FRINGE SEASON 4: John Noble Ponders Peter-Less & Third Universe

What’s life without Peter? That’s the question the cast of Fringe will have to consider as production on Season 4 edges closer.

John Noble has offered his thoughts on what happens when life peters out, and the external threats which could unite two warring factions.

John Noble: “See, the thing that rescued Walter, once they pulled him out, the thing that humanized him, was Peter. Finding this relationship with his son, that brought Walter back into the human race. Now if he doesn’t have that, if he doesn’t have any love in his life, what’s going to happen? He’s been in an asylum without love in his life all this time, if he’s working without love in his life… I hope they give him Gean at least – Gean the cow! No, I am seriously thinking about that, because I know for a while I’m going to have to work on that loveless Walter. And I’m stewing around in my head already. [Laughs.]”

Noble on the potential of a third universe entering the sandbox:

“The thing that will save the two universes now is an external threat. That’s what brings people together.” I’ve heard this from fans and I think it’s very clever. So if these two universes have to meet, what’s gonna make them do it? Suddenly, if there’s an external threat… I’ve got my fingers crossed that that’ll happen.”

You can read the entire interview at FearNet.


  1. says

    Ok…the whole “Peter never existed” concept is still a little blurry to me!!! But…I don’t think Walter is loveless and alone, now: I think Elizabeth might still be alive. In fact, if there is no Peter in this new timeline, Elizabeth didn’t feel guilty for kidnapping him, therefore…in theory she might not have committed suicide! Right?! Oh my…my brain hurts!!! ^^ Help, please!!

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    • Real1 says

      And .. who’s saying that Elizabeth committed suicide because of feeling guilty ? and we didn’t even see her grave … maybe she isn’t died at all !

      But i will go with you about Walter loveless thingi …. because … I think Walter and young Olivia were lovely together and Walter was standing to her side in front of her stepdad …. then in the future … Walter said that he was always wanting a daughter ……… maybe Walter will have Olivia as a adopting daughter at some point in S4 ?

      But wait … who’s Peter ?


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      • says

        Peternate never excisted. Peter did. Walter has lost his son over here and is going bonkers. Walternate never lost a son and is still Walternate. I think Walternate will try to save Walter, to get him sane. The cortexiphan trials did happen, but without Peternate.

        The big question is: whó send the BBM back through time? If it is Walter, then it is Walter who is ‘guilty’ about the non-excistence of Peter; nót September! September warned him about this.

        Also, September said “there is more than one of everything”. Are there also otherverse Observers? For now, i don’t think so, but it is a very interesting question.

        If we apply quantum mechanics to both verses, then the Observers may be pawns or operatives from the 4th dimension, it also explains why they are observing.

        Once again, the vanishing of Peternate can have several explanations and i don’t think we have to wait too long in S4 to see him appear again :)

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  2. matt says

    I’m a little fuzzy on the whole thing myself but I suspect that was the point in a sense. I get the sneaking suspicion that the Observers could be the external threat (or the rogues maybe or Sam Weiss and his vagenda whatever that may be).

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    • TenisonJr says

      Peter said that her mother suicided after he left home and started to travel and Walter was put in St. Claire’s. Therefore, I believe that she couldn’t live without Peter again and without Walter’s support.

      In addition, probably all the problem with his assistant didn’t happen too, then I think she’s still alive. So, if I’m right, Walter never went to St. Claire’s and William Bell never shattered his brain apart and then Walter may have become as Walternate.

      And with no Peter, the little girl got the firefly, her father didn’t go looking for her and didn’t killed Roscoe’s son, so I think – no, I hope – Violet Sedan Chair is also alive \o/

      About that scene in Subject 13: without “The One Who Never Existed” presence, it never existed too – in that timeline – then Walter adopting Olivia would be, if not impossible, extremely hard to happen.

      I wonder if John Scott is still alive, and the same for Mr. Jones…

      Oh, and I also really really hope that Gene (and not Gean ¬¬ who the hell is this cow?) will be there in the lab.

      Now, just to finish, another universe as a threat to the other two to make then unite themselves would be AWEEEEEESOME! But I don’t see it coming :/ Only if the observers were the threat… (as matt said below) Hmm e.e

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      • TenisonJr says

        Oh noooes *facesmash*

        It should be a reply to Real1, sorry matt.

        Apparently when I would click the Submit button I clicked on your post. Sorry again :/

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      • Real1 says

        That’s ok TenisonJr :)

        Yes , red Peter said he left the house after Walter got crazy and went to Europ and then Walter called him to say that his mother died in car crush but as what he knows .. his mother committed suicide , So still the things are not clear about Elizabeth .. I think … maybe William Bell has something to that ? // remember Walter said that he knows Elizabeth from Bell ? and Bell was knowing what Elizabeth was saying to red Peter ? be better man than your father …. there is a story not developing for elizabeth I think .

        I believe that no one can bring another one from death .. so Walter couldn’t bring back his Peter to life , every one died …and meant to be dead .. no one can bring him back .. and maybe for Roscoe’s son .. he wasn’t suppose to die and that’s why the observer was keeping him ( at home ) because there will be a correction for every thing .maybe !

        Iam with Observer1 .. I think every thing before 1985 will remain as it is , and Walter still Walter … I re-watched “Pilot” lately … Olivia was having a way to deal with Walter better than red Peter …… and Walter was acting to prove for his son that he was right that he is a good man not a monster …. so by red Peter never existed … blue Peter was existed .. and maybe his death which drove Walter to do any thing … and as how i said .. maybe Walter saw in Olivia … the lost daughter which he was dream to have … and in this case .. Walter and Olivia will be close more in S4 … as how we saw father/son relation .. maybe we will get to see Father/daughter relation …. 😀 I will love that !

        Back in some topic here in Roco’s site .. we all were thinking about a third universe (Yellow) .. and for the Observers .. maybe they are the real enemy … but …. I think we have to wait and see … because .. if the observers aren’t a human made .. they are UFO !!! 😉

        I do think that the 3rd universe was there but got destroyed which lead the 2 universes to collapsing in each other ! red- yellow-blue … take off the yellow from the meddle .. red-blue !

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        • matt says

          good point on the correction thing. maybe this is how September got to fix/correct his mistake? by having peter somehow cancel himself out of the universe he wasn’t supposed to be in or something…

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          • Real1 says

            2 ways my gut tells me ! : Peter is living in the red side where he belongs or Peter i trapped in the BBM from future … there is no Olivia to get him out of it … then we will have Olivia may traveling to future to get him !!!


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  3. Dylan says

    I’m just hoping they explain it, and properly. If they can do then I’ll be adequately invested in the fourth (and most likely final) season.

    And I have to say that the “alone” image there of Walter……heartbreaking.

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  4. frodofringe says

    You can’t have the Walter we know without Peter. You can’t. One life affects so many others, and Peter is integral to who they are now. I feel confident our Peter will return and their lives without Peter will be merely a temporary situation. I don’t know how they’ll do it, but I trust he will return and all will be righted. If he doesn’t, I am going to be PIIIIIISSED!

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    • g33k says

      Heh, I wonder if they’ll roll his name in the end credits of the first episode and not the opening ones to make us scared.

      Although I might actually like that, considering I saw “special guest: Leonard Nimoy” in LSD opening credits and it kind of spoiled the moment of his surprise animated comeback during the episode for me.

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      • frodofringe says

        Oooh, that would be scary. Not sure my heart could take it, but as long as all ends well, it could be fun.

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  5. kidentropia says

    there should be an article dedicated to speculation on the future of the story. do you think there will be some sort of multiverse collapse? do you think it´s possible that, even though peter apparently unexists in the current iteration of the two universes, we will be shown another iteration of the universes in which peter still exists, but things were slightly different? how about a multiverse in which walternate DID save his peter? and how would that affect walter? would he still go mad?

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