Fringe Season 5 Awards, Volunteer Needed


It’s almost time for our annual Fringe Awards, where you’ll get to vote for the best (and not so best) of the fifth and final season of Fringe.

Before we begin with the nomination categories, we’re looking for someone create the images for each award category. If you’d like to help out and have the graphical ability (image editor, decent image editing skills), please let us know here and include a link to any relevant design work.

While this is purely a volunteer position, the successful candidate will go down in FB history and your creations will adorn the S5 awards. Thanks in advance to all who apply! This position has now been filled.

Stay tuned to the blog and @FringeBloggers for more updates on the Season 5 awards, coming soon to a timeline near you!


  1. Red Balloon says

    For Season 5, I propose Darth Kate or Dylan :p jk, but really…maybe?

    I hope Roco gets the help cuz I’m sure we’ll be very participant and the discussions will be remarkably interesting this time, being the final season.

    Thanks to whoever gets on board!

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  2. Sissy says

    Ditto Observer 1 – I’m glad some of us are still here to discuss Season 5.

    I hope some of these new shows will be interesting. Fringe had it all and I am sure it will be hard to replace. But I’m going to keep an open mind.

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  3. says

    Rick, I hope you consider the offer to help Roco,
    because this is right up your alley. Just perfect for you, don’t you think ?

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