FRINGE Season 4 Rounds Off With 2-Part Finale


The fourth season of Fringe will close with a 2-part finale.

Season 4 will end with a 2-parter, with J.H. Wyman directing one half and Joe Chapelle the other half, the executive producer confirmed.

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  1. Ian S. says

    I’d love for the finale to be called ‘There’s No Place Like Home’ or something, but that would be copying Lost’s season 4 finale title :(

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  2. Mancha says

    If its two parts, it’d better be two hours… But who am I kidding? They’ll make us wait a week for the second part…

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    • DeepRunner says

      No what they will do is run part 1 and then have us wait FOUR BIG WEEKS for the finale…This is Fox, after all…

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      • Ian S. says

        No, there is a final 8 episode run starting March 23. Part One will air on May 4, then Part Two on May 11

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  3. says

    If this is the last season, then i really hope for a loop back to S1E1.
    If it’s not the final season, i hope for a small opening -storywise- to S5.

    Last season? Go out with a bang: bring back Gene, Charlie Francis, William Bell (even as a voice-over), even agent Jessup for all i care, but go out with a big bang, characterwise.

    Not the last season? Bring back Gene, Charlie Francis, William Bell (even as a voice-over), even agent Jessup for all i care.

    That, and Peters peacoat.

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  4. DeepRunner says

    If this is the end, then some possible titles:

    * Turning Blue

    * Fringes of Blue

    * Cobalt

    * When Peter Met Olive…

    * Blue World Order

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  5. Red Balloon says

    I’m thinking (but not hoping) something like this:

    Part 1: Should I Stay Or Should I Go (The Clash)
    Part 2: Cool Confusion (The Clash)

    It fits with season 4

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  6. Nick says this pretty much confirming a Season 5..or what…I dont get it. If the press release says “the fourth season will close…”..or are they still in negotiations?

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  7. theNomad says

    The fourth season has surpassed my expectations, after the very average third. So I hope even more than last season Fox gives it the renew it deserves, and it’ll shut the tv by numbers doom merchants up again. So glad they’re finishing the fourth with a double header. I’ll go with ‘Who observes the Observers pt1/2’ but never come close to guessing.

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  8. wolf says

    When peter picks up his phone while trying to resuscitate the observer, his phone is upside down, hahahahaha. look at 17:40 during the episode 4.14. thats the important event, hahaha, thats so funny

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    • Red Balloon says

      I got another one in Forced Perspective…minute 21.44 they are all in the lab with Emily and Peter is falling asleep…I dunno if he was bored or if John Noble’s voice was doing some kind of hypnotizing effect on him, but LOL. Watch it!

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  9. J.P. says

    I’d like these final two episodes to actually follow the same story, like “Over There”. “6:02 AM EST”, “The Last Sam Weiss”, and “The Day We Died” were good, for sure, but they sort of felt self-contained. Each episode dealt with something specific, and were only connected by the Machine’s activation.

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    • James says

      Actually I felt like (irrespective of 3.19), that 3.18, 3.20, 3.21, and 3.22 were a four-part finale.

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  10. David says

    Interesting thought nick, it depends on how you define “finale” is it the end of the season or the end of the show.
    Also the words “round Off” doesn’t seem final to me, it seems to suggest maybe continuation into next season (Or so I think and hope).
    Oh well hope does spring eternal. Anyway from a devoted Fringe Fan we can only cross our fingers that Fringe gets at least a partial fifth season to properly finish the story that will put us all in now doubt that Fringe was in the top five of great sci-fi shows in TV.

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  11. matt says

    does a yellow comment mean well liked? just curious (guessing by the one in this thread it does, which is an awesome comment by the way)

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    • J.P. says

      A purple comment means it’s fairly liked, while a yellow comment, which has 10 likes or more, means it’s “well loved”.

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  12. Dylan says

    I hope that by the end of the season everything we have witnessed if justified, and we understand why it was so necessary to take us through everything that has happened.

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  13. shahryar says

    hi im frm iran nd i follow fringe.its one of the best tv series i have ever seen
    a special thx 2 all of the producers of FRINGE

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