Fringe Season 5 Ending – Previously Unseen Image


A previously unseen image from the Season 5 ending has been released online.

Thanks to James for sending this through. Fringe director of photography David Geddes has shared the following image featuring Olivia and young Etta — apparently this shot was cut from the series finale ending. See what you make of it below:

fringe finale leaked image

Source: David Geddes


  1. SissySiri says

    Oh that is too bad that it was left out, it is so touching. Very nice picture.

    Unfortunately reminds me of what we Fringe fans are missing. :-(

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    • George - Greece says

      I still can’t believe Fringe is over. Maybe in an alternate universe it’s still on…

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  2. James says

    Season Five was just the Peter/Walter show.

    Olivia’s ending didn’t matter.

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    • ML says

      Which is so freaking unbelievable considering Olivia was the lead for 4 seasons.
      Makes zero sense.

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    • ML says

      Which is so ridiculous considering Olivia was the lead for 4 seasons

      #$## Wyman!

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  3. LSD says

    ohh noooo this is so touching :(( very sad that this was cut from the series ending!

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  4. DeepRunner says

    That. is. picture. P-E-R-F-E-C-T.

    It would have been nice if Wyman had included that in the finale. Shaking my head, but also aware that Season 5 was the Walter Season. Undertand, I liked season 5, although the oil-based crud people episode might have rivaled Wallflower as the WORST. EPISODE. EVER. But Olive was too often in the background.

    I know one thing that would help and give a second chance for this kind of scene. Come on, Wyman, bring back Pinkner and do a film.

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  5. Mancha says

    Agreed DeepRunner! I couldn’t agree with you more on your last sentence! This missing image gives me lots to imagine. Though a P/O book series would give my imagination more to dream over. That and the movie idea are great things!

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  6. thecortexifan says

    I just read the digital script of An Enemy Of Fate and we got short changed. That scene posted above is in there as well much more action between Windmark and Olivia and a lot more relational scenes between Olivia and Peter.
    I agree with DeepRunner to bring back Pinkner (without Wyman) and make a movie.

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  7. SissySiri says

    I am so up for a Fringe movie, that would be so awesome. You know, grownups interacting with each other, intelligent dialogue, a riveting story.

    I see some ads for new shows coming in the fall like, Tomorrow People and Reign. I hope these are not Vampire related; I am tired of Vampires. Also, please no more new shows entirely targeted to teens with teen casts. The list of this type of show goes on and on, been there, done that.

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  8. Dan says

    The look in Oive’s eye, the tilt in her head, the subtle way that her mouth is open just so, tells me that there will be a Fox TV mini-series next summer to go along with the 24 reboot. They will have to reconcile the white tulip letter from Walter. Was there a note on the back? What does this new timeline look like? Walter communicates back from the future.

    The look in her eye crap….. That was a joke.
    The new mini-series…… Pray for it.

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  9. 134sc says

    Well that would’ve been nice to see. They should’ve had a directors cut of the finale on the DVD, like CHUCK did.

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