FRINGE SEASON 4 POSTER Promises: New Beginning. New Dimensions.


With the new season of Fringe just around the bend, the FOX marketing department has unveiled the official season 4 poster art, drawing several lines under the lowatus.

With the tagline: “New Beginning. New Dimensions.”, the poster issues a sign of intent ahead of the new chapter, while setting in motion all kinds of excitement. Check out the full artwork below.

Despite ceasing to exist, Peter Bishop (Joshua Jackson) returns in the gorgeous art, along with Olivia Dunham (Anna Torv), Walter Bishop (John Noble) and a dimensionally-iterating Observer.

Take a look below, and click for the larger view:

via: TV Line

Using a neat ‘dimensional-effect’ to both illustrate the new timeline and different perspectives that the fourth season will undoubtedly explore, the poster effortlessly manages to incorporate the recurring Observer within the many lines of the canvas.

And of course the classic yellow orbs are there too. A Fringe poster would be naked without them.

Fringe season 4 kicks off Friday, September 23 on FOX


  1. fedorafadares says

    The words are what jump out at me.

    New beginning = reset, no going back to old relationships.

    New dimensions = multiverse?

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  2. time says

    I was pondering if Peter is in the 4th Dimension – Time. I only got this idea after watching Morgan Freeman in “Through the wormhole”, and they were talking about how it might look if you watched someone cross to the Fourth Dimension, and it was just like how peter disappeared. Flickering until the person seems to disappear. However it still begs the question how one would survive in a dimension consisting only of time…..

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    • Fringeee says

      Now, that’s a theory that looks reasonable. I’ve read countless theories this summer, they all … Well….

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  3. JodyA says

    Those lines almost look like fold lines like making a paper fan. Does it make a different picture if you fold it?

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  4. Schwakamole says

    Observer on the far left has a glove on his right hand and the last two fingers look weird – mechanical maybe? Hmm…who else do we know that has a mechanical arm and wears a glove?

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    • schoko says

      Wow. That gloved Observer hand is definitely intentional. As if they weren’t mysterious enough! Has to be a call to Nina. They did work for her in Brown Betty…

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  5. jophan says

    I like this one so much better than the dome/stairs cast pictures. Far less photoshopping; they actually look human. It reminds me of the S1 DVD cover, which I thought was more adult than the cartoon-y park and skylight for S2 and S3.

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