FRINGE Season 4 Premiere Grows By 40% With 3-Day DVR Viewing


Nielsen ratings for the Fringe season 4 premiere grew by 40% with 3 days of DVR playback factored in.

via FOX Research:

With 3 days of DVR playback factored in, #FRINGE increases +40% to 2.1 A18-49 rating (vs. 1.5 in Live+SD).

You can find our Live+Same Day NHNT ratings post here.


  1. John says

    Pretty ignorant about ratings. Is this good? Or does every TV show get essentially the same boost and thus it’s meaningless?

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    • T says

      Fringe is definitely on the high end of DVR’d shows. Whether it makes any difference is open for debate. Most likely…not much, if any. Advertisers know DVR viewers fast forward through commercials.

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      • says

        Didn’t like all those Sprint android video calls last year? Too bad, because we are probably going to see our Fringies engaged in MUCH more product placement. Those clever advertisers will find a way to target their beloved demographic and Fox will happily charge them for it. Frankly, if it keeps Fringe going it’s only a mild annoyance.

        …and I will act like I dont even notice when Broyles announces the new fleet of Ford’s electric cars that the FBI are rolling out “thanks to technology borrowed from the Other Side.”.

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        • Surun Tunne says

          well, I’m not an american, so I can’t watch it live unfortunately…
          and product placement doesn’t annoy me at all.

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        • Henry Earl says

          yeah i wouldn’t mind the ford placements either if they were actually worth a darn. that car chase scene was about as exciting as minivans fighting in a mall parking lot.

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  2. Niomi Lianne says

    I knew something was amiss. Fringe was definatly on the rising streak so I was wondering where the ratings went.

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  3. Que? says

    Nielsen ratings require boxes plugged into a phone line which I doubt a lot of viewers use as in 114,500,000 U.S. television households only 25,000 total American households (0.02183% of the total) participated in the Nielsen daily metered system. Ratings do not take into count modern day viewing platforms such as Hulu, YouTube etc. (online).

    I’m from UK and I dont plug my Sky box into phone line. BARB Ratings is used in the UK but only has about 5,000 so they average it out to the population which is not taken seriously obviously.

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