There’s just love and relief there. That scene and the 2 kisses in the finale were all Peter being there loving and supporting Olivia. Much of the previous eps it was Olivia being the support for Peter so it was appropriate to see the opposite.
        I like seeing that Alt Liv had so much happiness but Olivia and Peter despite the hell they had been thru, still had each other.

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        • ~Blu~Phnix~ says

          Love the van scene. It’s how I saw it too. Just pure relief she still has Peter. She just leans right on him, no second thoughts or pauses. Nice little bookend to their scene when she crosses over. Since, in that scene, if you watch close, she kinda does this hand thing, like, “Peter it’s fine, etc..” Then he goes up to her and then the kiss etc. Then when she gets back she just goes straight for that shoulder of his. Nice.

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  2. SissySiri says

    These were great snippets from the cast. I also loved the comment about the contact lens slipping. I also like Joshua talking about giving back to the fans and his concern about the long-term fans being happy. His and the rest of the casts appreciation for the fans is incredible.

    IMO I think this show is going to have a Star Trek kind of following. And I think that as more people see Fringe on the Science Channel they are going to kick themselves that they did not watch it earlier in the game. I am so grateful for all 100 episodes, but it sure would have been nice to have two more seasons.

    I don’t think I am going to be watching The Following – it appears to be too violent, and enough already with serial killers. Fringe had lots of violence, but it was Science Fiction and Walter took the sting off of the violence with his humor. Remember the dehydrated man on the table he was examining, Walter is flailing one of the guys dried up organs in one hand and eating potato chips with his other hand. Come on, seriously, does it get any better than that? :-)

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  3. 134sc says

    I would really like to know what Josh Jackson thinks of the White Tulip scene. I mean clearly he and Wyman would have conversed about that final look into the camera, so I’m interested to know how Josh feels about it and what the look was trying to convey.

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  4. DeepRunner says

    Good interviews all around.

    Coupla things stuck out:

    * Anna Torv sounded a bit…mmm…wistful about Olive being less in the forefront (if I read her right, I agree…Olivia should have had more prominence in the final season. The story was always about her, and Wyman spent way too much time, in my opinion, on the treasure hunt–Anna Torv deserved more, and deserved better). I think she could have had more presence in Peter’s turn to the dark side.

    * Ash Can/Abner/Ostrich/Astro/Aspirin/Esther/Alex/Claire got more screen time in her cast interviews than she did during season five

    * I said it before…when it’s time for me to make my last stand…I want Broyles on my side

    * Joshua Jackson is right that Fringe will live on, if only because it is the best. sci-fi. show. ev-ver. (Waiting eagerly for the Fringe feature film, if it ever happens)

    * Who here was eager to see Amber/Purple Lincoln? (chirp-chirp) :)

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      • DeepRunner says

        The problem was, to get the Faux O, you had to get Lincoln. Package deal and, yes, it answered the question of what happened after the bridge closed.

        But was it ever really a question?

        I had a strong feeling when we saw pictures of Seth Gabel @ the 100-Eppy-Fest that it was cash money that we would see Amber/Purple/Plot-Device/Eunuch Lincoln one. more. time. Understand, I like Seth Gabel. He was just saddled with a character most folks didn’t like much.

        There was a writer once named John Ciardi who talked about the sympathetic contract that a poet makes with a reader, which allows the reader to see things through the writer’s or (in this case) character’s eyes. It implies pretty deep involvement on the part of the reader and something striking and personally-affecting about the content presented.

        There was nothing (OK not nothing, but not a lot) striking about Our Lincoln. He struck most as having the appeal of four-day-old oatmeal. Therefore, we could not have the sympathetic contract with that character. Peter’s shadow was already pretty substantial as part of The Big Three. The inevitable comparisons between Peter, who was “California Cool,” and Lincoln, who was “Albuquerque Arid,” plus the forced, poor-chemistry relationship with Olive, only made it worse for Lincoln.

        Again, I like Seth Gabel. If the writers had done differently with Over Here Lincoln, that character would most likely have been viewed far more favorably.

        There, I feel better. :)

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          • Ben says

            I didn’t care for Lincoln either, or Bolivia in this case. I think they overstayed their welcome in season 4. And I think Olivia was poorly used also in season 4, but again, Peter was even more underused. But JJ didn’t say a thing about it, and that shows a good manner or his diplomatic use of word in regard for future employment :)
            It is obviously fan service this Bolivia/Linc stuff. It is force, and unrealistic. C’mon – he just come to their side and replace another human kind – almost in all respect. And nobody find that strange? Hm, weird audience.

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  5. _lost_stef_ says

    I have to admit i teared up watching the cast talk about the finale.

    Kind of have to agree with DeepRunner in regards to his comments about Anna Torv she just doesn’t seem all that satisfied (mm not sure if thats the right word) with how it ended and Olivia’s arc.

    I love that Josh thinks that Fringe will live on because of us Fringies because we all know it will. We are all too passionate about the show to let it fade away

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  6. says

    Great wrap-up of things on Fringe.
    Loved to hear all of the comments and thoughts of the cast.
    This friday i will start with the rewatches on my sites and commentary aswel, and it is so much fun to use all the bits from youtube for that.
    Fringe has really put a whole bunch of cool stuff (off series) online, so we can all keep using it in our comments and on our sites.
    Want to revisit Massive Dynamic?
    Let the rewatch fun begin!! :)

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  7. James says

    Mmm, without sounding like THAT fan who constantly goes on about Olivia/Anna having no screentime and Walter and Peter dominating the show…

    I get the feeling that Anna is smiling but is ultimately disappointed in what she got this season.

    It must be confusing to be the lead of the show (and yes you can argue that Peter and Walter are leads too, but ultimately the show was told through the eyes of Olivia) and then relegated to an almost-secondary character like Astrid.

    She had her moments this season, but you cannot disagree with the fact that this was basically Walter and Peter’s season. I mean, the last shot of the show ever was Peter.

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    • MISSNETT says

      I agree. I always looked at this story as Olivia’s journey. So yea I was sorry to see less of the Olivia we love this season. I loved the final scene of Peter but I still think the last shot should have been of Olivia. It was always her story.

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    • ML says

      Which is why Olivia’s story feels incomplete to me. When I watch those early seasons with so much focus on Olivia, it just feels like Olivia was left hanging in the end.

      Yes, she got her happy ending but I think we really needed on final moment with Olivia.

      Anna’s probably too respectful to say anything about the shift Wyman did away from Olivia but if I were her I’d be upset. There’s a reason she was number 1 on the callsheet, Wyman.

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      • James says

        I think the ending could have had both of them on screen, something like this:

        [Olivia, Peter and Etta come through the house door, Etta runs off upstairs]

        Peter opens the letter from Walter.

        Olivia: What is it?

        Peter: It’s from Walter.

        They both look at the white tulip, and then both at the camera with an ambiguous look.


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        • James says

          Also, a nice little tidbit that I missed on my first viewing:

          When Peter picks up the pile of letters, you can hear Olivia and Etta giggling upstairs as Olivia is about to give her a bath, which they discussed in the park.

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          • scully8 says

            Yeah, and Olivia can be heard saying “now you’re just being silly.” Not the best, but at least we know she interacted with Etta immediately. I hear that they have scenes of Olivia with Etta, but just didn’t use them. I guess we’ll have to wait and see when the DVD comes out.

            In terms of Olivia’s story — I don’t feel like she didn’t get a complete story, but it could have been more . . . not sure what.

            Anna, in one of her interviews at Comic Con, when asked about the Olivia character, said she always felt that Olivia was a loner. That total happiness might be illusive. With this as her guide, Anna surmised that in order for Olivia to get to that happy place, she would have to go to the extreme of loner place before she could come around to being happy. Anna said that was how she was approaching this season. She also said that she liked the idea of Peter and Olivia being destined to be together and that she wanted Olivia to have a happy ending.

            Also, I agree that Anna Torv may not have the same excitement for this season, as her favorite was season 3 and playing Altlivia. With that said, I believe that because all 4 previous seasons really focused on the Olivia story, it was only fair (or even appropriate) for Peter to have his time in the sun.

            To be honest, I’m struggling with the Olivia question myself, but I have to remember that Olivia did finally get her happy ending. The ostacled-ridden Polivia story got its happy ending.

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            • ML says

              But why is it important for Peter to have his moment? That’s not how tv should work.
              You don’t take you lead character, your most dynamic character and make her a supporting character for a shows final season.
              I don’t know of another show which had done that.

              And I’m sure I’ll hear from the wrath of Peter fans(I like him too) but he has always been the shows most boring character. For Wyman to dedicate the focus of the final season on too much on him was a misstep, imo.

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              • number six says

                Obviously, I disagree with your perception about who is the most boring or more dynamic, but to each their own. However, I don’t understand some fans’ need to contradict, what the producers have said all along, that there are 3 main characters. Those who think there was only one, they have a right to think so, but then they can only blame themselves for their skewed perception.

                To me, if there was one character worthy of the adjective of “main” that’s Walter Bishop. It has been his story all along. The focus on the characters has changed several times during the run of the show and it ended rightfully focusing on Walter. It’s irrelevant who got the last shot, because Walter was the absolute protagonist of the finale. As for the last shot, the important thing is that it makes sense and to me it makes sense that it was Peter, the one who was the most connected to Walter.

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                • Starman says

                  Agreed. This doesn’t mean that Olivia isn’t important, because without her the Fringe team would never have gotten together. But Walter’s actions were at the root of most of the storylines, and kidnapping Peter from the other side was ground zero for the war between universes. Without Walter there would have been much less need for a Fringe team. It was completely appropriate that the series end focused on his sacrifice to make amends for his past actions.

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                • ML says

                  And the actors have always said Anna was the lead of Fringe.
                  Anyone who watches S1-4 can see that the story is told thru mostly Olivia’s eyes. Yes, there are 3 characters but Olivia has been the main protagonist for the run of Fringe up until the last season. There’s a reason why an actor is first on a call sheet.
                  The things that happen on the show almost always came down to how it affected Olivia. What was Peter’s role for most of the show? Walter’s son and there as Olivia’s support. Once in awhile he’d get an arc that lasted for a few eps.

                  Walter’s is important because its what he did that caused all this. Of course! But it almost always came down to how this affected Olivia. That’s why she’s the main protagonist. S2 was when W/P’s relationship was brought to the forefront with Olivia’s story running along side it but the bulk of the show has always been told around Olivia. Why do you think so many people have been talking about Olivia taking a backseat this season? Because its never happen on the show before.

                  I recommend you read Ryan McGee’s review of S5. He points out what was wrong with the season and that is the shift away from Olivia.

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                  • ML says

                    btw, I’m not arguing this because I dislike W/P’s story. I love it. I wouldnt want to the show to change what it was. Its been the heart of Fringe.
                    I’m just saying S5 moved away from Olivia and I didn’t like it.

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                    • number six says

                      I’ve read so many people dropping the name of Ryan McGee so often for good and for bad… I’m not saying that he doesn’t have a point, but many other critics have loved Olivia’s arc this season and have pointed out different misgivings about this season. I don’t think her arc is without problems, but every character has had issues with their arcs, not just her and I don’t think her “centrality” has been in question. She stopped every fire this season (stopped the loyalist’s torture, Peter’s conversion into an Observer, Windmark…), the only difference I see is that there was no Fringe Division for her, no cases to investigate, but her centrality has been kept intact.

                      As for what the other actors have said… they have pointed out Anna is the lead, so what? The makers of the show still insisted this a show with three main characters and, as they said at Comic Con, John Noble (Walter Bishop) was Fringe’s greatest creation. They paid homage to that fact this season and I can’t see anything wrong about it.

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                  • Starman says

                    I agree that Olivia should have had more of a role in the overall storyline this season, but I felt that the finale was much more balanced in that each of the characters had important roles to play. I haven’t agreed with a lot of Ryan McGee’s reviews because he was never able to accept the timeline reboot at the end of Season 3. I have some issues with Season 4 myself, but he even criticized the Season 4 episodes that were well-done like “And Those We’ve Left Behind.” I was actually surprised that he gave relatively positive reviews of at least a couple of Season 5 episodes, because I didn’t think he would ever find an episode he liked in the new timeline, but I felt his negative review of the series finale was way off-base.

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                    • ML says

                      Yeah, even though I brought up McGee I agree on his negativity on Fringe. He’s one of those who never got over S4 so it tainted the rest of the show for him.

                      Agree on the finale. I never said I had a problem with it, in fact I loved it, except I would have liked one final moment with Olivia at the end.

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  8. Surun Tunne says

    I’m already doing a fringe rewatch again…it feels so damn good when you watch the earlier episodes and know that it will be worth it and that the show ends great!

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  9. SissySiri says

    I agree that Season 5 spent too much time un-ambering VCR tapes, but other than that, I think it was played just right.

    Olivia was reunited with her daughter, then Etta died, she became more introverted after that traumatic situation. I’m not disagreeing with any opinions here, I am just saying that for me I had no problems with the others being in the forefront of the story. And at the end it was Olivia being able to cross over that saved the world. I don’t know how much more an actress or actor could ask for.

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  10. 2HD says

    Ash Can/Abner/Ostrich/Astro/Aspirin/Esther/Alex/Claire has been very vocal about her lack of screentime in both seasons 4 and 5 (not in these videos though). I remember her reblogging a fringeconfession and using specific tags to address her frustrations and that happened after her twitter fiasco. In both cases she rubbed people the wrong way with her ongoing public battles with the fringe fans on her blog.

    Plus not a while ago, a photographer in Vancouver stated that Jasika became very unpleasant in the final season, that her ego is too big now and that she soured him on her when she told him she was glad the show was ending and stopped engaging with fans in the last season. Ouch!

    I doubt all of this will affect her career in the future but she could have been a little more tactful about it. I wish her the best of luck and i can not wait to see the whole cast in their future projects.

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      • 2HD says

        Well she reblogged a fringeconfession “It really irritates me how the writers are still finding ways to only give Astrid 4 or 5 lines per episode” and used the following tags: “Filed under welcome to my life feeling less sidekick and more kick in the side feelings thoughts heartbreak didn’t we almost have it all? dont mind me folks this reblog brought to you by the entirety of season 5 and most parts of season 4.”
        A part of the fandom thought that was inappropriate. Like biting the hand that feeds you.

        Before that she had arguments with several people (in both twitter/tumblr) about her hairstyle, fans asking her to get Anna Torv and John Noble to join twitter and people expressing their love and admiration for her. The result was for her to quit twitter. After days of online fighting.

        As for the photographer, let me copy/paste his post:

        “After the set of scenes that the 4 of them wrapped, I was happy to be able to get autographs from three of the 4, especially Blair, who like I said, I rarely see. The only denial was from Jasika Nicole, who in the last year has gone from amazingly pleasant to cocky & borderline rude. In the span of a minute, she denied 3 different people, 2 of which were people she was meeting for the 1st time. In the last year, this has been her usual response when asked for autographs “not today”, the 1 and only time I DID see her sign this year was a day where a bunch of out of town fans were at the set during a Fringe Fan event that was going on here. Every other time, in the last year, she has gone out of her way to ignore, or deny, requests. She is going to be in for a shock when the show finally ends, and her ability to land a new job doesnt happen immediately. Guess she thinks shes made it now & doesnt have to sign, which is odd, as her more experienced cast mates are all great with interacting with fans.”
        Pretty harsh that dude if you ask me.

        That’s not a slam against J. Nicole, i believe she’s extremely talented and sweet. Once again all the best.

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          • ML says

            meaning she didn’t like how Astrid had nothing to do in S4 and 5.

            Jasika certainly had the right to express herself but it certainly made me look at her a different way.
            I mean really, its not like Astrid is so important that she deserved any kind of story. She was lucky with what the writers gave her.

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            • Sajib says

              I do sympathetise with her a bit. If they were only gonna give her five lines an episode, it would’ve been better sending her off with a heroic death early on and freeing up that slot to give more screentime to the main three characters. If someone is not purely important to the story, you don’t just simply leave them hanging. You either phase them out slowly or give them something more to do. I get the feeling that communication between Jasika and the show runners was not there and hence she was not kept in the loop as to Astrid’s role in the season. Otherwise why would she be bringing it out now?

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  11. Sajib says

    I’m kind of frustrated that we are still having this constant bickering regarding the focus or lack of it for some characters. The time for doing that was during the shows run. Right now we should be celebrating that legacy that this great show is leaving behind, not mulling over missed opportunities.

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    • James says

      But Season 5 was a massive missed opportunity for Olivia.

      At first it seemed the plot was there, 5.02 was quite big for her with all the Etta/Loyalist scenes, but it wasn’t until 5.08 that she had something to do again, in the episodes in between she just seemed a tag-along with the occasional line.

      5.12 was another big episode for Olivia because of the nature of what she had to do, but again in 5.13 she just seemed a background character. She didn’t even get a resolution scene with Walter (which I thought would be really nice for Olivia to say that she finally fully forgave Walter for the cortexiphan trials and that he shouldn’t blame himself) like Astrid, Peter and September did.

      Her killing Windmark was a big fist-pump moment. This is the Olivia I wanted all season, that I was waiting for, the pro-active one who would be bloody pissed off about her daughter being murdered.

      She just seemed off all-season. Olivia just wasn’t enough of a presence for me. That’s not a slight towards Anna, she did bloody well with the material she got, but there wasn’t enough.

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      • ML says

        Any thoughts on why Wyman decided not to write a final scene between Olivia and Walter?
        With their complicated history we should have had one. I just dont understand it.

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        • James says

          Their scene is 3.21 when Walter says Olivia doesn’t know how special she is is one of the best Fringe scenes ever.

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        • shidey17 says

          I honestly think Wyman just didn’t know what to do with her and how to write something for her without making the rest of the season too convoluted. I can’t think of any other reason why this season was basically a treasure hunt for tapes.

          Don’t get me wrong, I love Olivia, but I don’t really care how the season would have played out as long as all 3 of the main characters’ stories were resolved (which I think they were). But I do think we could have gotten a lot more depth in writing for the big 3 if there had been more focus on them all along.

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          • ML says

            There was plenty to do with her. I can see the basic outline of her arc this season but it wasn’t explored. Too much time wasted on repetitive scenes and dialogue.
            Anyway, its time gone. If only they had brought cortexiphan Olivia back earlier. She would have won the war single handedly ;p

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      • Sajib says

        I don’t doubt you that Olivia wasn’t as proactive as we have come to know over the series. But is focusing on it now gonna change any of that? I’ve always felt that the more people focus on the miss opportunities and their personal disappointments, the more disenchanted they become with some of the shows aspects to the point where people may not watch anymore because its too painful for them. I’m not saying that you can’t discuss about it, it’s just that focusing on your personal disappointment of the show all the time can create a unfulfilling, almost empty void in your heart that keeps getting wider and wider. And the more you think about it, the more unsatisfied you become. Sometimes you just have to give your regrets a quick reflectory glance and then move on, or it will all-out consume you like a cancer that spreads through the body.

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        • ML says

          You’re right, sajib.

          I will try and take my disappointment in many aspects of S5 and just try and focus on what I loved about Fringe. :)

          And I did say many times that I think the final 2 hours kicked butt :)

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