FRINGE: Season 5 Premiere Sneak Peek


Fox has released a short new clip from the season 5 opener, “Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11”.

HT: Fringe Latino

Update: turns out the clip above is an easter egg from the ‘Astrid Wanted’ clip, hence why it is so short.


  1. williamreturns says

    haha, they’re not going to give anything away are they? I think that is the shortest Fringe sneak peak I’ve ever seen, and I’m glad, they usually reveal too much.

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  2. Jacko says

    Can someone explain to me how the whole machine/peter traveling through time (how did he do that anyway?) to set the pieces/ that advanced civilization/ Peter dissapearing all connect? I never really understood from the comic and the show how Peter made a different choice than before, why he was erased from time after he fixed the universe (Wouldn’t that cause the bridge to NOT be formed) and all of that confusing things with the First People?

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    • JM says

      My answer: try to forget all of that, I dont think its ever going to be explained (atleast to the degree we as fans want), I’m just trying not to remember the whole machine thing and him disappearing from existence its much more enjoyable if you pretend season 4 never happened

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  3. Ben says

    Wow, that’s about as short as the trailers for American Horror Story: Asylum. I like the short-and-sweet style of trailer. I watched that twice just to make sure there wasn’t something I missed. My crazy schedule at DISH means I will miss the airing of the premiere, but I have a plan. My Hopper DVR with PrimeTime Anytime will automatically record all the shows on all four major networks automatically. I don’t have to set a reminder for Fringe individually. I wish this were not the last season, but at least they get wrap up the story instead of just being cancelled without notice.

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