FRINGE Season 5 Cast Video: Gone


Fox has released a video interview with the cast discussing the ramifications of last week’s pivotal episode.


  1. David says

    You know etta may or may not be gone, but I believe windmark by doing what he has done, has unwittingly made etta all the more powerful, because now the original fringe team now has a purpose to fight the observers.
    More importantly Oliva might without knowing how reactivate a different set of powers due to her cortexiphan that would still be in her system via cell DNA.
    Even though Walter said that her cortexiphan power had gone, he also said he couldn’t be completely sure, and so there is always that possibility.I keep remembering a scene from the first star wars film, in which Darth Vader and Obe Won Konbi are duelling when luke happens to wander in and watches in fascination.
    What does Obe Won do, he looks at luke, then turns to Darth Vader and Says.
    “You can’t win Darth, if you strike me down, I will became more powerful than you would possibly imagine”.
    Maybe in this Etta is doing the same thing, that by giving up her life, she breathes new life into others and gives them a new meaning in what it is to fight for all those that you love.

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    • ML says

      I would say that bullet that saved the world now has double meaning. That’s the way I look at it.

      Love that image of Olivia lying down in grief. I do love angst but watching Olivia grieve here is going to be very hard to watch. I’m kind of dreading it.

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  2. Sajib says

    Wow, you can see how moved each of the actors are by etta’s death, it’s really quite beautiful that they care so much. I’m especially sad for Georgina because just from the video, you can see how soft and tender she is when she talks about her tragic demise and the way its gonna emotionally devastate this Fringe family to the core. she really poured her heart and soul into the role and its just a pity that she couldn’t be in more episodes. But who knows…

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  3. Castle says

    I’m pretty afraid of how Peter and Walter are going to react, especially Peter. Think back to The Day We Died. When Peter lost Olivia, he and Walter literally changed the course of history because the consequences of doing so couldn’t be worse than losing Olivia.

    I would almost say, at least in this moment, Peter loves Etta just as much if not more than Olivia now. Except before we never saw vengeful Peter because almost immediately he was faced with a means by which to undo Olivia’s death. My point is, if Peter is willing to go to such great lengths to save his wife, how much farther will he go to avenge his daughter?

    Based on the preview for the next episode, it appears we will find out…but like he said at the end of season 3, “Imagine the repercussions…”

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    • ML says

      How can anyone say Peter loves Etta more than Olivia. That’s as bad as saying Olivia loves her more.
      They are just grieving in different ways. It’s idiotic to say one parent loves their child more than the other.

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      • ML says

        okay I miss read what you wrote. Sorry about that.
        But my point is similar. You can’t really compare a parents love for their child to their spouse.

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        • Fringe_addict says

          There is nothing more painful in life than the loss of a child, nothing … I think Peter is deeply affected by the death of Etta that all the Olivia’s deaths, and we all know that Peter loves Olivia. Peter told himself that he should have die at the same time as Etta …

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        • Castle says

          Sorry, I don’t think we were on the same page there. And I fully agree with your statement about the distinction between a relationship with a child vs. a spouse.

          Recall though that Peter and Olivia’s relationship is, at least from what I have interpreted, murky at best (right now). We haven’t really seen any on screen emotions between them besides apologies/explanations of their fallout before the ambering.

          So my phrasing was probably not well thought-out. It appears to me that the circumstances have dictated, to some extent, a better connection between father and daughter than husband and wife in this moment. Peter certainly loves his daughter, and deep down I’m sure he still loves his wife.

          Finally, please know everything I wrote was simply my interpretation of what I’ve seen. I’m certainly open to what your opinion is or if you have other evidence, and I definitely am not claiming final authority on what’s going on. I do appreciate your feedback though!

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  4. shidey17 says

    Watching this was a very sad reminder that we are going to have to say goodbye to these characters we love so much so very soon. :(

    I need a hug. :(

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