Fringe Season 5 Arrives On Netflix Only To Suddenly Disappear


The fifth and final season of Fringe arrived on Netflix this week only to suddenly disappear shortly afterwards, leaving subscribers confused.

As reported by Seriable:

Netflix subscribers enjoying the fact Fringe Season 5 was available to stream this week, may have been equally shocked to see it suddenly disappear in front of their eyes – rather like a storyline from the show itself.

Apparently, the streaming company moved to pull the sci-fi series’ fifth and final season from its library because it was pushed out before the agreement with the show’s studio Warner Bros. had kicked in.

As an alternative for those wanting their Season 5 fix, the complete fifth and final season is available now on DVD and Blu-ray.

Update: Netflix has since admitted that the season was pushed out in error and says it will be available on September 12.


  1. Tony says

    Other services looking better all the time, everytime netFups screws it’s subscribers

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  2. douglas442 says


    Well, let’s hope that it’s “actually” not because of something happening… which might threaten to alter audience perceptions of the series ( i.e. make it less popular than it already is ).

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  3. rrrr says

    So frustrated with Netflix! I was watching it when they shut it down, and I told others.

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  4. alicein wunderland says

    i got so excited by it being there all of a sudden and now i am sad its gone. not very nice. a cruel joke

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  5. Dylan says

    Sucks, I was half way through the season 5. O well good thing for the internet can always find the episodes the FOR FREE. Canceling netflix ASAP.

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  6. Jerry says

    Yes I watched like the first 3 or 4 episodes and was planning on watching somemore tonight and what do you know? It’s gone. Got a msg. from Netflix saying the series would be out this Sept. Then I had to go thru all kinds of BS just to get Netflix to come on. Something to do with not recognizing my password. Had to create a new one to get it woiking again. What a bunch of BS!

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  7. Shawn says

    I’ve been watching the Fringe episodes on Netflix as well and was disappointed when Season 5 disappeared, but am looking forward to it being out there September 12th as scheduled. Very happy Netflix customer and willing to patiently wait!

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  8. shidey17 says

    What sucks to me even more is how many people are now watching Fringe since it’s on Netflix. I’m glad they’ve discovered the show, but I just wish people had discovered it sooner, and then maybe we would have gotten more seasons.

    I have a ton of friends who just started watching it over the past couple of months on Netflix, and they are all going crazy talking about how good it is.

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    • Jesse says

      I agree, I only started watching it on Netflix, but I must say that I was not very interested in watching this show with commercials, or having to wait season to season to see how the crazy twists turn out. It’s totally a Netflix show, NFLX should bring it back!!! I have watched all of the first 3 seasons in the last 2 weeks, its really good.

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  9. jtp0823 says

    Stop whining, IM CANCELLING NETFLIX seriously? because you have to wait a month? Big deal if this is what causes you to cancel Netflix after everything that has happened in the past few years… then you must have missed alot. Netflix still has the market saturation still has tons of good content and its $8 a month. Thats a little more then 1! mcdonalds combo. Grow up and quit whining like babies.

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  10. Sissy says

    Why is Fringe missing from the Science Channel and now this Netflix SNAFU?

    I never cancel anything until they really mess up, I go by the three strikes you’re out rule.

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  11. Jesse says

    Stop complaining Netflix is awesome you guys need to stop crying about the 8 dollars it costs for a great width and depth of material, Fringe Season 5 will be available September 12th, get over it.

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  12. Andrew says

    I was more irritated by the fact that some shows have all seasons aside from the first pulled without warning, like with xmen, and some even have random seasons up but not the first one.

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  13. BlahSensei says

    GUys relax and stop jumping on Netflix, someone made a mistake and released something earlier then they should have. Be happy their mistake allowed you to watch what you could when you could. The last season… why rush to ending a great show, September 12 it will be released for all and we can get our closure.

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  14. Mini says

    I simply Love, Love Netflix. I have never been so hooked on a series like with Fringe. Can’t wait for Sept 12.

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  15. Terry says

    love fringe Watched all seasons damn cost me 120 bucks went over my usage limit doing so was told about fringe from someone that turned out to be a nut case from hong kong, kick that crack head off my FB the other day, but at lease she was right about the show, I will more then likely get the dvd and NO my MC Donald cost way more then 8 bucks closer to 50 and that IS just me, need all the cals to burn off at class :)

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  16. Vicky says

    Where is fringe season 5 its september 12th and its still not there whats going on i really want to know what happens in season 5 really dissapointed.

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  17. Vicky says

    I have waited since like the start of tge year to see season 5i still havent sren it its not on netflix and to be honest netflix the people who put things on it need to get there fingers out there asses and get it sorted what i mean its past the date it was ment to be put on and i am still waiting. I have had it might as well cancel my netflix and het rid of it no point havibg it theres never nothig new on it anymore. There had my rant about it but still realky dissapointed like :'(

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  18. Shona says

    Well it’s now the 27th of September and it’s still not on Netflix….

    Netflix is a nightmare to contact too… Not happy!!

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  19. Iona says

    Well i dunno about u but its gettin a little annoying seeing as its like October 5th now and there is still no fringe season 5. But I hope that’s not the last season as it is the coolest show I’ve ever Seen. SO MAKE SURE TO MAKE A SEASON 6. THIS SHOW IS THE COOLEST !!!!

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    • Sissy says

      Oh I wish you had been watching when it counted in the ratings.

      Fringe got four full seasons and a half for season 5. That’s it, no more Fringe, unless someday they do a movie. A movie can’t be too far out from the end of a series, and I don’t hear much talk about it, so I think this is it for Fringe. :-(

      Enjoy what we got, there will never be another show quite like this again.

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