Fringe Sees ‘Jacksonville’ DVR Gains

With DVR ratings seemingly having a larger bearing on whether or not shows make the cut for another season, it’s worth keeping tabs on how the Fringe viewing audience is recording the show, and how soon afterwards they are watching it. Last week’s DVR figures for The Bishop Revival were good – adding to the overall viewing figures and the key demographic.

Now, almost 3 weeks after it aired, we have the DVR figures for the winter finale that was Jacksonville (they take a few weeks to be calculated), and the news continues to be positive. Hit the jump for the continuation of positive news.

It seems Nielsen’s Live-Plus-Seven-Day (Live +7) DVR ratings system is all the rage these days, and it could very well be the feather in Fringe’s fedora. In case you don’t know, live-plus-seven-day refers to the people who watch an episode live, or within a few hours of its original broadcast, as well as those who record the episode and watch within seven days of said broadcast on their DVRs.

The “Jacksonville” Live-plus-seven-day figures show a 36% increase in the overall 18-49 ratings – the joint largest broadcast increase for that week. Here’s a chart. Charts are fun (via):

It’s good to see Fringe at the top of a ratings list, even if we have to share it with Betty. I thought that show finished already?

As for Fringe‘s chances of being renewed, I don’t think much has changed since last week (toes and fingers still crossed), although these DVR figures will surely hold its chances in good stead.


  1. Inter-Dimensional Dave says

    Good news. I participated in a Nielsen ratings last Fall and faithfully recorded all my DVR viewing. It counts people.

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  2. Clara says

    I hope your right, of all the shows on TV its the only one I would really get upset over them canceling it, its the best show one TV right now, and I even watch the reruns over and over again just to get my Fix, LOL! I love all the actors and their characters as well as the stories, I have very few shows I like that I feel even close to that about, X files I liked mostly Scully, the stories were okay but some I didn’t really like, But with Fringe I truly like everything about it, its better then X Files, Its like having the best of it and maybe Bones, but together with even better characters and stories.The only other show where I like all the characters in is Stargate SG 1, even though I do like other shows too like the Mentalist and CSI shows, House and Bones I like Fringe Better, they could take them off and as long as I have Fringe I would be happy, really!

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