FRINGE: Season 5 Premiere Sneak Peeks & Cast Interview Videos


Fox has released new sneak peeks from the Fringe Season 5 premiere along with new video interviews with Anna TorvJohn NobleJoshua JacksonJasika Nicole and Georgina Haig. Head below to get in on all of that.

5.01 “Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11” Sneak Peeks

Anna Torv Season 5 Interview

John Noble Season 5 Interview

Joshua Jackson Season 5 Interview

Jasika Nicole Season 5 Interview

Georgina Haig Season 5 Interview

HT: Fringe Latino

“Thought Transilience Unifier Model-11” premieres Friday, September 28 on Fox.



  1. Tash says

    Looks awesome!!!
    I’ve got a bit of a random queston though- do the observers call themselves the observers??? or is that just a name that fringe division made up for them?

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    • says

      I thought that The Observers call themselves by the names of the month among themselves, no ?

      Walter and co. coined the name The Observers.

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      • Tash says

        Oh alright (:
        I knew they called each individual by the name of the month but i was wondering what they called themselves as a group (:
        And i couldnt remember whether it was the observers themselves or walter and co who made ‘the observers’ name up (:

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        • Lincless says

          It was Broyles 😉
          From The Arrival:
          BROYLES: What it looks like he’s doing. He’s watching. Observing. Which is why we refer to him as ‘The Observer’. But what he wants and why he’s there, we don’t know.

          And month names are just code names given to members of their scientific teams. I think they have real names, actually.

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          • Hatch says

            I wonder if we’ll ever find out September’s true name. It would be hilarious if it was something like “Alan.”

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  2. Jacko says

    AGHHWRSFG! I’ve been wondering, where the cortexi-kids created to battle the alt-verse, the observers, or help Bell create his new universe? And was the beacon a holding cell in a way for September? Lastly, was the brain pieces from Walter’s head taken out because Walter figured out how to create a new universe?

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  3. Orionis Beta says

    to me, it seems as though Georgina is gonna be as tough as nail as her mother is; AWESOME… Dunhamnator2 AKA Bishopnator

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  4. DeepRunner says

    In the sneak peeks, Walter has a mean streak. When Peter points out that Walter is not wearing pants, you almost hope for the old beloved goofy Walter being surprised by that. Since Simon fixed him up, he has been the cold, impersonal, calculating Walter. Ditto on the statement about Peter deserting them. This is a different Walter, one who, by reason of logic, knows this is not his Peter. This Walter, if he remains as is, will be less likable, I think. This is not the Walter of season 2 and season 3 (or even the latter half off season 4).

    It will be interesting to see how this gets resolved, especially if Walter gets his memories back. That would be a big payoff, with the money shot being Walter with September.

    As far as the interviews go, Fox is just increasing the anticipation Fringies have for the show.

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    • Hatch says

      He’s the version of Walter we saw in “Grey Matters,” when Newton briefly restored Walter’s “old” self before Bell cut the pieces out. He’s the guy that Walter ultimately turned into after Peter’s death.

      Basically, he’s Walternate.

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      • DeepRunner says

        Walternate always had style; yes he could be cold and calculating, but he always had style. This version of Walter, it is easy to see why he did not like who he was becoming.

        Understand, I think John Noble is an excellent performer and has given us 4,367,8065,123 versions of Walter throughout the show. (OK, the number is a bit high.) But this is the least sympathetic portayal and I suspect it will be an adjustment for people who remember Our Walter.

        But I guess if we could weather the first seven episodes of season 4, then this may not be much at all.

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  5. earthbrah says

    You know, I bet that part of Walter’s odyssey is going to be learning to balance the cold calculation we are already beginning to see with the compassionate Walter we grew to love.

    Though John Noble has done many versions of this character, I believe this will be the last and most challenging for him to play. Perhaps.

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